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by Ellen Landauer

Male Potency Diet:

Male potency diet is REAL FOOD that satisfies a real man!

PHOTO BELOW: Paleo diet steak tartare
with macadamia nuts, fresh grated turmeric
and sliced raw leeks.

This kind of nutrition gives you a solid foundation for a healthy body capable of great sex!

Super foods for optimal testosterone production and sex drive are also the best-tasting!

EAT YOUR CHOLESTEROL! (Did you know that cholesterol from healthy pasture raised dairy, poultry, beef and lamb provides building blocks for Testosterone)? It ALSO keeps your brain and central nervous system healthy and has a host of other benefits.

Your hearty new foods delight your senses and satisfy hunger. They are easy to prepare - even if you are not a master chef!

Male Potency Diet Food List:

NOTE: Details on benefits of each category of foods, below this brief Male Potency Diet foods list.

First and foremost - lamb, poultry, eggs and dairy products!

Did you know that all the old-time body-builders like Jack LaLanne, Vic Tanny and others ate LOTS of meat, eggs, cream and other foods that are so maligned today? Much of it was consumed raw!

As long as the animals that produce meat, poultry and dairy products are raised without hormones, antibiotics and chemicals, they support your male potency!

PHOTO ABOVE: Raw cream, butter and cheese from a local organic farm. A good source of info for farmers in your area is 


Below, are additional foods I previously recommended for a male potency diet.

I no longer recommend them! 


Assuming you are 'going for the gold' and want the VERY BEST results, it is wise to minimize or cease use of plant foods. 

Two out of MANY reasons:

1 - Human digestion is acid-based, NOT fermentation-based.  Examples of fermentation-based digestion are ruminants (cows, sheep, goats. They have up to four stomachs and their first stomach is a fermentation organ. They can also route food back up to their mouth where they 'chew their cud' to grind plant material finer so more surface area is exposed to the fermenting process. Ruminants can turn all manner of fibrous plant food into protein and fat.

Humans have only one stomach, and hydrochloric acid is the digestive enzyme it produces. Hydrochloric acid kills bad bacteria that comes in with food. As well, hydrochloric acid does a great job digesting animal protein (fats are emulsified and broken down by bile in the small intestine).

Hydrochloric acid, pepsin, trypsin and bile CANNOT digest plant fiber. Plant fiber ALSO impedes protein absorption.

2 - ALL plants have a chemical defense system. This is because they cannot run or fight. So ALL plants contain toxins (one example is phytic acid, which neutralizes our digestive enzymes). Also, carbohydrates are proportionally very high in the majority of plant foods. Carbohydrates are inflammatory. 

For detailed explanations, see my articles:

Testosterone and DHT

Carbohydrate Myth and Fact

Dark green vegetables: Romaine, butterhead, green and red leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, arrugula, mustard greens, broccoli, etc.

Fresh raw Nuts and Seeds: Walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sesame, pignolias.

Low-Glycemic Fruits: Apples, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, lemons, grapefruit.

PHOTO BELOW: Humanely pasture raised animals are happy creatures that tend to be calm around people.

Here, the bull at Wheel-View Farm where I get all my beef, gently checks out a customer's baby. Note the soft expression in his eyes; this is an animal that has been raised and treated with love.

Male Potency Diet: Busting the Cholesterol Myth!

Pasture raised animal foods are some of the healthiest foods for male potency due to their rich supply of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Yet there is a huge campaign to make you afraid to eat them!

By the way, do you know that cholesterol and other healthy fats are the main raw materials from which testosterone is made?

The conventional view of cholesterol is dead wrong!

There is NO real scientific evidence, despite what you may hear to the contrary, that supports the validity of low cholesterol diet.

Cholesterol Facts:

Cholesterol consumption has been wrongly blamed for the increase in coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. These diseases have been implicated as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.


The evidence points to the consumption of vegetable oils and margarine as the real culprit. Statistics show that coronary heart disease skyrocketed only since the consumption of vegetable oils and margarine!

Dr. David Kritchevsky of Wistar Institute PA, found that vegetable oils fed to animals increased, rather than decreased, hardening of the arteries!

FACT: Telling most people to lower cholesterol intake, EVEN IF BLOOD CHOLESTEROL IS HIGH, is unscientific.


Because the vast majority of people have a very effective cholesterol self-regulating mechanism! The body has its own checks and balances for regulating cholesterol.

One study involved feeding a high cholesterol diet to 50 people. Most responded by absorbing less cholesterol from their intestines. Eight of them showed a DECREASE in blood cholesterol on a high cholesterol diet.

The final conclusion in the abstract citing this experiment:

"Analysis of the available epidemiological and clinical data indicates that for the general population, dietary cholesterol makes no significant contribution to atherosclerosis and risk of cardiovascular disease."

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

It is fitting to begin a male potency diet list with one of the foods most supportive of mens' health.Grass fed beef contains a wealth of nutrients that support sexual health.

Omega-3's: The source of omega-3 fatty acids in pasture raised beef is the fresh, green leaves of grass and other plants. Grain is a very poor source of omega-3's, so cattle finished in feedlots lose omega-3's very fast.

Omega-3 fatty acids research proves that omega-3 improves cardiovascular health, and may also be anti-carcinogenic. Omega-3's also keep all your cell membranes strong and supple, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

Stearic Acid: Research has shown cholesterol levels to drop after consumption of stearic acid!

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): Combats cancer and arteriosclerosis, reduces body fat, delay onset of diabetes. CLA is also an immune system booster.

At University of Wisconsin, Madison, researcher Michael Pariza's anticancer research studies showed that CLA reduces incidence of cancer and suppresses growth of existing cancers in laboratory animals.

CLA has been shown by research to help reduce fat and increase lean body mass (muscle). So much for the 'fat makes you fat' myth!

It also influences factors that regulate bone metabolism, increasing the rate of bone formation.

Grass fed beef has 30 - 40% more CLA than commercially raised beef.

Vitamin D3: Grass fed cattle spend their whole lives getting daily sun exposure, plus eating fresh green grass (or dried in winter) that also gets constant sunlight. Vitamin D3 accumulates and is available when you eat pasture raised meat.

Vitamin E: It was proven years ago that full-spectrum Vitamin E was important in sexual health. In fact Vitamin E was one of the first vitamins known as a 'sex vitamin.'

What do I mean when I say 'full-spectrum Vitamin E?' These days, Alpha Tocopherol is thought of as Vitamin E. But Alpha Tocopherol is only ONE member of the Vitamin E complex. Gamma Tocopherol and Delta Tocopherol are two others...Just as there is a B-Complex including Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), and Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), to name only three of the B's.

Dark greens contain full-spectrum Vitamin E. Grass eaten by pasture raised cattle contains Vitamin E. The Vitamin E accumulates in grass fed animals and is passed on to you when you eat the meat.

Vitamins A and D: Are essential for the assimilation of calcium and magnesium for strong bones. These minerals also govern muscle contraction and relaxation (which, as you know, are part of healthy sexual response). Vitamins A and D also are important for immune health, integrity of mucous membranes, nerves and have many other functions in the body.

Male Potency Diet: Eggs From Free Range Hens

PHOTO ABOVE: This is how your eggs SHOULD look!

Choline, inositol and healthy cholesterol in eggs from free range hens supports healthy nerves, the integrity of cell membranes and sex hormone production - all important in male potency.

Male Potency Diet:
Pasture Raised Dairy Products

Butyric acid (butyrate): an edible fatty acid found in butter. Not only is it highly desirable food for all the cells of the body, but makes it more difficult for cancer cels to survive.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid): In a study comparing the CLA in milk from grass fed cattle to those fed hay and grain, scientist Larry Satter at the Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison, Wisconsin found that grass fed milk had 500% more CLA.

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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