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About Toxins

About toxins: mercury and other heavy metals, EMF electromagnetic fields and many other threats to our health.

Knowing about disruptive compounds and how to get them out of your body gives you greater power over your health. In only the last ten years, we have seen a vast increase in environmental toxins including pthalates from plastics, mercury in vaccines, etc., EMF's (electromagnetic fields), microwave radiation from cell phones, cell phone towers and wireless internet, etc.

You may long for a more pristine, peaceful world. While you can't control what everyone else does, you CAN make changes in your own life and environment which help you feel more vital and whole.

The articles below provide an in-depth understanding that will help you in making choices needed to achieve Peak Health in a challenging world.

About Toxins: Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals Overview

Mercury Toxicity Symptoms

EDTA Chelation for Heavy Metal Detoxification

Chlorella for Mercury Detox and More!

Phthalates from Plastics

How Coffee Enema Gets Pthalates OUT of the Body

Glutathione: Powerful Antioxidant and Detoxifier Helps Detox Phthalates

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