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How to Maintain Healthy
Male Hormonal Balance

Testosterone is a many-splendored hormone that helps men maintain Peak Health and peak performance.

Maintaining youthful hormonal balance as you get older gives you many benefits, such as strong libido, erectile potency and athletic and sexual endurance.

Sound good?

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What is Testosterone and How Does the Body Manufacture It?

Testosterone is a primary androgen (male sex hormone). Do you know that sex hormones are made from cholesterol? Including healthy fats in your diet is beneficial for maintaining hormone production.

High quality protein is also important, since all hormones are also comprised of amino acids (protein building blocks). You will benefit immensely from eating a diet that supports male potency.

Testosterone is one of several compounds in the anabolic steroid group. Primarily produced in the testes, it is also made in the adrenal cortex (outer layer of the adrenal glands) in both men and women.

Women also make a small amount of this hormone in their ovaries, interestingly enough. (The small amount that women make contributes to their sexual desire, drive and responsiveness).

Benefits of Maintaining Healthy Testosterone Levels

All else being equal, what is the biggest difference between young guys and old guys?


The young guys have more testosterone!

They have smoother, stronger skin, more hair, more muscle, less fat, greater strength, more energy and enthusiasm.

They are bolder, more optimistic, quicker mentally and have greater drive and persistence.

All of these are characteristic of young men.

And of course, so are strong libido, erectile potency and high sensitivity to stimulation.

Dangers of Low Testosterone

Low levels of male hormone increase cancer risk in both men AND women.

Other dangers...

Increased risk of prostate problems. Increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Loss of muscle mass and increased fat.

Loss of mental sharpness.

Cholesterol imbalances.

Greater tendency toward depression and anxiety.

You Can Increase and Maintain Youthful Testosterone Levels

There is no reason you have to allow age to take away your masculine power and pleasure.

If you are presently experiencing lower sex drive or other signs of low testosterone, take heart!

I provide here a wealth of information on just what you can do to prevent or reverse such problems without having to resort to dangerous drugs, surgeries or hazardous mechanical devices.

Do remember: there are NO quick fixes! Especially for persistent erectile dysfunction, muscle mass depletion and low sex drive, the ONLY real solution is to GET HEALTHY! Avoid 'male potency killers,' EXERCISE (including weight training), eat a diet fit for a real man, and write me in a few months to let me know how happy you are!

I have personally seen men get faster, more powerful results (not a quick fix), by including in their potency program this unique hormone enhancing supplement that enables you to put the essential ingredients in just the right place.

PHOTO BELOW: One of our TestoMan packages, including Chrysin Cream - our fabulous NEW aromatase inhibitor.

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