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Super Sports Workout Protocol

This Super-Sports workout protocol was given to me by Mr. Don Tyson, owner of Montiff. Want an 'animal' workout? Try this!

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Female Libido Enhancers: Fact and Fantasy

Female libido enhancers: how do you tell which ones are safe and effective? Separating fact from fiction is easier than you think!

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Saw Palmetto for Women

Saw Palmetto for women is just as beneficial as for men. There are a host of compounds in the fruit of this plant which boost female hormonal health.

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Where to Buy Emu Oil

Where to buy Emu Oil of highest quality? As with ALL nutritional supplements, finding the BEST is a challenge!

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Nature Made Fish Oil: You Just CAN'T Get Fresher Than THIS!

Nature made fish oil is totally RAW and the absolute freshest you can get (unless you want to go fishing in Norway)!

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Amino Acids Benefits

Amino Acids benefits are critical in times of stress, and essential for anyone who wants to stay young!

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Medicardium EDTA Chelation Protocol Guide: How Often Should I Take It?

Medicardium EDTA Chelation protocol: how often should I take suppositories? Answers to this frequently asked question.

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Paleo Diet Salad: Quick, Easy Recipe

This Paleo Diet Salad recipe is so quick and easy, and so delicious that even a very busy person who aspires to a ketogenic cave man way of eating can do it.

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Testosterone Replacement Facts

Testosterone replacement facts are reported very differently by patients and proponents!

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Mercury Toxicity Symptoms Recovery

Mercury toxicity symptoms recovery: my extensive, expensive in-depth personal experience.

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Nitric Oxide
Delight lotion!

Nitric Oxide Delight transdermal lotion

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Medicardium Xeneplex Glytamins detox suppositories 3-pack

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Full-Spectrum Amino Acids,
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Montiff Amino Acids, Vitamin-Mineral full-spectrum nutritional supplement packages

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The BEST Enema Coffee!

Profoundly relaxing, deeply therapeutic... For a Peak Coffee Enema experience, get this fabulous Gold Roast Coffee made expressly for enema use.

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Coffee Enema on Steroids!

BEST Glutathione for You...

Adding 1/4 - 3/4 teaspoon of the most potent and pure Glutathione, raises your coffee enema experience to a whole new level. For increased therapeutic benefit and relaxation, here is my recipe for

Coffee Enema on Steroids!

Chlorella Binds Toxins During Coffee Enema

Chlorella taken on empty stomach with water 30 minutes before coffee enema will be waiting to bind toxins expelled in the bile.

**Caution: Be very sure to obtain only the very

BEST Chlorella

to enhance your coffee enema detox program.

What if You Want to Do Coffee Enema But Have NO Time!?


is a concentrated organic coffee suppository.

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