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by Ellen Landauer

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing: This new area of my website seeks to help you gain more grounding in the aliveness that is your birthright.

Deeper than psychology is a physical, energetic core in us that is not adequately (or at all) addressed by either mainstream or popular 'holistic' sites. Accessing this core is key to emotional healing.

Emotional healing: we can learn much from wild creatures

PHOTO ABOVE: Emotional healing - we can learn much from wild creatures (story below).

As I develop this area of my website, I will bring you insights and resources on emotional healing.

If you are like most of the readers and customers with whom I speak, you doubtless have serious concerns about the destructive behavior of all too many humans on our planet. You may have asked at least one of the following questions.

Were we ALWAYS this way? How did this behavior emerge - what is the root cause?

Was there ever a civilization that had NONE of these problems? (The answer may surprise you)!

How may we contribute to fostering healthy aliveness in ourselves and others, increasing joy, health and well-being??

Emotional Healing: What is it?

Emotional healing is the process of becoming energetically self-regulated so that your natural flow of feeling, what is in your heart, your thoughts and actions - are all congruent (in harmony) - AND a healthy response to your circumstances. 

Being energetically self-regulated is NOT something you can think, intellectualize or analyze yourself into. It cannot be achieved by following a 'recipe.'

Energetic harmony grows out of cultivating feeling and contactfulness in your body.

Emotional healing is the last thing that nearly all institutions and most people want you to achieve.


Because the more fully alive a person is, the more difficult it is to mislead or control them.

Emotional Healing in the World
Starts With You

Emotional healing: The first requirement to helping anyone else is to redeem your own wholeness and healthy aliveness.

Note that becoming whole requires going into a storm of denials, assumptions, beliefs and fantasies and dismantling them one by one. We all have these to some extent - as a result of over 6000 years of conditions that led us to this point.

Becoming FULLY alive takes fortitude, self-honesty, self-respect and humility - and a little luck. It hurts sometimes.

You would do well to understand that discovering the places in you that are 'damaged' is not justification to condemn yourself as a person. Lightening your burden of trapped energy brings a flow of aliveness and pleasure that makes it more than worth the pain. I can attest to that.

Emotional Healing
Requires REAL Feeling

Emotional healing requires real feeling. Real feeling requires willingness to open to life energy.

All too often, people try to use intellect to resolve core issues that are biophysical in nature.

It takes willingness to open to feeling in the depths of you the subtle flow of energy. Your intellect should be at the service of feeling - to notice and remember your experience.

When you get to a sufficient depth, you will know in your body the right thing to do or say, the right direction to go in life.

You will learn to open to the 'yes' or 'no' that the deepest part of you is revealing. This goes much deeper than psychology. In the groundedness of your contact with your physicality, you will gain insight and solid conviction.

Have you ever noticed that when you go against your 'gut feelings,' called by some the 'still, small voice' or more lately - 'spidey sense,' - that you get in trouble?

I have!

One article I am working on is about the physical basis for 'gut feelings,' and how you can enhance your perception of them.

Emotional Healing:
Take a Hint From Nature

Animals, especially animals in the wild, and even our pets have a lot to teach us about emotional healing. They are much more grounded in their physicality than we are.

You may have noticed how immediate the response of wild creatures, and even our pets, is to moment-to-moment changing circumstances.

Our big frontal cortex, our huge intellect and thinking capacity, while in many ways useful - gets in the way of opening to our aliveness in the moment. Avoidance of feeling also is a large part of this.

Being stuck in intellect, thinking too much and feeling too little, we are blocked from real perception. When you are trapped in intellectualizing, you aren't grounded. You can be persuaded and misled much more easily than if you have real ground under your feet.

Another part of this is that in most people, intellect rules feeling. We engage in neurotic, repetitive thoughts and then get caught in the resulting sensations in our bodies. This is backwards and traps us into neurotic patterns of generating 'feelings' that are based on imbalanced perception.

In the words of Kevin Behan, my dog training mentor for 20 years, 'Intellect should be at the service of feeling.' And, 'Intellectualism is insanity!'

Being in touch with our aliveness and flow of life energy is a very 'organic' state - like that of animals in the wild that can immediately sense the intentions of other beings. Cultivating this aliveness opens a whole new world of perception for us.

Emotional Healing:
Pure Perception

Emotional healing: Tuning in to pure perception...

This is just one example of how creatures in the wild, unfettered by intellect, perceive accurately and immediately. Also how by perceiving our own inner agenda and letting it go, we alter the energetic dynamics of a situation...

A little story from my own life illustrates this. It shows how very tuned we and another creature can be - and how energetic communication is clear and immediate - even at a distance...

Last winter, the wild turkey flock that resides in nearby woods was coming much closer than usual in their quest for food. I was inspired to try and photograph these beautiful birds through a window, from inside the house. Wild turkeys are, as a rule, very elusive (if you are near a window and you make a micromovement - they are gone).

One day, as I was photographing them, I saw the flock sentinel crane his neck high, on alert. He knew I was focused on him.

emotional healing 2 turkeys

I checked in with my gut sense - and realized that there was a little tension, due to a subtle feeling deep inside me, that I was 'hunting' the turkeys with my camera.

This agenda did not sit well with them.

I focused inward and released the tension in my breathing, calming my heart and relaxing - letting go of my need to get a great photo.

I allowed my heart to radiate joyful aliveness and connect with the turkey, simply appreciating his beauty and presence.

Immediately, the sentinel softened, lowered his head, and went back to scratching and pecking for food under the snow.

He knew.

turkey relaxed from emotional healing

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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