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by Ellen Landauer

Rejuvelon Antioxidant
Support Suppositories

Rejuvelon Antioxidant Support suppositories: Oxidation is like a fire that burns through aging bodies causing wrinkles, grey hair, erectile dysfunction and disease. How do you quench that fire?

Rejuvelon Ingredients: Catalase 625 mg, Superoxide Dismuitase 625 mg, Melatonin 3 mg, Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA 20 mg and Organic Cocoa Butter

Rejuvelon Antioxidant Support
Suppositories Rationale:
Wrinkles, Grey Hair (or no Hair) and Erectile Dysfunction Resulting from Free Radicals
are Avoidable!

If we live long enough, there are certain indignities that we can expect to experience.   

Hair will lose its color, getting thinner and thinner until it disappears completely.

Skin will thin, sag and wrinkle… and for men, erections will become weaker and weaker until they may no longer be possible at all.   

Scientists tell us that all four of these ‘indignities of aging’ are caused by increasing levels of free radicals in our bodies.  

In fact, nearly all of the symptoms of aging are now believed to be caused by or associated with excessive levels of free radicals in our bodies and it has been suggested that if we could lower our free radical levels back to those we had in our youth we could age slower, and in some cases actually age backwards.

Rejuvalon Anti-Aging:
The Battle With Free Radicals 

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are highly unstable chemical compounds that will try to react with whatever they meet.  They do this by forcing another compound to either accept or give up an electron or a proton.  We’ve learned to use free radical reactions to manufacture useful items like plastics, glues and bleach.  Unfortunately, free radicals can cause the same kinds of reactions inside our bodies that they do in the laboratory.  When our skin becomes brittle like plastic, that is a free radical reaction.  When our arteries become glued up with plaque, that is a free radical reaction.  When our hair turns grey or white, this is a free radical reaction.

Another way to think about free radicals is to compare them to fire.  Both free radicals and fire alter what they react with, and both are capable of chain reactions. 

What I mean by a chain reaction is that even though you might only light a single match, if you don’t have a fire extinguisher on hand, that one match could result in your whole house burning to the ground.  In the same way, even though you might only start with a little free radical activity, it also can cause a chain reaction, but in this case, we are the house on fire.  This is because once a free radical reacts with some tissue in our body, the part it reacted with is now a free radical that can in turn react with something else.  Now this free radical fire, this chain reaction won’t take place in a matter of hours like a house burning down, it takes decades, but it is the same thing, it just happens in slow motion.

In keeping with this fire analogy, if we want to stop and possibly reverse the aging process, we need to do three things.  

First, we need to light less fires, that is, make less free radicals in the first place. 

Second, we need some kind of biological fire extinguishers for the fires we still end up lighting. 

Finally, we need a way to repair the damage that these free radical fires caused in our bodies. 

Let’s learn how to deal with free radicals and the aging they cause.

Rejuvalon Antioxidant Support
Suppositories Fight Free Radicals

Rejuvalon Antioxidant Support suppositories contain Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase and Melatonin which all fight deadly free radicals. The following discussion tells you how free radicals damage the body and how to fight them. 

Grey hair, wrinkles and erectile dysfunction are signs of excessive free radical activity. However, these outward signs indicate that the rest of the body is in trouble. We just don't see inner deterioration of organs and other tissues - but it is there...

The three main free radicals in the body are superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals.  

If we go back to the fire analogy, superoxide radicals are like sparks.  They aren’t too damaging themselves, but they can start fires that can get out of control.

Hydrogen peroxide would be like lit matches.  Now some damage is being done, but the repair work is still manageable.

The last free radical, the hydroxyl radical is like a blowtorch.  This is the one that can burn the whole house to the ground.  Hydroxyl radicals are real trouble.

Let’s begin with the superoxide radical, the most common and least dangerous of the three.

A superoxide radical is simply an oxygen molecule with an extra electron on it and it gets formed in 4 different ways.  

First, certain metals called Transition Metals can turn normal oxygen, like what we breath, into superoxide radicals.  These include toxic metals like mercury, nickel and cadmium as well as metals we need in our diet like iron, zinc, copper and manganese… if we have too much of them.  These transition metals do not get used up in the process of making superoxide radicals, they are what are what are called ‘catalysts’.  This means that as long as they are in our bodies, superoxide radicals are going to be created.

One of the most effective ways to remove excess and toxic metals from the body is through a process called chelation and to this end, we make a product called Medicardium that supports the body in getting rid of toxic and excess transition metals.

The second way that superoxide radicals are created is by our own white blood cells.  It turns out that when a white blood cell wants to kill a microbe, it creates a superoxide radical to kill it.   This is done by an enzyme called NADPH in the white blood cell membrane.  What this means is that as long as we have chronic infections in our bodies, we have a second source of superoxide radicals.  

Many of us have chronic low grade infections of our mucous membranes without knowing it. These infections, called biofilm infections, can show up in our sinuses, teeth, intestines, lungs and uro-genital tracts.   When these biofilm infections are present, our immune system keeps making superoxide radicals to try to get rid of them, but biofilm infections are very difficult to eradicate.  

Thus unresolved infections, and our bodies response to them constitute another source of free radical production.   To support the body in dealing with chronic biofilm infections we make a product called Ellagica.  If you are interested in learning more about biofilms and how to deal with them, consider listening to the Ellagica audios found on this audio presentation as well.

The third cause of superoxide radicals is ultraviolet exposure so if you are going outside on a very sunny day, perhaps a hat is in order.

The last cause of superoxide formation we can’t avoid because it is caused just by being alive.  Simply the act of eating, breathing and moving creates superoxide radicals.  

This is because every cell in our body uses oxygen to create energy, but occasionally the machinery inside of a cell misfires and makes a superoxide radical. 

When we are young, this only happens about .01% of the time, but as we age that number approaches 2%.  Now 2% may not seem like a lot but if you consider that a single muscle cell recycles 10 million ATP molecules per second, at 2% that means a single muscle cell will generate 200,000 superoxide radicals every second.  Muscle cells can be pretty active so let’s say that the average cell  is only 1/10th as active as a muscle cell.

Since we have about 40 trillion cells in our bodies, this means that an older person will make some 800 quadrillion superoxide radical per second. That’s an 8 with 17 zeroes after it.

What do high levels of superoxide radicals do in the body?  First, they react with skin causing wrinkles.  This is done through a process called cross-linking.  You see, our skin is made from polymers, that is to say strings, of collagen.  When superoxide radicals react with the collagen strings in our skin, they knock off hydrogen atoms from the strings.  The places where the hydrogen atoms get knocked off become sticky.  If one sticky spot meets another sticky spot, they stick together.  This is what causes wrinkles.  Superoxide makes our skin stick together internally.  This is the ‘glue’ effect we mentioned earlier.

Rejuvalon Antioxidant Support
Suppositories and Nitric Oxide 

A second problem with the superoxide radicals is that they destroy nitric oxide, the compound required for erections and hair growth. 

Nitric oxide is a very fragile molecule that only lasts for a few seconds in the body before it gets broken down so if we want youthful erections and hair, it’s important not to lose the nitric oxide we make.

Now a lot of men in their 40’s will say they have no erection problems, but if you ask them if they get erections as fast as when they were teenagers, they will have to admit that they do not.  This is partially due to increasing levels of superoxide radicals decreasing a man’s nitric oxide levels.  

When a man gets an erection, it is due to the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and nerves of his penis.  When nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, it then fills with blood creating an erection.  In fact this is precisely how the drug Viagra works.  Viagra was originally designed to increase Nitric Oxide levels in the heart to help with heart disease but when the men who took it started reporting erections, sometimes lasting for hours, doctors began to prescribe it for erectile dysfunction.

So, a higher level of superoxides means a lower level of nitric oxide and thus it can make it more and more difficult to achieve an erection as our nitric oxide levels decrease.  

In addition to being required for erections, nitric oxide is also responsible for stimulating hair growth in both men and women.   

As nitric oxide levels decrease, hair becomes thinner and thinner until, if we live long enough, it will disappear completely.

If this weren’t bad enough, not only do superoxide radicals decrease our valuable nitric oxide levels, leading to erectile dysfunction and hair loss, the nitric oxide the superoxide radicals react with turns into the powerful toxin and free radical peroxynitrite in the process.  This is an example of a spark (the superoxide radical) lighting a match (the peroxynitrite molecule.    Finally, to add insult to injury, these peroxynitrite radicals eventually turn into nitrites and nitrates, which we know cause cancer. 

If we want youthful skin, a full head of hair and more youthful erections, we need to limit the amount of superoxide radicals in the body.  

Now we can lower our superoxide production by getting rid of toxic and excess transition metals, clearing chronic infections and avoiding unprotected sun exposure but what about those superoxide radicals that we make just by being alive

We are going to need a ‘fire extinguisher’ for the quadrillions of superoxide ‘sparks’ that we make every second just by breathing… and that fire extinguisher is the antioxidant superoxide dismutase. 

Superoxide dismutase, or SOD (ess-oh-dee) for short, is the antioxidant that our bodies make to turn superoxide radicals back into normal oxygen.  SOD is so effective that one SOD molecule can break down 2 billion superoxide molecules per second..

But SOD doesn’t just turn superoxide molecules into normal oxygen, it actually alternates back and forth between between turning superoxide molecules into normal oxygen and hydrogen peroxidE.

SOD is both a blessing and a curse.  When SOD turns a superoxide radical into normal oxygen, the free radical has been quenched, but when it turns the superoxide radical into hydrogen peroxide, now we have the hydrogen peroxide to deal with and hydrogen peroxide can be worse than the superoxide radical.  If superoxides are the sparks, then hydrogen peroxides are matches.  So let’s talk about the second major free radical associated with aging, namely hydrogen peroxide.

There are three ways that hydrogen peroxide is created in the body.  The first we just talked about namely the result of SOD breaking down superoxide radicals.  

The second way that hydrogen peroxide is made is by our white blood cells.   In addition to making superoxide radicals to fight infections, white blood cells also make hydrogen peroxide to fight infections.   We have already discussed how to deal with chronic infections so let’s continue.

The third way that hydrogen peroxide is made in the body is in response to certain chemical toxins.

One of the ways that our bodies deal with chemical toxins is to break them down with hydrogen peroxide.  Every cell in our body has these little organelles called peroxisomes and their job is to create hydrogen peroxide to break down chemical toxins.  

The last thing we must do to lower our production of hydrogen peroxide is to detoxify ourselves of toxic chemicals.  Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals.  While each exposure might be at levels considered acceptable, when you add them all together, our internal toxic chemical levels can become quite high.   To help support the body in dealing with toxic chemicals, we make a product called Xeneplex.  

High levels of hydrogen peroxide is what causes hair to lose its color.  Just like we can bleach our hair from the outside, we also bleach our hair from the inside.  So, if we want to keep or possibly regain our natural hair color, we are going to have to lower our hydrogen peroxide levels back to what they were when we were young.

Now we know how to lower our hydrogen peroxide production by lowering superoxide radicals, resolving chronic infections and removing chemical toxins from our bodies, but since we are always being exposed to infections and chemicals and always making some superoxide radicals just by being alive, we will always have some unwanted hydrogen peroxide in our bodies.  So, what is the ‘fire extinguisher’ for hydrogen peroxide?  The way our bodies neutralize hydrogen peroxide is with an antioxidant called catalase.

Just like the body makes superoxide dismutase, or SOD to break down the superoxide radical, it makes the antioxidant catalase to break down hydrogen peroxide.  In fact, just one molecule of catalase can break down 4 million hydrogen peroxide molecules per second.  

Rejuvalon Antioxidant Support Suppositories Fight the
WORST  Free Radical of All!

No matter how diligent we are, some hydrogen peroxide will still be in the body long enough to turn into the worst of all free radicals and that is the hydroxyl molecule. 

Hydroxyl radicals are formed when a hydrogen peroxide molecule, a transition metal and a superoxide radical all react together.

Just like hydrogen peroxide, is a water molecule with an extra oxygen atom, a hydroxyl radical is just a water molecule missing an hydrogen atom.  Instead of H2O, it is simply HO.

The hydroxyl radical is one of the most powerful free radicals we know of and it can and will react with anything in its path.    

Now there are a few ways to get rid of hydroxyl radicals once they form.  One is to breathe in hydrogen gas in small amounts.  The hydrogen reacts with the hydroxyl radical turning it back into water, and many clinics in Asia are now offering this as a therapy.  This is tricky business however since hydrogen gas is odorless, colorless and highly explosive, so unless you are the mad scientist type, you might not want a tank of hydrogen gas in your house.  Another way to neutralize the hydroxyl radical is to use the antioxidant melatonin.  Melatonin is fire extinguisher the body makes to deal with the hydroxyl radical and it can break down millions of hydroxyl radicals every second.

But melatonin does more than just neutralize the hydroxyl radical, it can also repair the damage caused by free radicals.

Rejuvalon: Restoring
Youthfulness in the Whole Body!

Superoxide radicals cause the collagen in our skin to cross link together creating wrinkles.   

Scientists are now telling us that melatonin can actually dissolve the glue that makes our skin cross link and wrinkle!  

Wrinkled skin, gray hair and hair loss are NOT simply matters of vanity! These are simply the most visible manifestations of aging process caused by free radicals, but the same process that is taking place on the outside of our bodies is also taking place on the inside. 

It’s not just skin that wrinkles and cross links from free radical damage, any protein can cross link in this manner, including our DNA.  This can lead to mutations, fatigue and even cancer.  

It’s not just hair that bleaches but the lenses of our eyes leading to poor vision and eventually cataracts.  It’s not just hair follicles that die and erections that become weak due to loss of nitric oxide. 

Low nitric oxide levels are also associated with high blood pressure, memory loss and increased levels of lethal heart attacks.

So to recap, if we want to avoid the indignities of age we need to do three things.

First we need to decrease free radical production by using supplements which can support removing the transition metals, chronic infections and the chemical toxins that are causing their creation.

Second we will need to increase our levels of the antioxidants SOD, catalase and melatonin to neutralize those free radicals we do make.

Finally, we will want to increase in our melatonin levels not just to deal with hydroxyl radicals but also to support the body in repairing the damage that free radicals can cause.

So, why haven’t we heard about all of this before? Manufacturers have tried making pills with superoxide dismutase, catalase in them, but these antioxidants don’t survive the digestive process.  

This leaves us with two other delivery options.  The first is intravenous injections and indeed many anti-aging clinics provide intravenous injections of antioxidants for their clients.  Unfortunately, I.V. therapy is expensive, invasive and time consuming.  There is however another way to get these antioxidants into the body that doesn’t require needles and a visit to a doctor’s office and that is by suppository.

By bypassing the upper digestive system, ingredients in a suppository are not destroyed by stomach acids and may be absorbed by the colon intact and fully functional.  Additionally, suppositories are non-invasive, less expensive and take only moments to self administer.

So, there it is.  Why we age and what we can do about it.


Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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