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by Ellen Landauer

Plant Toxins in Your Food

Plant toxins that harm us are an unavoidable part of every species of vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and fruits.

We have been so conditioned, that this may be hard to accept initially. But it is to our advantage to look at what we eat with new eyes.

leeks - beautiful, but contain plant toxins

PHOTO: Leeks - yes, they are beautiful - but sadly contain plant toxins. Just use as a garnish and you should be fine.

NOTE: At the bottom of this page are links to ALL my articles to educate you on 10 of the most common plant toxins in foods we have been led to believe are good for us.

The articles below are the result of over 7 months of deep research and writing - on top of years of sifting through info to find the TRUTH. (More plant toxins articles will being added as I research them).

We are told kale, raw nuts, beans, etc. are nourishing and health-promoting - and encouraged to make these foods the mainstay of our diet. But why do these 'foods' make us fart, and give us a stomach ache?

A litany of distressing health conditions can be largely laid at the feet of the gross overconsumption of plant foods. The fruits and vegetables that are most heavily promoted do the most damage.

Kale and spinach 'smoothies' are just one example! Gut dysbiosis, deteriorating joints, failing eyesight, fibromyalgia, loose teeth and weak gums, circulatory conditions, aging skin, hair loss and more, are just a few of the ills caused or worsened by such popular plant foods.

I Fell for the Hype!

Trapped in the Matrix of airy-fairy idealism and corporate hypocrisy, I wandered through the desert of high-carb, high fiber, vegan, vegetarian, low fat and 'balanced' diet propaganda - for decades. In retrospect, this did me far more harm than good.

I now lay some of my past health problems directly at the feet of the vegetable god. For six years straight, I ate only plant foods. Three years macrobiotic (mostly grains, beans and seaweed), then three years raw vegan sproutarian were more damaging than helpful.

While I ate mostly plant foods for 3 decades, one saving grace is that through most of those years, I also consumed raw cream and milk, raw cheese - and a small amount of beef, poultry and fish - the fattier, the better!

Plant Toxins:
Soft-Pedaled by the Media

Search engines and both conventional and 'conventional holistic' media promote the vegan agenda with a vengeance. I had to ferret out the research on the harm toxins in the plants we eat really are doing to us.

It's not easy to find this information!

Facts about plant toxins are downplayed or outright ignored by the vegetable-promoting zealots who totally erroneously believe they are saving nature and making people healthier. Did you know that commercial (larger than a small family farm) agriculture operations are THE largest contributor to global emissions? That commercial vegetable-growing enterprises contribute more methane to the environment than farting cows?

The giant planting, plowing and harvesting machines employed on commercial growing operations use equally giant amounts of gas and oil. So do the tractor-trailers that transport tons of bulky, toxic, nutrient-scant plant fiber to your local Whole Foods market.

Millions of ground-nesting birds and their babies, and billions of other creatures, get killed by the machines, pesticides and shrinking habitat - this is not cruelty to animals?

Vegans don't want to know.

The Healthiest Humans Ever
Did NOT Eat Plant Toxins!

Pre-agricultural humans were hunters - ate our ancestral diet of animal foods.

They were the strongest, healthiest people ever (NO cancer, tooth decay, cardiovascular disease, etc.) because they did not eat plant toxins.

No plant toxins - Mongolian woman milking reindeer

PHOTO ABOVE: Mongolian woman milking reindeer.

The reindeer turn plant toxins into concentrated, easily-absorbed food for their human caretakers. These people thrive in an extremely desolate, harsh environment.

Everywhere you turn, there is fake research and articles by industry shills, twenty-something newly-minted vegans with blogs, and everyone in between exhorting the virtues of eating foods the like of which were never found when the healthiest humans roamed the earth.

Two-pound heads of romaine lettuce and apples as big as baseballs simply did not exist.

Did you know that prehistoric humans (hunters - NOT 'hunter-gatherers') - were able to see distant stars for which telescopes are now needed? That tooth decay, cardiovascular disease and cancer were virtually unheard of before the agricultural revolution?

Remaining modern hunters live in some of the most formidable environments on earth - nomadic Mongolian tribes in the most remote highlands of China and herders in the highlands of Pakistan and other countries. Perhaps some Eskimos near the Bering Sea. You and I would not last two days in such environments! Yet these people who have no doctors, dentists, vets for their livestock guarding dogs - are much more hardy than us!

Plant Toxins in the Produce Aisle

Plant toxins - a 'Little Shop of Horrors' awaits you, right in the produce section! As just ONE example, that beautiful bunch of local organically-grown kale for which you paid $6.00 is loaded with oxalic acid.

Oxalic acid binds with calcium in our bloodstream to make microscopic and nano calcium oxalate crystals. These particles, sharp as razors, cut us up on the inside. Inflammation in our blood vessels, cataracts in our eye lenses, kidney damage, joint deterioration, accelerated aging and more have resulted. Research has borne this out. And this is only ONE example!

Did you know that everything in the produce aisle is man-made?  Even if they are not GMO, they are still Frankenfood!

The fruits, greens, beans, nuts and grains we think are 'natural' were developed to have unnaturally huge, mild-tasting fruits, roots, leaves or seeds.

The wild progenitors of what we see in the produce section were tiny, bitter and tough - not at all appealing to human tastes. They were eaten by our original carnivorous cousins when they were starving due to difficulty finding enough game - and just wanted something to chew on and swallow.

Plant Toxins - Why?

Like all species, the denizens of the vegetable world want to survive. Plant toxins are their only way to defend against insects, fungi, bacteria, herbivorous animals - and us!

A deer, rabbit or elk can run. A moose, elk, wild boar or buffalo can run, or even attack predators - including humans. Wild turkeys, grouse, geese and ducks can fly. All animals are mobile - can fight, retreat or hide.

But a plant?? All it can do is sit there. So what is a plant to do?

All members of the vegetable kingdom are chemical warfare experts!

All vegetation, including our food crops manufacture a variety of poisons to stop all those animals, including us - from eating them to extinction. They especially protect their seeds, as the seeds are the survival of the species - carrying on the next generation. So seeds (nuts, seeds, beans, grains) contain the most plant toxins.

Some plant toxins will kill you outright - those in water hemlock, too many raw kidney beans (which contain ricin, used by international agencies to kill certain 'undesireable' people). Others will make you wish they had (poison ivy). Yet others give those who eat them the 'scenic route' to ill health... 

Plant toxins are ubiquitous and plentiful. They are insecticides - natural pest control - intended to discourage insects, and herbivores from eating them. While we fret and fume about pesticides sprayed ON food crops - the fact of the matter is we consume MORE pesticides made by the fruits and vegetables we eat than what is applied to the crops by humans!

Did you know there are more cancer-causing chemicals IN our crops than in the chemicals we apply to them?

You will find an endless array of 'research' papers extolling the miraculous healing power of polyphenols and other plant toxins. But on close inspection - the studies I scrutinized have holes in them you could drive a tank through. Even some of the more truthful research papers proving these compounds harmful say - oh, but 'further research needed.'

Did you know that breeders of human food crops are being encouraged to insert MORE plant toxins into the genomes of the vegetable foods we eat? The reason they are doing this is to keep bugs, fungi and other pests from eating crops. But what about the humans the crops were grown for???

Plant Toxins List

NOTE: All plant toxins articles linked to below include scientific references.

Oxalates: Bind to calcium (preferentially), also to other minerals including toxic heavy metals. The resulting micro and nano-crystals get into our bloodstream and into any and all parts of our bodies - blood vessels, organs, nerves, brain, joints, etc. There, these razor-sharp crystals cut up our tissues like tiny shards of glass.

Saponins: Good for making soap; not good for our insides!  They cause gut inflammation - destroying tight junctions between columnar epithelial cells lining the gut. They harm red blood cells by reducing membrane surface tension.

Plant Sterols: Sterols are plant cholesterols- also known as phytosterols. Real cholesterol from grass fed meats, dairy and eggs, phytosterols (plant cholesterol) is very beneficial, making our cell membranes - hence all our organs, blood cells and vessels and musculoskeletal system - flexible and strong.

By displacing beneficial animal-derived cholesterol, plant sterols make our cell membranes and body tissues stiff, rigid and weak - also building up as part of plaque in blood vessels.

Furanocoumarins: This compound makes you more liable to be damaged by sun exposure. Not good - as sunlight is VITAL for our health!

Salicylates: This compound can trigger allergic reactions such as headaches, skin rashes and hives, itching, swelling of hands and feet, stomach pain, sleep problems and all manner of irritable behavior.

Salicylates thin the blood AND irritate the stomach and lining of the gut.

Lectins: Cause blood clots among other life-threatening issues. Also see page: What is Lectin?

Tannins: Block iron absorption (and hence oxygen transport in our bodies). Can damage liver and cause cancer.

Terpenes: Risk of liver damage, reactive metabolites formation, increased concentration of reactive oxygen species and impaired antioxidant defense.

Dangers of Soy: Any product containing soy should be considered inedible!

Glycoalkaloids: Toxic 'chemical warfare' compound in commonly consumed vegetables. This family of compounds damages gut as well as causing cognitive symptoms such as mental confusion, visual disturbances and dizziness.

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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