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About Ellen Landauer and Peak Health Now - what would YOU like to know?

This website was born out of my 40 year career in Alternative Health.

The passion behind it is fueled by my successful healing from dangerous, intractable health issues.

Chronic mercury poisoning escalated into an acute, life-threatening situation by a medical mistake left me with a laundry list of conditions many consider a life sentence.

Among them were - chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, severe food allergies and fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

My desire to help you is in large part inspired by the highly empowering experience of taking my life in my own hands - reversing what seemed irreversible.

This site is your resource for healing information that really works.

It grows out of 40 years of personal experience, working with clients, and research into what really is needed for achieving and maintaining Peak Health.

On the pages below, you will find all you want to know about my background, training, hobbies and philosophy.

About Ellen Landauer: 40 Years of Hands-On Knowledge of the Body 

Curriculum Vitae 

A Little About My Own Healing Story 

About This Site and My Philosophy 

About Ellen Landauer: Hobbies and Interests 

What Ellen Landauer's Clients Are Saying... 

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