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Peak Health: What Do YOU Want to Know?

What is Peak Health, and how do we achieve it...

...especially in these challenging times?

Ask yourself this question...

'Do I commonly experience real joy in life?'

Increased capacity to feel joy naturally arises in a loved and well-cared-for body.

Optimizing health lifts your mood, gives you more available energy, reduces risk of illness and expands your capacity to handle life's challenges. Add to that increased physical attractiveness and confidence.

The most profound part is...

Peak Health is an Enhanced State of Aliveness that gives you the rocket fuel you need to live life to the fullest.

I created this website to provide in-depth information on how you can achieve this. The BEST part is - these are all things YOU can easily do for YOURSELF!

The passion that drives me is providing inspiration for you to discover that...

Peak Health makes life a Peak Experience!

Let me take you by the hand and introduce you to THE most effective ways to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

Here we go...

Tips to Sleep Better
Tips to sleep better can be a major help for healing from ANY condition and maintaining peak health.
Peak Health Now: What's New?
Peak Health Now: What's New? The latest natural holistic health articles: best body cleanse, detoxification, nutritional supplements, anti aging techniques, diet.
Best Nutritional Supplements Index
Best Nutritional Supplements Index to make it easy for you to find what you want.
Peak Health Now Products: Transdermal Lotions for Male and Female Vitality
Peak Health Now products: transdermal lotions for male and female vitality.
The Best Nutritional Supplements: Hand-Picked to Provide You With Peak Health!
The best nutritional supplements are tricky to find if all you have to go on are beautiful websites with scientific-sounding claims.
Peak Health Coaching: Why May it be Important for You?
Peak Health Coaching may be important for you if you are feeling confused or frustrated in your healing efforts. Here is why...
About Ellen Landauer and Peak Health Now
About Ellen Landauer and Peak Health Now.
Testimonials from Ellen Landauer's clients and colleagues
Interview on Peak Health with Ellen Landauer
Interview on Peak Health with Ellen Landauer.
Hair Analysis: Know Your Metabolic Type and Mineral Balance
A Hair Analysis report will tell you your metabolic type and give you an in-depth view of both nutrient and toxic minerals.
Hormone Testing Options: Professional Laboratory Results at Your Fingertips
Hormone testing: Convenient, affordable lab tests for men and women. Estrogens, Testosterone, DHEA, Progesterone, Thyroid and CardioMetabolic assessment.
Amino Acids Supplements: A Requirement for Peak Health!
Amino Acids supplements -These compounds are the building blocks of protein - the basis of life. What are the benefits of including them in your self-care program?
Nitric Oxide Supplement Transdermal Formula
A nitric oxide supplement transdermal formula is a great addition to complement any oral formulas you may be taking for this purpose.
Cod Liver Oil Information
Cod liver oil information gives you the correct perspective on benefits, side effects and how to find a product that will really provide the health advantages for which this superfood is known.
Beta Glucan: Immune System Booster
Beta glucan is known as an excellent immune system booster. How does it work, AND how do you find the best product?
Chlorella: Best Green Super Food
Chlorella benefits surpass those of ALL other green super foods. A powerful detoxifier, higher in chlorophyll than any other green food, it is also a nutritional powerhouse.
Chrysin Cream for Men and Women
Chrysin Cream active ingredient is the best natural testosterone booster for excess aromatization problems.
Ecklonia Cava Extract: Buy Only the Purest and Freshest!
Ecklonia Cava Extract: buy the purest and freshest to get the many health benefits this supplement is known for!
What is Oxytocin? Far More than You Might Imagine!
What is Oxytocin? Popularly referred to as the 'love hormone' or 'cuddle hormone' which impacts bonding and sexual behavior, it has a host of health benefits as well.
Pycnogenol Benefits: Buy 100 Percent PURE!
For Pycnogenol benefits, buy, 100 percent pure French Maritime Pine Bark extract!
Coffee Enema: Complete Information on this Powerful Liver Cleanse!
Coffee enema: how to prepare, how it works, research, discussion, questions and answers.
EDTA Chelation Suppositories: Medicardium, Xeneplex, Glytamins, Endosterol
EDTA Chelation Suppositories and other detox products: ingredient lists.
EDTA Chelation: Reviews, Research and Discussion
EDTA Chelation: How does it work? Reviews, research, discussion, questions and answers for you!
Medicardium Xeneplex Glytamins and Endosterol Detox Suppositories
Medicardium, Xeneplex, Glytamins and Endosterol detox suppositories are shipped worldwide. Best price discount on quantity purchases.
Medicardium: Research, Reviews, Testimonials and More...
Medicardium EDTA Chelation suppositories: complete information, best price and more...
Glytamins Facts: Protocols and Research
Glytamins ingredients increase efficiency of liver, gallbladder and kidney function. Here are facts, research and client reviews all in one place, for your convenience!
Xeneplex Facts, Ingredients, Reviews
Xeneplex information all in one place for your convenience.
Endosterol Phytonutrient Complex
Endosterol helps both men and women to achieve and maintain hormonal health and sexual response. Saw palmetto, beta sitosterol and pumpkin seed extract administered by suppository for maximum benefits
Rejuvelon Antioxidant Support Suppositories
Rejuvelon Antioxidant Support suppositories: Oxidation is like a fire that burns through aging bodies causing wrinkles, grey hair, erectile dysfunction and disease. How do you quench that fire?
EDTA Chelation Packages: Detox With Nutritional Support
EDTA Chelation Packages designed to give you comprehensive nutritional support detox suppositories.
Nitric Oxide Facts
Nitric Oxide facts: vasodilation, healing, anti-inflammatory, signalling molecule extraordinaire - you will want to know more about the health and pleasurable feeling of NO.
Benefits of Astaxanthin for Eyes, Immune System, Vascular Health
Benefits of Astaxanthin, a very potent carotenoid antioxidant found in salmon, lobsters, shrimp and other marine life, support cardiovascular health, immune system and eye health.
Magnesium Supplements: Best New Angstrom Concentrate
Magnesium supplements: the best new angstrom concentrate has benefits you can feel!
Mens Health
Mens health: what do you want to know about testosterone levels, libido, erectile potency and cardiovascular system? Here are effective ways to achieve your optimal male vitality!
Womens Health: How to Increase and Maintain Your Feminine Vitality
Womens health: support for maintaining hormonal balance, female libido, feminine attractiveness and more.
Best Nitric Oxide Supplements: My Personal Reviews
Nitric oxide supplements of professional quality are effective for endothelial support, erection capability, female response and circulatory health. NO is a vasodilator; relaxes blood vessels.
Body Awareness: a Major Force for Healing!
Body Awareness is one of the most empowering skills you can develop for the purpose of achieving and maintaining Peak Health.
Questions Answers and Discussions
Your questions answers and discussions about how to achieve and maintain Peak Health.
Paleolithic Diet
Benefits of the Paleolithic Diet: lose belly fat, increase muscle mass, more energy, happier mood, improved hormonal balance and libido.
Ketogenic Diet Menu: How to Get Started
Ketogenic diet menu - how to get started is important. Note that this may be a VERY different matter for you as an individual as opposed to someone else.
Farmed Salmon vs Wild Salmon: Vastly Different Nutritional Profiles
Farmed salmon vs wild salmon: analogous to CAFO beef vs pasture raised. Here are the details...
Diet and Nutrition
Diet and nutrition: Best super foods, raw foods and how to choose what you eat.
About Toxins and Your Health
About toxins: mercury and other heavy metals, EMF electromagnetic fields and many other threats to our health.
Colon Cleansing for Peak Health
Colon cleansing can improve health rapidly by mobilizing one of your most important pathways of elimination; the lower intestine. Here are in-depth articles to help you with your detox program.
Addiction Recovery: Natural Support for a Challenging Process
Addiction recovery natural support provides you with the physiological foundation to reduce cravings and heal body and brain. Supplements and diet help you with a challenging process.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Can Detox Help?
Can you relieve anxiety and panic attacks naturally? The answer is, 'yes!'
Audio Technology Brain Balancing
Audio technology brain balancing is an anxiety solution that WORKS! The best part - all it requires of you is to take a little time to lie back and RELAX!
Circulatory Health
Circulatory health optimized with EDTA chelation, nitric oxide supplements, proper exercise and excellent foods makes you happier, sexier and younger!
Depression Detox
Do you know that depression often can be relieved significantly through detox methods? Find out how toxins cause depression symptoms and ways to feel happier and more energetic.
Fibromyalgia Definition and Strategies for Recovery
A fibromyalgia definition is only part of the information you need to recover your joy in life.
Canine Health Problems: How to Avoid Them and Keep Your Dog at Peak Vitality
Canine health problems can be in large part avoided when you provide a natural lifestyle for your dog. In more ways that you might imagine, our dogs' needs are similar to our own.
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The BEST Enema Coffee!

Profoundly relaxing, deeply therapeutic... For a Peak Coffee Enema experience, get this fabulous Gold Roast Coffee made expressly for enema use.

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BEST Glutathione for You...

Adding 1/4 - 3/4 teaspoon of the most potent and pure Glutathione, raises your coffee enema experience to a whole new level. For increased therapeutic benefit and relaxation, here is my recipe for

Coffee Enema on Steroids!

Chlorella Binds Toxins During Coffee Enema

Chlorella taken on empty stomach with water 30 minutes before coffee enema will be waiting to bind toxins expelled in the bile.

**Caution: Be very sure to obtain only the very

BEST Chlorella

to enhance your coffee enema detox program.

What if You Want to Do Coffee Enema But Have NO Time!?


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