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by Ellen Landauer

Tongkat Ali Side Effects
My Personal Experience

Tongkat Ali Side Effects were overwhelmingly positive in my personal experience. That is - once I found a supplier with integrity!

It took several years of research and some very discerning inquiry to find TA excellent enough to provide the legendary results it is famous for. Anti-aging, healthy Testosterone boost for both men and women, increased libido, power and responsiveness of sexual function, abundant energy, increased physical strength and desire to be active, better skin quality and more are on the list of beneficial Tongkat Ali side effects.

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Beneficial Tongkat Ali Side Effects
- Not That Easy to Find!

The main downside of TA, as with other renowned nutritional supplement compounds - is encapsulated in the word 'scam.'

Beneficial Tongkat Ali side effects ONLY are bestowed by the REAL THING. 

My inital research brought me to THE company that claims that their TA is the only one that possesses legendary qualities for which it is renowned. I will not name the company; they are easy enough to find, and a LOT of sellers carry it. Many of them sell ONLY TA - why? - because they can jack up the price WAY beyond what they paid for it. Why sell cocaine and risk jail when you can sell worthless Tongkat Ali for premium prices?

I searched for a site that looked respectable and ordered 3 bottles to trial it. At the same time, I contacted the producer in the country of origin and asked some questions about becoming a distributor. You have to buy somewhere around a thousand bottles minimum to get it wholesale. Somewhat equivalent to buying a good used car (and at that time I was close to needing a good used car).

I thought - maybe I will become a distributor - let's see how great this product is first. My husband and I did the recommended protocol exactly for several months.

NADA! Nothing - NO noticeable anything!!! The company has lots of commentary on how all the other companies cheat, it's not real TA and how theirs is the only one. All very impressive until it went over like a lead ballon with me and my husband!

I kept researching and found a LOT of suppliers carrying this brand. They all reported how potent it was. Many of them had miraculous stories of superhuman performance. Many of them claim that the one they carry is the only one that is real! The manufacturer and all the sellers have long diatribes on their sites about how all other TA from every other source is a scam. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The suppliers who stocked up with thousands of bottles of this worthless product now have to sell it off - bad position to be in. Much of it outdated by now - AND it was worthless to begin with.

To make sure, I even bought another 3 months supply for me and my husband. Didn't do squat - worthless. We didn't need it to enhance our 'pleasure bond' - however - wanted to see if that and other aspects of our lives could get even better. We are both extremely finely tuned and would notice any beneficial Tongkat Ali side effects - increased strength and ambition, increased confidence, mental sharpness and surely would notice if it enhanced sex. But no, the most widely touted TA on the internet proved an abysmal dud!

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Tongkat Ali Side Effects:
Finding the 'Holy Grail' of TA

After the above experience, I gave up for a few years.

My interest was reawakened recently and I dove into more research. I contacted a long-time friend in the industry and asked if they knew of an excellent source of Tongkat Ali. They obtained a sample from a top supplier and sent me around 50 grams to experiment with.

THIS ONE is real rocket fuel!

VERY IMPORTANT: Because of how easily one can build up a tolerance which diminishes beneficial Tongkat Ali side effects, I determined that we would only experiment with it on the weekends. Two days a week is max for this herbal extract

My husband and I each took 1/2 teaspoon thoroughly mixed in tepid water on TOTALLY empty stomach, 4 - 5 hours away from any other supplements or foods.  

NOTE: This is a HIGH dose - do NOT start with this amount! We are adapted to tolerate a high level of stimulation through much detox, experimentation with all the nutritional supplements on this site, our training in Rolfing and our athletic endeavors.

When you take real Tongkat Ali orally, be prepared for its amazingly bitter taste! This one is the epitome of bitter, however very clear and clean. My husband and I chugged it down, also finding the bitter taste lingered for a bit. That was fine with us - clearly feeling its concentrated power, we were delighted!

The first thing I noticed was my brain lit up - the essence of the bitterness absorbed really fast into the membranes of gums, tongue, roof of mouth and zinged right up into my head. At the same time, my pulse became stronger and I felt a sense of excitation and adventuresomeness. I felt 'pumped,' physically ready for action.

My husband's response was very similar. And yes, it does provide an added dimension to the 'pleasure bond!'

We discerned a high level of purity in this TA by its very clean, clear feel and by the unmistakeable boost in vitality. It made us sharper and more ambitious, yet grounded and centered - excitement tempered by embodied calm.

Below is an evocative description of how beneficial Tongkat Ali side effects are manifesting  for me after just two weekends of personal experimentation:

'I feel like 'Queen of the jungle,' at the 'top of the food chain,' calm, strong and confident. Resting on the chaise lounge in the sun 1/2 hour after taking TA, I feel like a tiger in repose - alert, balanced, fearless. (While the fear response is a normal part of alerting us to a threat, it should not be predominant when there is no danger). A feeling of competence, capable of handling difficult situations. 

I also feel emotionally supple - being in my power is congruent with also being soft, loving, receptive and womanly. In fact I feel more a woman as I feel more strength. Beneficial Tongkat Ali side effects don't make me into someone I am not - they make me more of who I am!'

NOTE: There ARE some contraindications for this powerful supplement.

Please see my article describing Tongkat Ali Side Effects and Contraindications

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Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a NEWLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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