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Healthy Male
Prostate Diet

To keep the male prostate healthy, eat a diet that supports testosterone production. Going more in the direction of a 'Paleo' diet is a major step toward increasing your male vitality!

Avoid or at least minimize foods and substances such as alcohol and pot, which have an estrogenic effect on the body, causing feminisation. Proper nutrition is the important foundation of hormonal balance.

Do you know that the main dietary compound that sex hormones are made from is cholesterol?

PHOTO: Local free-range organic eggs prepared by my Paleo chef extraordinaire husband!

Paleo Diet Recipes for You

Cholesterol from grass fed meats, eggs and dairy, and plant foods like avocados provide raw materials for a healthy abundance of testosterone and other hormones important to prostate health.

Proper nutrition is the important foundation of hormonal balance.

Important: If you are in your early 30's or older, certain enzyme systems in your body convert testosterone into feminising, cancer-causing estrone (the strongest and most dangerous form of estrogen), OR into Di-Hydro Testosterone, which is bad for your prostate.

As you get older, this process accelerates. It leads to the deterioration of your male vigor, potency and zest for life!

There are some easy, effective ways to prevent this, among them a highly effective supplement that is a rich source of beta sitosterol, saw palmetto extract, and pumpkin seed extract.

Beta-Sitosterol Food Sources

Above: Avocados and cilantro are among foods containing the highest amounts of beta sitosterol and other plant sterols (plant sterols are part of fatty acid compounds).

Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol, a compound closely related to cholesterol but derived from plants. It is found in the membranes of plant cells.

Approximate amount of Beta-sitosterol found in 3.5 oz portions

Avocado, raw: 260 mg

Pistachio nuts, raw, dry roasted with or without salt: 200 mg

Hazelnuts (filberts) raw: 90 mg

Unsweetened chocolate 90 mg

Macadamia nuts, raw or dry roasted with or without salt: 85 mg

Pecans, raw or roasted: 75 mg

Walnuts: 57 mg

Coriander (Cilantro) leaves, raw: 55 mg

1 egg: 42 mg

The above foods are healthy, good to include as natural sources of small amounts of beta-sitosterol and other valuable nutrients.

However, beta-sitosterol is poorly absorbed (less than 5%)when taken orally. Eating the healthy foods listed above can only benefit you, because they WILL add to your stores of plant sterols. This DOES support prostate health!

But as you get older, a therapeutic dose of beta sitosterol, campesterol and other compounds would require you to eat many pounds of avocados, pistachios and other of these foods.

To ensure that you are getting a therapeutic dose, you might want to consider a supplement that is far more bioavailable due to its unique delivery system.

Lycopene and Male Prostate Health

Lycopene is an antioxidant compound that is a neutralizer of free radicals (which are cancer-causing).

Cooked tomato products such as tomato paste are highest in lycopene. Other foods containing lycopene are watermelon and red grapefruit.

Lycopene from foods gets stored in certain tissues in the body; liver, skin, colon, lungs and prostate.

The results of most studies of the relationship of lycopene to male prostate health show a positive correlation. One study concluded lycopene not to be helpful.

Most research found men on diets highest in lycopene to have the fewest incidences of prostate cancer. A study of the fruit and vegetable intake of men, done at Harvard Medical School, found the lycopene-rich tomato to be the only fruit related to lower rates of prostate cancer.

Concentrated sources of cooked tomatoes, such as tomato paste, have more available lycopene than raw tomatoes. While I tend to favor raw foods in most cases, this looks like an exception.

Pumpkin Seeds: Source of Zinc for the Male Prostate

Certain organs need more of some nutrients than others. Zinc especially is needed in abundance by the prostate.

A great dietary source of zinc is pumpkin seeds. Fresh, plump, deep green raw ones like those in the photo can be eaten raw or lightly pan toasted with a little salt. Toasting the seeds won't destroy the value of zinc, since most minerals are resilient to heat.

Male Potency Diet 

Cardiovascular Health is Essential for Male Potency! 

Low Testosterone is Not Good for the Male Prostate! 

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