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by Ellen Landauer

Paleo Diet Recipes for You

Paleo diet recipes that really reflect what primal nutrition is about.

The idea of eating like a cave man has been widely co-opted, distorted and watered down.

I have nothing against occasional indulgence outside of the primal nutrition realm as long as it is represented as such.

If you want optimal health benefits and tasty, hearty dishes to sample, read on…

Paleo Diet Recipe: Chicken / Red Pepper Salad

Photo: Red Pepper/Chicken Summer Salad

Paleo Diet Recipes for You A Little More Modern than in Ages Past

Paleo diet recipes provide as close an approximation of primal nutrition as we can get without living like a cave man in some (increasingly rare) wilderness location.

Real cave man foods in hunter/gatherer times were pursued, hunted down and prepared in the wild. If cooked, it was over an open fire, or wrapped in leaves in a fire pit. Often, primitives dried strips of meat or fish on lines suspended out of reach of wild carnivores. Sometimes the meat was salted. 

Aging was another popular way of tenderizing the tough muscle meat of wild game. Commonly, the meat was wrapped in leaves or grasses and buried with large rocks on top to prevent it from being eaten by roaming scavengers. The enzymes within the meat would begin to break it down, making it easier to cut, prepare and chew.

Hardy seafaring folk like the ancient people of northern Norway set out to fish in small boats in freezing temperatures in Winter, because they knew that that was when the Codfish livers would yield the best Cod Liver Oil. They still do - you can find their incredible hand-made products HERE.

Paleo Diet Recipes
for the Modern Human

Most of us don't have a freezer full of moose meat, or hang salmon strips from a clothesline to dry in the sun. We also have available some plants that never existed years ago. For example, carrots considerably larger than one's pinky, and luscious red bell peppers. Therefore, we can only approximate paleo diet recipes. BUT - we can enjoy some gustatory pleasures not known to primitive humans.

Below is a growing collection of my personal cave man dishes for your enjoyment...

NEW! Paleo Diet Recipes: The BEST Mayonnaise

Bone Broth; Nutrition for Strong Bones and Ligaments 

Paleo Diet Salad: Quick, Easy, Tasty!

Paleo Diet Superfoods

Paleo Diet Recipes Considerations:
Ingredient Quality

Paleo Diet Recipes Summer Red Pepper/Chicken Salad  

Coconut Balls: Low-Glycemic Treat!

Pemmican: Power Bar On-the-Go

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