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Cardiovascular Health

Best Heart and Circulatory System Therapies

Cardiovascular health: what are the most powerful and effective means of improving circulatory health in addition to healthy diet, exercise and reducing stress?

Below, a bit about my own experience of completely healing frightening symptoms, such as severe heart palpitations, and vastly improving circulatory health.

DISCLAIMER: if you suspect cardiovascular problems, or have been diagnosed with heart or circulatory issues, always consult with your doctor about any changes you wish to make in your self-care program.

My Personal Experience With Cardiovascular Symptoms is to Your Benefit!

Severe heart palpitations and arrhythmias, dizziness and once even feeling like my heart had stopped and I was going to die, were all part of my past health challenges.

Through relentless research and personal experimentation with a wide variety of nutritional supplements, I found just the right protocol to totally end those cardiovascular disease symptoms.

Successful healing required a multi-faceted approach - the best nutritional supplements, body cleanse techniques and diet.

One supplement that brought MAJOR benefits was a very easy-to-use EDTA chelation supplement.

It took only two days to experience very clear benefits, and two weeks to change my life. (new window)

Cardiovascular Health Can be Helped by Body Cleanse Methods

EDTA Chelation Suppository protocols played a VITAL role in restoring my cardiovascular health.

In addition, colon cleansing, coffee enemas are among the excellent detoxification measures that proved highly effective for me personally.

One thing you may not know about cardiovascular disease is that inflammatory processes are strongly implicated in the damage to the endothelium (walls of the blood vessels), which leads to arteriosclerosis.

In an article in the official journal of the International Society of Nephrology (branch of medicine concerned with diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease), an article entitled 'Endothelial dysfunction and inflammation: What is the link?' (new window) we find this quote:

"...there is strong evidence that arteriosclerosis is an inflammatory disease, and that endothelial dysfunction is an early event in this process."

(The above article also contains interesting discussion of the role of oxidative stress in inflammation, one factor of which is the destruction of nitric oxide through excess oxidation).

Why does this relate to body cleansing..?

Because effective body cleansing reduces inflammation throughout the body...including of course, the circulatory system!

Sufficient nitric oxide is ESSENTIAL for the health of the endothelium (cells lining the blood vessel walls)!

EDTA in suppository form increases nitric oxide levels - and you likely will notice, as I do - that this therapy makes you feel REALLY good!

Another way to increase nitric oxide levels is with arginine and related amino acids and co-factors in an expertly formulated, highly effective product.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When doing ANY kind of detoxification including EDTA, it is advised to be taking an excellent multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to keep electrolytes in balance AND a full-spectrum Amino Acid supplement to help repair tissues damaged by inflammation!

Here some excellent companion supplements for an EDTA Chelation Suppository protocol! (new window)

In addition, this superb formula plus some bioavailable B-Vitamins will go far to enhance such a program.

Cardiovascular Health: Body Cleanse Can Increase Nitric Oxide

You may be very interested to know that there are two body cleanse methods that significantly increase nitric oxide production (and thereby reduce inflammation of blood vessel walls).

Do you know that... EDTA chelation and coffee enemas effectively increase nitric oxide production?

Additionally,improving bile flow destroys candida yeast, fungal infections and parasite infestations that trigger inflammatory processes in the body.

**Did you know that excess cholesterol is eliminated through the liver and gallbladder? This is just ONE reason why proper bile flow is very important.

Coffee enema is a very powerful way to cleanse liver and gallbladder and improve bile flow.

VERY IMPORTANT! Especially if you know or suspect that you have cardiovascular issues, (and even if you don't), misuse of body cleanse techniques can worsen the situation. **Always check with your doctor.**

One example of a regimen that can worsen cardiovascular health is FASTING. Frequently, people with heart and circulatory problems are overweight.

Body cleanse and losing weight are beneficial, but fasting on just water or fresh juices can be dangerous. This is because fasting can deplete electrolyte minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium and salt).

All four electrolyte minerals are essential for nerve communication that maintains heart rhythm, and the ability of the heart muscle to relax and contract. If mineral depletion becomes severe enough, the heart can go into fibrillation. That means it spasms, but does not pump. Death can result.

Additionally, since Metabolic Syndrome, which includes sugar handling issues, is related to circulatory disorders, a disproportionate amount of carbohydrates typical of fasting diets is not a good idea.

HINT: One nutritional supplement I found effective in alleviating heart arrhythmias and palpitations is the mineral magnesium.

Magnesium is the hardest mineral to absorb because of its large molecular structure. Most people's diets are lacking in magnesium. Did you know that over 80% of all Americans are sub-clinically magnesium deficient? Some easily absorbed forms of magnesium are glycinate, taurate and citrate.

One of the easiest ways to add magnesium gives you chelation benefits at the same time!

Proper Bile Flow is VITAL to Cardiovascular Health!

Did you know that high cholesterol is one of the FIRST signs of impaired bile flow? Here's why...

Bile is made from worn out red blood cells processed by the spleen. In addition, cholesterol is an important constituent of bile.

This is very good, because the fatty component of bile is capable of carrying FAT SOLUBLE TOXINS out of the body to keep you healthy!

You may not know this - bile darkens and thickens to a sludge when the body becomes too toxic...

When bile becomes sludgy, it starts to back up - guess where? - into your bloodstream. Voila! High cholesterol!

Like the oil in your car engine becomes black and sludgy if it is not changed often enough.

To keep your car young, you get the oil changed...
...to keep YOU young, keep your bile flowing!

My pages below fill you in on the details about EDTA chelation and its applications for cardiovascular health and other aspects of your well-being.

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