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by Ellen Landauer

Medicardium Experiences:

Medicardium cardiovascular

These Medicardium experiences are a perfect example of how a great product can show its worth despite doubts on the part of someone trying it for the very first time.

Lisa's adventuresome spirit and determination to restore health are inspiring. You will notice she has contributed comments on other subjects in these pages as well.

I am heartened by her courage and willingness to share, enthusiastically following her progress of healing from very devastating conditions.

Medicardium Experiences: a Little Hesitation to Begin!

Hi Lisa,

Just want to check how you are doing with the Medicardium.

Hope all is well.

Sincerely, Ellen

Lisa's Medicardium experience has not yet commenced...

Hi Ellen,  

I have been a chicken.  I haven’t taken it yet.  I was going to do the other night.  I went through a really stressful week and was struggling so I had decided to wait. 

Do you want to know a weird thing: my symptoms are exactly what has to do with the gallbladder and the liver organs in Chinese medicine.  I was looking up the meridians for those organs and corresponded with many pain areas. 

I know that I have heavy metals still and I think that is where the medicardium will come in.  As I continue to do my coffee enemas and try to resolve gallbladder issues, things are slowly improving.  Its amazing how important the bile is and when that gets mucked up—how things really take a downward spiral. 

Thanks for your email.  I will contact you when I try the medicardium. 

- Lisa

Medicardium Experiences Answer:

Hi Lisa,

Well, it's good to start a new detox when you're less stressed. Good that you listen to your body :-)

Heavy metals (especially mercury) are hell on the liver and gallbladder! Getting the metals out will help take the strain off those organs, and the rest of the body, too.

You might enjoy the info on liver, gallbladder and bile flow on the pages below, if you haven't already seen them. I am just fascinated by how important this is for vibrant health!

Coffee enemas are fabulous - I do them practically every day; like Dr. Gonzalez, I find them incredibly calming, healing and energizing! They are a great anti-aging measure even for someone with NO toxicity issues.

My own Medicardium experiences are so relaxing and rejuvenating even after using it for a few years now.

I look forward to hearing about your response to the Medicardium.

Take care, and do let me know how you are doing.

Sincerely, Ellen

Medicardium Experiences: Lisa Comments on Her 'Maiden Voyage'...

Medicardium EDTA chelation suppository close-up

Hi Ellen,

Well, I wanted you to be the first person to tell about the Medicardium. First, I want to say thank you for being so knowledgable and trying to help people like me.

I tried it last night and to be honest, I was scared. Nothing really happened that night. When I woke up this morning, the first thing that I noticed was the tightness in my neck was diminished greatly. Not completely gone but almost felt normal. And I felt pretty good.

I feel a little better mentally too. I was never a negative person but I think I started to become one. My friends kept telling me to think more positive. I think personally it was I was not feeling well for so long and maybe the heavy metals in my body created negative thinking but the nature of toxicity. I am not sure. Maybe you would know that by your experience.

Medicardium Experiences Question:

I do have a question. I think that I will take it every 3 days. Should I take the medicardium, then skip 2 days, then take it. Or skip 3 days. Its says every 3 days. Like thurs night, then take it Sunday night? Thanks Ellen, I will keep you informed of my progress.

- Lisa

Medicardium Experiences Answer:

Hi Lisa,

So happy to hear the wonderful results from your first Medicardium experience! Yes, it will help release tightness in the soft tissues of your body by taking out accumulated calcium that doesn't belong there and is a big factor in the aging process.

Medicardium also increases the circulation in all the capillaries of the body, bringing nourishment and cleansing to all your organs, skin and so on. That is in addition to gradually removing the burden of heavy metals (something EVERYONE needs these days)!

It can be daunting to try a powerful new therapy (I know that well from some of my experiences - like setting up a colema board for the first time, and later, first time doing a coffee enema)!

As far as feeling more positive, I can tell you that the more I (and my clients and a few members of my family) explore how the right supplements can impact mental and emotional functioning, the more convinced I am that all the talk therapy and woo-woo New-Agey think-positive-and-attract-whatever ideas, while some of that is good - - do not have the power that changing biochemistry and organ and brain functioning can yield!!!

To tell someone to 'think positive' when their body is crying out for help is not going to solve the foundational problem. (I'm on a rant, can you tell? ;-) Too many people I know are on mood drugs and not doing so well...

To answer your question, skipping 2 days and taking it every 3rd day is fine.

**Best thing is to experiment a little and see... If you do the above for a week or so and feel good and that there is some progressive improvement, why change?

However, sometimes it's worthwhile to try increasing frequency (every other day) or less often.

Main thing is to listen closely to your body sensations and calmly notice variations in how you feel. If anything is true, the needs of any individual change because the body is ALWAYS in flux.

How I got better is by doing just that and being willing to try new things. I HAVE actually on a few occasions used the Medicardium more than once in a day - once to completely heal a badly sprained ankle in ONE day! and the other time, to alleviate SEVERE flu symptoms to be able to sleep, AND it helped me recover! (By the way, just a little plug for my Peak Health Consulting; if you ever want to go over your whole program in depth, give me a call (413-339-8527) and we can discuss :-)

I do have a lot to say about biochemistry, metals and mood - far more than I've written.

Wishing you the Best of Health!

Sincerely, Ellen

Medicardium Question

Hi Ellen,

May I ask you about EDTA and Medicardium?  

I started taking oral EDTA about a month ago. I am happy to rid my poor body of any and all toxins, but my main concern for chelation has always been mercury. I've been using lots of garlic, cilantro, and chlorella for a few years toward that end. I didn't realize until I recently began reading here and there about chelation that EDTA is not as effective as DMSA for chelating mercury.  

One protocol suggests first doing treatments with DMSA and then switching to EDTA.  Are you familiar with Andy Cutler's protocol for chelation?  It's worth looking into if you haven't.  You can get information from  

Might you have thoughts with regard to chelating mercury?  Should I, for example, freeze the Medicardium and use it after using DMSA a while?  

Thank you very much!!

Most sincerely,

Patrice Noma

Answers About oral EDTA, DMSA and the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol

Thanks Patrice, for your excellent questions...

First, it's ideal to keep the suppositories frozen in any case; it makes for a better Medicardium experiences. Freezing especially eases the process of inserting them as Medicardium has a natural base of cocoa butter and white wax that melts more easily than products with fillers.

Oral EDTA is a very bad idea! Take a look at this page on my site.

Medicardium is a very effective chelator of mercury and many other toxic metals. Because of its Magnesium Di-Potassium base (as opposed to calcium di-sodium in other EDTA products), it also has a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system and helps get calcium out of soft tissues where it causes trouble and back into bones and teeth.

I describe this in more detail on this page:

Garlic, cilantro and chlorella are good, but they don't 'chelate' (bind with the metal on a molecular level and carry it securely out of the body). They CAN however, MOBILIZE toxic metals out of storage areas in your tissues. If the body is able to get rid of the metals, great - but if not, the metals can get re-distributed to more vulnerable tissues and possibly do harm. That's where chelation comes in.

There is literature that says EDTA does not chelate mercury, only lead.

However, the scientist who developed Medicardium (with whom I've discussed these issues at length), found through research that EDTA carries mercury out of the body the safest way - through the bowel!

Previous researchers were looking at the urine and missed this.

Kidneys are very delicate, so it is much better to detox through the bowel.

I don't have a definite opinion about DMSA. My doctors had me take it for my own mercury issues and it did nothing at all for me personally. 

I am very familiar with curezone. Moderators on the site have given high recommendations of some of my site pages to their readers. I have been on the site many times. 

I've read about the Cutler regimen. It is very demanding; you have to take the chelator  and also alpha lipoic acid continually, even getting up a couple of times every night to take them. If you don't follow the exact regimen, there is a risk of doing harm. I personally was never attracted to Cutler's way, as the EDTA suppository chelation worked fabulously for me, and is much easier and more 'forgiving.' You aren't tied to a routine where missing a dose is critical. 

See how your Medicardium experiences go. One suppository every other day is a good start. 

**It is good to experiment and see whether more or less often feels better to your body. Initially, I did a 90 day non-stop protocol with Detoxamin. However I later found Medicardium experiences to be a more refined process that took my health to a higher level. Detoxamin is a great product, but these days I tend to recommend Medicardium more often than not.

**Medicardium should be kept frozen ideally. Use plenty of lubrication when inserting. I did send you the guidelines from my site. 

Also, you should receive a 2 CD set with a fantastic lecture series on detoxing metals and many other environmental toxins (plastics for example).

For most effective cleansing, you may want to consider the other suppositories made by the same company: Xeneplex, Glytamins and Endosterol. These products provide a comprehensive support for the EDTA chelation and also contain some EDTA themselves. I have pages up on my site about Glytamins and Endosterol.

Xeneplex is in essence, an 'instant' coffee enema, so you can read the coffee enema pages to understand how coffee administered rectally cleanses the liver and gallbladder.

In your package should be printed instructions for use of the suppositories.

If it were me, I'd just use the Medicardium rather than combining with DMSA etc. because that way it's your own scientific experiment - no other variables - just that one thing to see its effects. Continuing with the garlic, cilantro and chlorella is good.

All the Best!



Medicardium Experiences

How the Right Chelator Helps Prevents Re-Absorption of Mercury

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Hi Ellen

I just read your email to Patrice about the different chelators or mobilizers. I agree with you.

I took chorella faithfully when getting my teeth done and my mercury fillings removed. I feel it really did nothing and I got sick after the work done on my teeth.

What I wanted to tell you for more feedback is: I always would get a metal taste in my mouth the day after the coffee enemas. I figured something metal was being mobilized in my body after the coffee enema. Well, what I noticed now is that I do not get the metal taste anymore but my symptoms do come back about 24 hours after the coffee enema.

These are my thoughts: I think that if you are very toxic with mercury and other toxicities in your liver, the coffee enema mobilizes them out into your intestines and some do not get out completely.

If its heavy metals, its SO IMPORTANT to have a chelator like the Medicardium. I am going to do the Medicardium every other day to see if I can avoid symptoms and help my body continue to rid of the toxicities.


My Comments on Lisa's Medicardium experience, and some ideas on mercury detoxification:

Hi Lisa,

Good observations - thanks for the feedback. I will likely post it as I think, like many of your other observations, it can help others.

Do you think the Medicardium was a factor in eliminating the metal taste? Curious to know...

Metal detox is tricky; I've had similar experiences. I found that the more consistently I assisted the flow of mercury and other toxins out of my body, the less symptoms I had and the better I felt.

Colon cleansing, coffee enema and of course EDTA chelation suppositories were what worked for me.

My Medicardium experiences took it to a whole new level.

When one has a serious toxic burden of mercury, one, it takes time to eliminate; two, the right chelator can grab securely onto the mercury and carry it all the way out.

Ideally, mercury detox should happen through the colon. Spencer Feldman discovered that the EDTA actually WAS carrying the mercury out the bowel, not the kidneys.

Other researchers were saying that EDTA does not chelate mercury - because they were looking for it in the wrong place - the urine. When one is doing an ideal protocol, mercury will exit through the bowel.

If too much mercury is released from the tissues at once, it can spill over into the kidneys to be eliminated.

Spencer Feldman told me this is not a good idea - which is why the Medicardium has only 365 mg of Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA. He wanted to make absolutely sure it could never harm anyone. A doctor once reported to him that a patient with only ONE kidney used Medicardium with excellent results and no problems!!

The kidneys are very delicate and difficult to heal, whereas the cells of the bowel wall are continually renewing every few days. Much better for toxins to leave through bowel, so slow and sure is best.

Thanks, Lisa, for your excellent observations!



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Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

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