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Glytamins Benefits
Liver, Gallbladder,
Bile Flow and More

Glytamins is a state-of-the-art supplement with researched, proven ingredients that help promote optimal bile flow and...

...provide support for liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Why is this important..?

Healthy bile flow supports the immune system, effective detoxification and resistance to parasites and candida yeast and bacterial infection.

You know, the more I research liver, gallbladder and bile flow issues, the more impressed I am with how vitally important the functioning of this system is to major aspects of our well-being.

If you are beset by candida yeast, parasites or irritable bowel syndrome, to name just a few related issues, the more you will appreciate knowing these fascinating and enlightening facts about how your detoxification system really works.

I give all credit for the following understandings to Spencer Feldman, the scientist who developed this wonderful Glytamins product. I have done my best to explain correctly.

Glytamins Ingredients Support Proper Bile Flow and Fat Digestion

Bile is a green alkaline liquid produced by liver, which helps us digest our food, especially fats. Bile also neutralizes hydrochloric acid from the stomach, thereby protecting the lining of the small intestine from being burned and injured by the stomach acid.

The liver produces a liter of bile per day (more than a quart!), and it is stored in a muscular sac called the gallbladder. When food containing fats moves from the stomach into the small intestine, the gallbladder goes into action, secreting bile to emulsify fatty acids into a form that can be assimilated.

Glytamins: Antidote to Parasite Propaganda and Candida Chicanery!

Healthy bile flow is vital for the immune system of the intestine, bestowing a built-in defense against parasites and candida!

There is an infinite quantity of baseless hype about magical 'cures' for candida yeast, fungal infections and parasites. Ebooks with THE secret cure, and expensive supplements that I have never seen in any catalog of professional products, repeat the same jaded hints and half-truths.

Bile flow and liver/gallbladder function is key; it is the foundation on which these issues depend. This is so basic - at the heart of any sound detox program.

Glytamins Ingredients Glycine and Taurine Keep Bile in a Liquid State

Just as the kidneys filter water-soluble toxins from our bodies, the liver filters out fat-soluble toxins by putting them in the bile.

Did you know that toxins in the body cause bile to darken and thicken into 'biliary sludge,' similar to dirty oil in your car engine?

If the bile is too thick and sludgy, it becomes like paste, and its flow slows to a snail's pace. When this happens, it can't efficiently carry fat soluble toxins out of the body.

Also, gallstones are formed from biliary sludge, and can partially or completely block the flow of bile. When bile backs up into the body, the complexion starts to take on a sick yellowish hue. I have seen this in chain smokers and others with very toxic conditions.

An abundance of the amino acids Taurine and Glycine, and phosphatidyl choline are provided by Glytamins. They dissolve biliary sludge and gallstones and keep bile liquid. These ingredients are also involved in detoxification.

Glycine, Taurine and Phosphatidyl Choline in Glytamins Promote Detoxification

Glycine, Taurine and phosphatidyl choline are needed to help us detoxify from chemicals and our own stress hormones, as well as keeping bile flowing properly. Constant exposure to toxins and stress makes supplementation with these nutrients a VERY good idea!

Chlorine can only be detoxified from the body with Glycine and Taurine. Since we are continually exposed to chlorine on a daily basis, we need to keep our levels of these amino acids high.

Phosphatidyl choline is needed for a detox process known as methylation

Adrenaline and noradrenaline, hormones needed for emergencies, damage body tissues with chronic exposure.

The faster the body can get rid of adrenalin and noradrenaline once they are no longer needed, the less damage is done. Methylation (made possible by sufficient amounts of phosphatidyl choline) is needed to break down these emergency hormones for elimination.

The more stressed we are, the more we use up our stores of phosphatidyl choline. Phosphatidyl choline is included in Glytamins for that reason.

Special Herbs in Glytamins Detoxify and Relax Gallbladder

Glytamins contains the herbs Bupleurum Peppermint and Chanca Piedra. These herbs help the liver to detoxify and relax the gallbladder, so as the bile begins to flow, stones can more easily pass out. Scientific studies show that Chanca Piedra can also dissolve and prevent uric acid and oxalate crystallization.

Glytamins Ingredients Prevent Bile Acids From Compromising Immune Function

Here is an amazing fact that is almost never mentioned...

When bile flow is impaired and bile backs up into the bloodstream, immune function is compromised! While bile is good for the intestinal immune system, it is very bad for immune function in the rest of the body.

Here's why...

First, the thousands of different kinds of toxins that the liver processes every day build up in the blood because they are not being eliminated efficiently. Toxins in the bloodstream impede immune function and poison all the cells in the body.

Second, bile acids backing up into the bloodstream inhibits white blood cell activity. The white blood cells have a harder time locating, catching and consuming pathogenic organisms in blood and tissues.

Achieving and maintaining healthy bile flow, a main goal of Glytamins, prevents bile from backing up into the blood stream. This supports proper immune function as explained above.

Why Does Glytamins Come in Suppository Form?

Oral supplements may not work because Glycine, Taurine and phosphatidyl choline have MANY uses in the body.

They can get utilized for other purposes before accomplishing the above results of getting them to directly benefit your liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

The surest, most powerful way to utilize these nutrients for increasing bile flow and detoxifying the body is to take them as a rectal suppository. This targeted approach gets the ingredients right where they're needed...

When the suppository is inserted, it sits just inside the anal ring in the very capillary-rich area of the hemorrhoidal veins. The porous nature of the gut wall and capillaries allows the Glycine, Taurine and phosphatidyl choline to enter the portal vein system that carries them directly to the liver for full therapeutic impact!

Glytamins Summary:

Glytamins Keeps Bile in a Healthy, Liquid Form

When bile is sufficiently liquid, it dissolves and prevents bile sludge and gallstones!

Benefits of healthy bile flow:

It neutralizes stomach acids before they can burn the intestines.

Stimulates healthy peristalsis, balances the immune system and protects liver and pancreas from caustic alkaline bile back-up.

Kills parasites and candida.

Allows body to remove fat-soluble toxins and oxidized cholesterol.

Healthy bile kills parasites and candida, removes toxins, prevents constipation and a host of other little-appreciated and amazing benefits.

Supporting healthy bile is a major step toward Peak Health!

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Proper bile flow normalizes intestinal pH, deters parasites, candida yeast and pathogens.

Improves digestion, too.

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