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by Ellen Landauer

Gallstone Attack Sufferer Shares Her Glytamins Experience!

A week after having a gallstone attack, Terri (not her real name) contacted me.

Terri could not eat solid food because it aggravated the symptoms, and was limited to a liquid diet. Her doctor had cautioned her that gallbladder surgery might be necessary.

It is easy to understand how the extreme pain of a gallbladder attack could drive someone to surgery!

Terri wrote me with an interest in trying the Glytamins, but afraid of any possible side effects. I double-checked her question with the scientist who created these detox support suppositories.

Below is our discussion from that point:

Gallstone Attack Discussion

Photo: Gallstones attack averted - after 6 days of taking Glytamins suppositories, patient eliminated them. (Caught in the trap of a colonic machine after a colon hydrotherapy treatment)!

Hi Terri,

Sorry to hear you are struggling with the pain of gallstones and the fear of gallstone attack.

I have had phone discussions with the scientist who developed Glytamins and the related detox suppositories (Medicardium, Xeneplex and Endosterol). One thing that I am constantly impressed with is how very cautious he is in creating his formulas.

For example, where other brands of EDTA suppositories contain up to 1500 mg of EDTA, he refuses to put more than 365 mg of EDTA in, because as he says, he 'never wants to take the chance that it might be too much for anyone.'

Glytamins is a supplement meant to thin the bile among many other health benefits, and does it gently, safely and effectively.

It also relaxes the gallbladder, promotes healthy bile flow and has other benefits as well.

Healthy bile flow is needed to help prevent a gallstone attack.

I cannot speak for you, however my own experience and that of my clients is that Glytamins is very gentle and positive in its effects.

You may be interested to know that I have several clients who were diagnosed with gallstones, cancelled their gallbladder surgery and are feeling MUCH better from using Glytamins!

Ted Barnes is one of them.

Sounds like you have a sense of what is helpful for you.

Clients of mine who have had their gallbladder removed voice regret. The pain of a gallstone attack is what drives them to surgery, and I can understand. However, the gallbladder has some very important functions and obviously once it has been removed, cannot be put back...

I have never heard anyone say anything negative about the Glytamins. Below my signature, I provide links to my other Glytamins pages.

**It is important to give yourself a healthy lifestyle in general to heal any condition, so make sure you are providing that foundation for improving health.**

It is also important to remember that it takes time for such a condition as gallstones to develop. To prevent gallstone attacks in the future will require some persistence on your part to achieve sound health. When bile is liquid and flowing freely, a gallstone attack is impossible to have.

The other point I want to make is that bile thickens because of toxins, (new window) then can form gallstones. So it is important to consider possibility of mercury and other toxic metals, chemical exposure and other causes of slow bile flow.

It makes sense to consider toxins as a contributing factor in gallstone attack. At some point it may be worth it to consider the other suppositories in the 'series.'

If you like, try 1 box of Glytamins and then go from there.

I wish you a successful journey of healing!

Sincerely, Ellen

Photo to your right: Glytamins comes in suppository form to directly benefit liver and gallbladder.



Ellen, thanks for the information and moral support. The gallstone attack was scary; I was glad to hear what you had to say.

I do want to try the Glytamins. How long do you think I will need to take them? Should I just get the 1 month supply and see how it goes? What do you think?

As soon as I have time I will go to your links and educate myself more on this topic.


If you use 1 suppository every 3 days, 1 box would last a month. In a more urgent situation, some people find one suppository per day is needed.

I found in my own health challenges, the only way to know if something will work is to try. If 1 every 3 days works, great. If 1 per day works better, or doesn't, only your body can tell you.

Body and biochemistry are constantly shifting; as we tune in and feel the subtleties of our bodies, we can proceed most effectively ;-)

Informed experimentation was the way I learned what worked, and is also how my most successful coaching clients have found their own health solutions.


Ellen, thanks for the advice concerning how many per day or week. I will try the 1 every 3d day and see how I feel.

Glytamins Helps Gallstone Attack Sufferer Get a Good Night's Sleep

(Photo: Fresh organic or low-spray apples contain malic acid and other compounds that make them a food that supports healthy bile).

Hi Ellen,

I did receive the Glytamins on Thursday as we planned. Thank you.  

Would you believe I totally forgot to use them Thursday night and then again on Friday night, too?  I haven't hardly eaten for 2 weeks and my brain is not working well at all.  

But, last night I did remember to use them. This is such an easy protocol, I hope it can prevent another gallstone attack! 

I was waiting to see if I would have any uncomfortable side effects, but I had none.  

What did happen is I had the best night's sleep I've had in ages and ages!

Have you had any reports of anyone saying these Glytamins helped them sleep?  I'm trying to figure out what attributed to my sleep and that is the only thing different that I can think of at the moment.  

Please let me know if you've had any other reports regarding this as a possible side effect.  I will continue to use the glytamins every 3d night.  

Thanks, Terri

Answer: Yes, I hear this all the time (about the fantastic sleep) from my clients and family who use Glytamins. Medicardium also has this effect quite profoundly. The Endosterol and Xeneplex also. It is my personal experience as well - I use these products and often find myself looking forward to sleep time just to experience that wonderful feeling.

As to your 'starvation diet,' that is not a good thing - tissues need vitamins, minerals and proteins to repair, and all body functions of course depend on nutrients. Gallstone attack sufferers' limited diet will deplete vital nutrients from the body. Glandular, muscular and other tissues can be damaged the longer this goes on.

I just put up a Multi vitamin/mineral, and a full-spectrum amino acid (protein building blocks) supplement - both of which can prevent muscle wasting. The amino acids are completely absorbed with no digestive process whatsoever - excellent for people on limited diets. The Multi is essential also, to balance the aminos. 

You might want to go back to my password protected page - all the way at the bottom, I am adding some detox support oral supplements from the very best companies that are my professional suppliers. You can look over ingredients and info by clicking on the links for these new supplements. 

Thanks for sharing your initial experience! 

I am adding a Glytamins discussion page to my site and wonder if I might post your question? This would be informative for my readers...

Take care and let me know how you are doing.

Sincerely, Ellen

Off to a Flying Start to Prevent a Future Gallstone Attack!

Ellen, thanks for your reply.  

So glad to know a good nights sleep is a beneficial side effect from the glytamins!  I don't see why you couldn't use my question on your discussion page, but please don't use my name or email address.

Now, since I wrote you this morning I have been having lots of bowel movements, 3 in total with the last one being diarrhea.  Is this also a side effect of the Glytamins? It wasn't horrible, and I DO feel cleaned out!

Gallstone attack is NOT something I want to experience again! 

Thanks, again!

My reply:

Hi Terri,

Excellent news about the new-found intestinal activity!! 

One sign of increased bile flow is improved elimination. Glytamins facilitates better bile flow. Healthy bile flow supports peristalsis.

Great to hear your results!

Yes, diarrhea can occur - perhaps because of 1) Getting rid of a build-up of waste that should have been eliminated earlier, 2) You haven't been eating, so extra bile can overstimulate and perhaps cause a little irritation. 

If you had food in your system, the bile would not irritate but rather contribute to digestion. Therefore maybe gradually introduce a little food - maybe foods like applesauce, chicken broth etc. You have to see what works for you.

Also, when the body has been out of balance, sometimes of necessity there is a correction like diarrhea.

I will keep you anonymous for the site discussion page. 

All the Best,


Fear of Another Gallstone Attack and a Difficult Decision

Ellen, hi.

I've been wanting to get back to you. I did take the glytamins 3 times. Got some "action" the first time, but not the next two.  

I did go to see a highly regarded nutritionist here in Denver last week and took the glytamins to him to see what he thought. His reaction was that they probably wouldn't do much good being inserted down there when I need the help up in my gallbladder. He didn't think they would hurt me, but didn't think they would really help either.  

I am still not feeling up to speed, and, last Thursday night had a bad episode of dizziness.  Had to call the doctor. She wants me to come into the office tomorrow. I think I am getting to the point of thinking I do not have any other way out other than having the gallbladder removed. This has been going on for a solid month and I still don't feel right. 

I have see the gastro doctor, the surgeon, the nutritionist, the sonogram people.... and everyone is saying the same thing about more gallstone attacks. I think I was in denial for a while but I cannot live my life in limbo forever, fearing another gallstone attack.  My gallbladder is still sensitive.  

I may just have to bite the bullet this week and have it taken out. That is not what I wanted to do, but I don't feel like I have any other viable alternatives at this point. Putting this kind of surgery off can put one at risk of doing liver &/or pancreas damage and I don't want that to happen. 

I still believe in your website and your work. Thanks for your concern. Keep up the good work and take care.

- Terri


Hi Terri,

Sorry to hear what's going on. I do have a few thoughts - not to influence any decision, but to offer some clarity. Not medical advice, just my own experience.

1 - When a health situation gets critical enough to cause a gallstone attack, you must know that with very few exceptions, it has been building for a long time.

What does this mean? It means that taking a supplement a few times is rarely, if ever, going to solve the problem. Many things impact liver/gallbladder health. 

When you're in that deep, if natural means are going to work at all, you have to go at it 'hard-core.'

One of the main purposes of my site is to educate people - to widen their view of the very powerful detoxification methods and share my experience so they have a more vivid picture of what the process is like.

2 - I respect whatever path you choose as being right for you. Sometimes, surgery is a better option for certain situations and that's for you and your doctor to judge.

3 - The nutritionist dismissed the Glytamins out of hand, not understanding that the portal vein system is a very powerful transporter of compounds absorbed from the porous walls of the lower bowel, into the rich density of the hemorrhoidal veins. The hemorrhoidal veins take the compounds into the portal vein system.

The portal vein takes the nutrients DIRECTLY into the liver and gallbladder. That's an anatomical fact!

More than that, my years of personal experimentation and working with clients leaves me no doubt that rectal administration of nutrient compounds is VERY powerful therapeutically. It is like an IV, because once the compounds reach the liver, part of them travel up the inferior vena cava straight to the heart, to be distributed through even the smallest capillaries to all the cells of the body!

Utilizing that pathway is one of the most important reasons I was able to save my life.

4 - **People who have had their gallbladder removed do very well with Glytamins and the other suppositories. 

Glytamins is not something to use just for gallstone attack. Its purpose is to support healthy bile flow and kidney health as well. Clients of mine without gallbladders feel best when they use Glytamins. This is because, even without a gallbladder, you still have bile in the biliary duct system of the liver, and it's a vital health measure to keep it flowing freely! 

Again, while I personally consider surgery a last resort, I do feel for what you are up against and am 'in your corner' wherever your journey takes you.

If you do have the surgery, please let me know you are OK and all went well.

Best Wishes,


Ellen, thank you for all the great information!  

I will be taking the glytamins tonight and keep taking them if you think they are important even if one does not have their gallbladder any more. So, thank you for that vital information.  

I will try to take your email to my nutritionist to explain how they work and maybe he might learn something very valuable.  Life is a learning experience.  As I said before, I do not want to have this surgery, but I do not know of anything else to do with this condition as it is.  

I have watched my diet scrupulously for 1 solid month and I am still having symptoms. I am taking fresh lemon juice w/ warm/hot water each morning and Apple Cider Vinegar in the afternoon. My GB is still sensitive and this dizziness has now kept me getting out and driving.

I hate the thought of surgery but I also don't want to live waiting for the next shoe to drop (next GB attack).  Also, if I should get Pancreas or Liver involvement/damage, that would be really critical.  I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard spot.  

I so appreciate your interest, information, and moral support. I really do. I can't thank you enough. I am so glad to hear that your life was saved with some of these amazing products and methods that you believe in so strongly. That is so wonderful. I am very happy for your success and wish you continued good health.  

- Terri

Detoxification Support Can Help Prevent Gallstone Attack


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