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Coffee Enema Questions and Answers:

Coffee enema - how to start when you've never done them?

This questions and answers discussion with a client of mine - who is determined to overcome chronic illness - may help you begin your own protocol.

Coffee Enema Questions for Beginners

Answer: Coffee enemas are great - I still do them because they make me feel fabulous! They helped get me out of trouble when I was quite sick.

A good way to start is to cleanse well with warm water with maybe 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt added per quart (the sea salt keeps you from absorbing too much water - so water will tend to be expelled better (and toxins along with it). Cleanse using salt and water enema until fairly clean water comes out. 

Then start with small dose (1 level tablespoon of coffee) simmered 15 min in 2 - 3 cups water, and cooled down to luke warm. Lie down on old towels on left side and slowly allow coffee formula to feed into colon. Then can turn on back or right side for best results. Retain for minimum 10 minutes if you can. If not, you can make a double dose of coffee next time and reserve half of it in case not able to retain the first dose for 10 or more minutes.

Gold Roast Coffee is THE best - has a wonderful effect!

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Other ideas for achieving great health: 

Get a Hair Analysis Test and follow the program consistently and persistently. Balancing your metabolism makes every other supplement you may take work better! Your body will begin to detox more on its own with more balanced metabolism and mineral ratios.

Full-spectrum amino acids support tissue repair and recovery. An economical option is Montiff All-Basic powder 350 grams - 1 teaspoon per day with Tri-Phos B - 2 tablets per day.

Liver/gallbladder support: In addition to coffee enema, you might want to consider Glytamins.

Recovery from serious health issues takes time, knowledge and persistence. Sounds like you are listening to your body and that's great!

Best Wishes,


Bag, Bucket or Syringe: Which is Best for Coffee Enema?

Question: I already read some pages great information Ellen. I have had those heart palputations. 

And also read that eating an apple or eating greens 30 to 60 min before, helps with that or take chlorella. Good to know, recently with juicing it has helped (w/cilantro). 

Should I go with a syringe, bag, or bucket? Also do I do the water then the coffee enema all in the same day? Do I hold the water in, and how much and for how long?

Answer: Bucket is good - you can clean it out much easier after coffee enema. Better than bag.

The rubber enema bags sold at drugstores (also on enima websites) are FULL of chemicals - you can smell it - I wouldn't use regular enema bag at all for that reason.

Water - just put in and eliminate - no need to hold in. Cleanse with water same day just before coffee enema.

The day before your first coffee enema, you might want to do a good cleansing, then again just before first coffee enema. This provides a little more preparation for your first time treatment.

Massage colon helps - put water in and massage while eliminating - do that several times until it feels lighter inside so you have room to hold coffee.

It is good to walk around awhile - do things around the house or something for about 10 min before inserting coffee. An 8 oz enema bulb works great for coffee - just 8 - 16 oz liquid (I make more of a concentrate than most coffee enema sites suggest. That way, less volume to retain - easier.

Once you do this couple of times, it is really simple and you will develop your own method.

Best Wishes, Ellen

Question: What do you mean by enema bulb?

Answer: Like this!

Just type in search term 'cara brand 8 oz enema bulb' it's the best one I know of - they sell for only $6.00 or so  :-)

What Kind of Filter Do I Use for Coffee Enema?

Answer: Filter coffee using a fine tea strainer, after simmering it gently for 15 - 20 minutes. That way, the polyphenols, theophylline, caffeine and theobromine will remain in the coffee to benefit you.

**NEVER use paper filter, as it removes compounds that you want in the coffee.**

Are Colonics a Good Idea in Addition to Coffee Enema?

Answer: Good for you!

Sounds like you already have a colema board - go for it! 

Before I did coffee enemas, or even knew about them, I got into doing colemas (home colonics). Saved my life! Was doing them whenever my body asked for them - sometimes daily!

Now I do them 1 or 2 x per month, sometimes less often - and they are still great for health! Did you know colonics are one of the beauty and anti-aging 'secrets' of many rich and famous? Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, the late Princess Diana - did/do them regularly. And Prince Charles has infuriated the medical community by publicly stating that he sees coffee enemas as a powerful therapy.

Like I say on my site, you don't have to own a yacht to be gloriously healthy!

What Kind of Water is Best for Coffee Enema?

Distilled water can be too acidic pH - also could absorb metal compounds from whatever container the water is cooked in for distilling.  'Spring Water' on the other hand might be good - but too many companies are a scam and just put filtered tap water in the bottles. 

I don't know the Mountain Valley brand - could be OK but they all say the water comes from a mountain spring or some such.

The bottled water still may be a better option, depending on your water supply and the pipes it goes through. For example many people in New York City live in old buildings with old pipes, some of which have lead in them, and the water comes from a long distance through more pipes.

If the plumbing in your home is fairly modern, and the water is typical but not terrible tap water, you most likely are best advised to invest in an excellent filter and make sure to maintain it and replace cartridge or whatever is needed. I've been doing some research on filters in the past - probably should try to hook up with a good supplier, as you are not the first to ask about water.

The advantage of a filter, especially if it was one which filters all water coming into your home is that it would give you and your family clean water for showers, drinking etc. (we can absorb toxins easily through the skin when taking a shower). Geez, I must put this up on my site - didn't know I would write so much.

Neither colonic or coffee enema is 'better' - they each serve a different purpose. If I HAD to choose one, it would be the coffee enema since in the process some nice cleansing of the colon takes place AND you get the superb liver and gallbladder cleansing action, activate the free radical fighting Glutathione s-Transferase system, absorb polyphenol antioxidant compounds from the coffee, and more.

Question: Nice Ellen very nice, it all sounds good. I think I will do both, but for now I will do the coffee enema. When you do the coffee and colonics how much liquid is it involved in each sitting? Is the coffee enema held in and the colonics water is in and out, sort of a flush? Can not wait to get started. Also after my bowel movements I get sleepy what does that mean? Thank you Ellen for your patience.......

Answer: Colonic 2 - 4 gallons do not hold in - just keep eliminating it all, enema coffee if a concentrate 8 oz - easy to retain. Before coffee enema, cleanse with 16 - 32 oz warm water do not hold in. Hold coffee for 10 + minutes. If stays in longer and you are relaxed - just let it stay; it is so relaxing I sometimes just get into deep sleep until 40 min goes by...

Sleepy after bowel movement - can't say for sure. Could be once toxins are eliminated it is a relief to the body to get the toxic material out and body tension due to dealing with the toxins goes away...

Let me know how it goes with the Coffee Enemas.

Best Wishes,


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