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Pycnogenol® Benefits:
Buy 100 Percent Pure!

For Pycnogenol® benefits, buy only 100 percent pure French Maritime Pine Bark extract!

For the FIRST time, the one and only Pycnogenol® made by Horphag Research is available for you in totally unadulterated powder extract form, with NO added excipients!

Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark Extract 100% pure powder
Pycnogenol Pine Bark Extract label facts

This 100% pure, powdered French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is packed and sealed in glass bottles for extended freshness.

Pycnogenol benefits - 10 grams: A little goes a LONG way! Just 1/16 teaspoon in a glass of juice or a smoothie to start. Can work up to 3 doses per day.

100% Pure Pycnogenol Extract Powder 10 grams

Pycnogenol Benefits Info

Pycnogenol Benefits Skin

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