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by Ellen Landauer

Coffee Enema Discussion 

Coffee Enema Discussion is a frequent conversation that I have with many readers and customers like you.

Guess what? My Gold Roast Coffee came today and I was so happy. I tried it tonight, and it's the first time I've not had cramping at all! (did it real slow and then laid down to read...amazing)

I see on your site that it will take about a year to detox a lifetime of toxins...what a great deal :)

Sure, you can use my comments...I'll keep you posted.

I appreciate your persistence will pay off I expect.

- Cathy Fletcher

Coffee Enema Discussion
Dangers of this Therapy?

The following coffee enema discussion was kindly submitted by a reader with an extensive medical background...

Hello Ellen,

I am writing to say 'thank-you' for your article on the dangers of coffee enemas.

I have been using coffee enemas since 2004 for the treatment of severe muscle & joint pain secondary to Fibromyalgia Syndrome. There are so many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the use of coffee enemas.

It was a true pleasure to read such a well-written article dispelling these myths and putting the truth in its proper perspective.

Though I no longer work in the medical field, I have an extensive medical education with roughly 15 years of hands-on bedside experience in several arenas including organ & tissue transplantation, nephrology, as well as critical care medicine.

It makes me nuts to read most alternative medicine Websites as they contain so much disinformation, many simply ‘cut & pasted’ word-for-word from other sites.

Yours, on the other hand, put most of the nonsense to rest regarding the use of coffee enemas. Again, I thank you.

My greatest hesitation to the use of coffee enemas was telling my wife I was going to give this strange idea a try. I knew there was no way to keep it a secret, though I did do it in private in the beginning. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to ask for her help, and now it is a common practice in our home. On occasion I will administer a coffee enema to my wife when her monthly cramps are severe, but for the most part I am on the receiving end.

And you are correct, it is a blissful, relaxing, Zen-like experience!

Most kind regards,


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Coffee Enema Discussion:
Mercury Detoxification

Hi Ellen,

Thank you for this coffee enema discussion and your wonderful website full of good information explaining liver cleansing and so many other techniques.

I too believe I was poisoned by mercury and my liver could not handle the detox of metals. I had exactly the same symptoms of muscle pain, joint pain, extreme fatigue, and allergic reactions of foods and medicines.

It has taken me several years to figure things out and find relief by the coffee enema and proper nutrition. Keep up the good work!



Thanks for your comments - I am happy to hear you find the site helpful.

Coffee enema discussion should include its application in mercury detox. It's wonderful that you discovered the benefits; quite amazing how good they make you feel! Because we live in such a toxic world, coffee enema is a fabulous way to detox for health, even when one is fairly recovered from the worst symptoms.

It's great to hear from someone like you who is tuned in and willing to go the extra mile to achieve profound healing. It sounds like you are succeeding!

- Ellen

Coffee Enema Discussion
Detox for Addictions

Comment: I just LOVE seeing people like this man throw off the shackles of conventional ideas on having 'fun'...

AND reaching for the ultimate high...

A Peak Life lived in Peak Health!

Coffee enema discussion would not be complete without considering its liver cleansing capacities for tobacco, drug and alcohol detox!

- Ellen Landauer

Hi I am interested in the benefits of the coffee enema cleanse and I have a couple of questions.. Does the coffee enema benefit the adrenal glands as well?

I am male, early 30's, of a healthy body weight but I suffer from depression anxiety and just general malaise but I think this is due to years of smoking cigarettes and weed and drinking and whooping it up! Now I have quit smoking permanently and am taking supplements and such but not noticing any major improvements.

I am thinking rather than put a bunch of stuff in my body in hopes of feeling better I just need to get all the crap OUT of it so my organs and metabolism can regain proper function. I did one coffee enema and felt very good afterwards, the whites of my eyes are much clearer, my skin and hair look better and I feel good and not as weak like usual. I guess I can do one every 3 or 4 days for awhile? Do I need to replenish potassium or minerals? I have a liquid ionic mineral supplement which would be good but it has no potassium.

I just want to make sure I am doing everything I need to be doing in conjunction with this coffee cleanse. I also have been drinking raw vegetable juices.

Thanks for your time and nice website you have.

S. C.


In answer to your question, anything that takes the toxic burden out of the body benefits the adrenals. This is because all toxins are a stress on the body and tax the capacity of the adrenals. All stress impacts the adrenal glands. 

In addition, the liver has to deal with toxins, and if the liver is overloaded, toxins are in the body tissues and in the bloodstream - again, this is a stressor to the adrenals.

Coffee enemas are one of the most powerful liver detox therapies. As far as frequency, it is a very individual matter. 

I do one most days as they make me feel fantastic. So does Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, famous NY city cancer doctor. His whole staff does them too. Many of his patients continue the coffee enemas for years after their cancer is gone - just because they feel so good!

Yes, supplements alone may not make a huge difference if serious detox is needed

Good to hear what positive response you experienced with your first coffee enema! One thing I learned over the years is listening to the body is key to charting a course for healing.

It is good to include some well-balanced supplementation - full-spectrum vitamin/mineral and an amino acid supplement. (I will be adding such products to my site quite soon, as it is very hard to find excellent supplements).

Raw vegetable juices have generous amounts of potassium. Many people find a magnesium supplement helpful, too, since it is not plentiful in foods and one of the most difficult minerals to absorb.

It is great to hear that you have changed your lifestyle. Over time, toxic materials from your past habits will be released and eliminated. Typically, there are ups and downs as toxins are released, but the general trend should be improvement in how you feel. A varied and well-rounded diet is important - protein and high quality fats are good for building and repairing the body and feeding the nervous system. 

My experience is that as we continue a healthy lifestyle, the depression, tiredness and anxiety can more and more be replaced with aliveness, emotional resilience and joy.

I wish you the very best of health!

Sincerely, Ellen

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