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by Ellen Landauer

Protocol Question

This Chlorella question from one of my clients asks if consuming this super green food could compromise absorption of mineral supplements. 

Also, when is the best time to take this super green food?

Question: I recall your website protocols for chlorella say if taken prior to a meal it will absorb heavy metals like mercury.

Some questions:  If taken before taking calcium supplements, or other mineral supplements like magnesium, will the chorella also absorb these (and thereby prevent them from being assimilated into the body)?

Also, I used to take AlgaeCal (which has some lead in it, as the calcium is sourced from the ocean).  If I were to take chorella prior to taking that supplement, would the chorella also absorb the lead and thereby protect me from it?

Please let me know.

Kind regards,


When you take Chlorella on empty stomach, half hour before a meal with a glass of water or juice, it gets to the beginning of the small intestine ahead of the food intake. When you ingest foods containing some fats, even before the partly digested food leaves the stomach and heads to the small intestine, bile is secreted by the gallbladder.

Besides its job of emulsifying fats for absorption, bile is a primary route for dumping toxins of all kinds. Trouble is, the body is very efficient and likes to recycle bile - re-using it up to 9 times. The bile, and the toxins it contains, is to some extent reabsorbed by the villi in the small intestine, to be re-used. In a much more pristine world, this would not be a problem. However, it is a problem these days - with bile carrying an overload of toxic substances. 

When the bile is expelled in preparation for fat digestion, the Chlorella is there waiting to bind all manner of toxins. The good thing is that Chlorella does not steal nutrient minerals from the body when the Chlorella is used in the above manner. In fact, Chlorella is very rich in magnesium and other minerals in addition to a long list of highly concentrated amounts of other beneficial nutrients.

Chlorella absorbs toxins from the bile, not nutrients from food. The food enters the picture a bit later when the Chlorella has already had plenty of opportunity to mix with the bile and bind toxins. If you were to take nutrient minerals toward the end of a meal, the Chlorella taken half hour before meal would not affect that.

Don't know about AlgaeCal - also, why take a supplement that you know contains lead? In addition, did you know there are a large number of people (well over half) who should not take any calcium supplements at all? We can ascertain your status in that regard with the Hair Analysis Test.

Your questions are good ones. I likely will post this info (you will remain anonymous) on the site as I'm sure others can benefit.

Best Wishes,
Ellen Landauer

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