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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil 

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil - can it CURE tooth decay? This became a subject of intensive investigation for me recently.


Tooth pain that would easily drive most people right to the dentist!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Previously, Green Pastures Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) was the one I recommended. Yes, it provided more help than not taking it, but...

...I no longer offer it because it does not come close to the totally fresh - not 'fermented' product I offer now (below).

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for
Childrens' Dental Health 

The benefits of cod liver oil combined with more knowledgeability on my parents' part might have saved me from unnecessary filling and drilling by dentists.

My Mom and Dad provided a much more nutritious diet than most parents I knew. They even had a doctor who was familiar with Dr. Weston Price's work. Dr. Price proved that with the right nutrients in the correct form, dental caries - cavities - can heal. 

However, in trying to do their very best, Mom and Dad were also influenced by mainstream ideas about dental health.

Like many kids growing up, dentists were a part of my life early on. A few mercury fillings were even placed while I was still in grade school.

Interestingly, every time I walked into that dentist's office, I sensed a grey toxic fog in the air that felt oppressive. This even as a young child with no idea that mercury is toxic.

Back then, of course I did not know that mercury fillings ultimately dental health.

Loosening of teeth, gum problems and breaking down of tooth structure are all long term results of amalgam fillings.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil
Holistic Healing for Tooth Decay?

The more tooth surgery (drilling and filling), the harder it is to maintain dental health. 

In my case, the recent pain was around a couple of back molars that have been drilled and filled more than once. To his credit, the last holistic dentist I went to suggested to leave them un-drilled and un-filled when the composite fillings fell out a few years ago.

The faint ache gradually increased. Because it seemed to travel through my jaw, I thought perhaps it was nerve damage from all the drilling. (You may not know this, but the vibration of the dentist's drill over time can cause nerve damage, especially to the nerve tissue within the tooth).

However, I also began to suspect decay and tooth weakness because the pain became more centered on the tooth. Sometimes I felt it inside the tooth. There was an aspect to the pain that felt like an infection. When I tuned in to my body, I could feel my body fighting back and keeping the infection from spreading. I felt the lymph nodes under my jaw. They were a little enlarged, a little bit tender but not much. This told me that at the moment my body was winning.

The tooth pain worsened so I suspected weakening and decay. Chewing on it seemed to exacerbate the pain, so I began to avoid that. I began to feel pain in the nerve and pulp of the tooth - I could feel it like a deep hole that was very touchy and some sudden shocks if I accidentally bore down on it by chewing. This was the kind of pain that would drive most people to the dentist.

As it worsened, I fearfully began to consider my options. The pain was enough to drive anyone to the dentist - FAST! I could go see the dentist. What would he suggest? More drilling? Cap the tooth? Root canal? Extraction? 

I already had one failed root canal that failed and ended up with the tooth being extracted. It felt like I had reached a dead end. What other options could I try for myself?

First, I needed to deal with the pain to buy myself time. I did a lot of research on the web. One suggestion involved holding a small amount of sea salt (about 1/8 teaspoon or less) in the mouth and letting it mix with the saliva and bathe the tooth. I tried it. Initially it increased the pain, but after 30 seconds or so, I found some relief. I used the salt many times per day whenever I needed it.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil 
Can it Cure Tooth Decay?

I suspected a jawbone infection - NOT GOOD!

I went back to the 'holistic' dentist who had so kindly yanked my first failed root canal (there's no kinder description of 'extraction' of a tooth - it is a brutal process)! 

After inspecting the war zone, he gave me two options - pull the tooth and 'clean the cavitation' (more about that later) OR - keep doing what I was doing to stave off spread of the virulent infection and call him when the tooth 'blows up.'

I asked him why I still had swollen lymph glands from the first extraction he had done. He quickly excused himself and left the room. Tears welled up in my eyes. I didn't know where to turn to find a REALLY honest and caring Holistic dentist!

While frantically researching to look for a dentist who really was holistic, I revisited the research of Dr. Weston A. Price. He had found that a special mixture of unadulterated, unprocessed cod liver oil and raw butter from grass-fed cows actually healed cavities. I quickly decided to order some Green Pasture Butter Oil / Fermented Cod-Liver Oil blend and see what I could accomplish.

One revelation was that most of the dental work I had due to cavities was in reality tooth surgery. It did not address the CAUSE of tooth decay - rather was a symptomatic solution after pathology had already occurred.

As a child and teenager, mercury fillings were placed in my mouth. Any really honest dentist will tell you that the presence of mercury in tooth fillings not only can damage general health - it breaks down tooth structure and destroys gum and jawbone health. 

I wondered if I could cure tooth decay and my jawbone infection if I just applied my great holistic viewpoint to my dental health.

We have been told from day one that once tooth enamel has been attacked by dental caries, we need tooth surgery.

We need to have the decay drilled out and dental material put in to patch the hole. Otherwise we will lose our teeth.

That is what we are told.

But real holistic thinking would disagree. Teeth are as alive as our bones and organs. As long as the body has access to the teeth through both circulation in the pulp, and saliva in the mouth, it is possible that a damaged tooth can recover - in many cases eliminating the need for invasive procedures.

I had to dig deep and feel how my body was taking action to deal with this situation.

I also went within and looked for the place where I could trust that my body was fighting to achieve the best outcome. How could I help? 

Could I actually CURE tooth decay?

The ultimate answer is - NO. I finally found a dentist who practices Biomimetic dentistry (materials used are closest to the natural crystalline structure of enamel) and am very happy with the results.

IMPORTANT!!! Those who claim that you can CURE tooth decay and infected teeth by diet alone are WRONG! You can perhaps keep very surface lesions from getting worse.

My experience: I held off for 7 months, fighting infection and pain until I could find a knowledgeable, caring HONEST dentist (very rare). 

Note that those who were slated for root canals and claim a 'cure' because the pain went away really have a dead tooth in their mouth that no longer hurts because the root died, not because it repaired itself!

However, a ketogenic Paleolithic diet that includes the BEST Cod-Liver Oil, pasture-raised dairy and meats, will go a long way to keeping your dental health optimal.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil - my protocol.

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