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by Ellen Landauer

Tips to Sleep Better

Tips to sleep better can be a major help for healing from ANY condition and for maintaining peak health. 

To significantly improve the quality of your rest requires a  comprehensive approach, covering a wide spectrum of your self-care program. Physical activity level, lighting, stress level, bedding choices and nutritional supplements all affect the quality of your resting hours.

The hours you spend at rest are vitally important!

I decided to devote a whole section of my website to giving you the very BEST information and resources for the most cozy, comfortable and relaxed sleep of your life.

Suggestions on physical activity, lighting, bedding, detoxification, nutritional supplements, diet and more are explored here in depth.

Tips to Sleep Better: How
EFFECTIVE are the Measures
YOU are Taking?

How do you evaluate effectiveness of tips to sleep better that you are putting into practice? Here are signs you are doing it right:

1 - When you lie down at night, your mind is relaxed. Busy thoughts of things you have to do, conflicts with others, etc. easily slip away.

2 - Slipping between the covers, your bed and the bedding that surrounds you make you feel like a baby bird in a soft cloud of feathers - cozy, safe and warm. Your relaxed state of mind and body lets you easily drift to sleep.

3 - Your dreams are vivid, with a natural feeling, colorful, detailed and imbued with healthy emotion. You may resolve challenging scenarios to a good conclusion; not everything is pure positiveness and love, but you feel strong, confident and capable. You also at times experience scintillating beauty and uplifting emotion.

4 - You wake and remember most of your dreams. You feel cleansed, healed.

5 - The profoundness of your physical and emotional renewal lends a subtle joy that lasts into much of the day.

Bedding Quality Can Transform
Your Dream Time

You absolutely don't want to skimp on the bedding that surrounds you for one-third of your life!

I can attest that being enwrapped in the best bedding makes me feel like a little baby bird in the softest, warmest nest - safe, calm and relaxed.

Learn more:

The Best Down Comforter

The Best Wool Comforter

Tips to Sleep Better:
Physical Activity

What do you do for satisfying physical activity? Having a regular routine of exercise that you enjoy is vital for enhancing quality of rest.

Some say it is not good to exercise in the evening hours; I personally find it works fine. Outdoor sports such as running, hiking, swimming and biking give added advantage of natural daylight in your eyes to help regulate your pineal gland. As well, except in urban areas, fresh air is better than indoor emvironments such as a gym.

That said, there is nothing like a good solid weight training workout at a good gym!

Just before bedtime, some relaxed stretching to work out the kinks of the day are one of the tips for better sleep that I practice frequently.

Tips to Sleep Better: Lighting 

Sunlight in the morning hours is an important part of tips to better sleep. A half-hour of outdoor activity before noon is a vital part of the sleep cycle. Being outdoors (even on a rainy morning) helps your pineal gland and circadian rhythm normalize.

At least an hour before you go to sleep, make it a point to get off computer and all internet devices. The light from these makes your pineal gland think it is daytime and is too stimulating at such time. Because it is in the blue spectrum, a big part of broad daylight, light from internet devices is stimulating to thinking, eating and activity.

Do NOT use so-called 'energy-saving' bulbs. You know - the ones with the weird circular tubes - as well as other models (they emit blue light AND contain MERCURY)! Not only that - but there have been many reports of FIRES being set off by these bulbs!

NOTE: There are some (not all) brands of Full-Spectrum Bulbs that emit a lovely warmish, pinkish light - we have used those for over 20 years. They are very safe and last a LONG time compared to other bulbs.

I like to curl up and read a real book (yes, a REAL book!) for awhile before bedtime - and find this conducive to a relaxed state.

Salt lamps are a wonderful option for evening lighting. I have one in the bathroom for before bedtime grooming, etc. The warm yellow-orange-red glow is very much like that of the embers of the fires of our primeval ancestors, with a calming, relaxing effect.

Your bedroom should be as dark as possible. Curtains to block street lights, no digital clocks, TV/computer etc., and if you need light to get up at night, how about a flashlight!

If your bedroom is NOT almost totally dark, another tactic is to use a comfortable covering over your eyes.

Tips to Better Sleep:
Ban EMF and Wi-Fi!

Ideally, sleep with no electricity running in bedroom walls (turn off circuit to bedroom), and turn off Wi-Fi totally.

Land line phones are much safer than modern cordless phones (which emit so much EMF frequency you may as well be living in the shadow of a cell tower). 

You may find, assuming your neighbors aren't too close, that taking such measures has more the feel of camping out in the woods than the constant 'buzz' we call 'normal.'

NOTE: Do not do anything that you are not comfortable with as far as maintaining personal security. If you live in an area where you feel a home alarm system is needed, obviously you should have it on.

Tips to Better Sleep:
Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements that support health of nervous system and circulation are among my premier tips for Better Sleep.

Your brain and nerves cannot function when lacking such vital nutrients as B Vitamins, Amino Acids and minerals. MOST people are lacking - stress alone uses up tremendous amounts of all the compounds we need. 

BETTER SLEEP SUPPLEMENT SUGGESTIONS: All-Basic Plus, Tri-Phos B, Medicardium EDTA, Vas-cu-Care, Angstrom Magnesium.

Tips to Better Sleep:
Detox, Detox, Detox!

Do you know that toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum interfere with restful sleep?

I know this from experience. During my mercury toxicity trials and tribulations, my dreams were nightmares and more often than not, I woke up feeling worse than when I lay down.

My mentor at Montiff, Mr. Don Tyson says, "When your Amino Acids and vitamin/minerals are balanced, you dream in Technicolor."

As a child, and even into my 20's and 30's, most of my dreams were uplifting, vivid, naturally beautiful and colorful - inspiring in nature. I would remember most all of them and it would leave me with a feeling of well-being that lasted many hours after awakening.

It took years of detoxification with Medicardium EDTA, Montiff products such as All-Basic Plus and balanced supplements such as Vita-Minz Plus and B-Complete to bring light, color and inspiration back into my dreams. 

Detox Package

Medicardium, Xeneplex,

Detox 3-Pack
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Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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