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by Ellen Landauer

Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet, created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941, has recently been the new rage in detox protocols. 

Popularized by Beyonce and others in the entertainment industry, this cleansing program has not been critically evaluated by many who use it.

There are some serious questions that must be asked about the advisability of implementing theMaster Cleanse Diet. Armed with the answers, you can then decide if it's really appropriate for you.

Pros and cons need to be carefully considered. What are the dangers?

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Want to be Beautiful?
Master Cleanse Diet: NO
Paleo Diet: YES!

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Eggs from real grass-fed /pasture-raised chickens provide omega-3 essential fatty acids, healthy cholesterol (sex hormones, brain health, cell membrane integrity and more depend on a good supply of cholesterol!

Why submit to insipid 'plant-based diet' when you will be healthier living off the fat of the land!

Master Cleanse Diet Pros

Withholding normal food (and junk) intake takes a burden off the liver, colon and kidneys. Of course, you will feel better by stopping consumption of alcohol, junk food, coffee and tobacco.

Additionally, not eating conventionally raised meats, eggs and dairy eliminates artificial hormones, antibiotics, mycotoxins from grains fed to these animals, and other poisons lightens toxic burden on the body. Ceasing to eat vegetables and fruits heavily sprayed with insecticides removes another big source of toxins.

Some people feel better on this detox program simply because they have stopped putting poisons in their bodies!

Do the dangers ultimately outweigh the benefits..?

Master Cleanse Diet Cons

PHOTO ABOVE: Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is a fabulous clean-burning, beneficial food for your body!

It is a great addition to the most species-appropriate diet for most humans, the renowned Paleo-Diet.

Depletion of lean muscle mass by protein deprivation. Fasting is voluntary starvation, with all the bodily depletion and breakdown associated with that unhappy state of affairs.

Lean muscle mass is broken down to supply energy. This is a survival mechanism that would keep you alive and marginally maintain body function if you could not get food for a period of time.

Why would you want to do that to yourself..?

There are much BETTER (and more PLEASURABLE) ways to lose weight.

Try a delicious super-foods diet that includes an abundance of high quality protein and healthy fats. If you are thinking of Master Cleanse Diet as a way to lose weight, you might want to consider how Dr. Robert Atkins helped difficult obesity cases:

He put them on a diet consisting of more than 90% fat - with great success! More interesting yet, in a research study of weight loss in people fasting on water and people eating 90% or higher dietary fat, those eating the fat lost MORE weight than those eating nothing!

I am not advising you; this is not medical advice. I am just trying to give you perspective and education so you don't feel you have to torture yourself to lose weight and look fabulous!

Continual consumption of pure sugar. Constant consumption of maple syrup has several dangers.

One, it is virtually all sugar (which I suspect adds immensely to the appeal of the Master Cleanse Diet. People are less likely to feel deprived if you tell them they can ingest a sugar-laced drink the whole time).

Sugar eaten in the absence of sufficient protein, vitamin and mineral consumption will STEAL these elements from your body (because they are used to metabolize the sugar)!

Two, sugar raises triglycerides in the blood.

Three, sugar demineralizes bones and teeth. The minute amount of minerals in Grade B maple syrup can't possibly offset the deleterious effect of all the sugar.

Last, but certainly not least, sugar fosters the growth of fungal forms such as candida yeast. This kind of overgrowth floods the body with mycotoxins (mold toxins). Mycotoxins can damage many parts of the body, including the brain and nervous system. They can cause mood disruption, headaches, immune system disorders, digestive disturbances and a host of other more serious conditions. They have been implicated in cancer risk, for example.

Mineral depletion. While proponents point to the fact that the recommended Grade B maple syrup contains trace amounts of minerals - that is not enough to sustain sufficient electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium, salt) in the body. As well, metabolizing all that sugar depletes minerals, negating any benefits! Lack of magnesium, for example, can cause heart arrhythmias, possibly leading to heart fibrillation (the heart muscle convulses uncontrollably and can't pump blood), and death.

Erosion of tooth enamel. This seems like a no-brainer, but if I could be ignorant of this years ago, it is important to bring it to light here.

When I was a vegan, I consumed an inordinate amount of sweet citrus fruits - oranges, tangerines and apple juice. This deteriorated some of the enamel of my teeth.

Think twice before sipping acidic sugar water continually for ten or more days at a time.

This WILL destroy tooth enamel over time.


(Fortunately, a diet rich in healthy fats and minerals hardened and strengthened my teeth and worked wonderfully to bring stability to my dental health).

Damaging nerves that trigger peristalsis in the gut. The nightly consumption of senna tea, a laxative, irritates and damages the lining and nerve endings in the colon. The idea is to try and keep the bowel active while no food is being taken.

Instead of preventing constipation, this may ensure it! It is just plain bad to take laxatives except in a critical situation.

Master Cleanse Diet Can Play Havoc With Thyroid Function!

Master Cleanse Diet and other kinds of fasting regimens can damage the thyroid gland.

This is because food deprivation causes the thyroid to slow down in an effort to save energy.

I personally know several people who are now on Synthroid because of damage done through voluntary starvation.

Too many people are already hypothyroid (low thyroid), lacking energy and the metabolic fire to burn calories!

Pile a starvation diet on top of that, and voila! you lower thyroid function even more. When normal eating is resumed, the pounds pile on even faster because the body's metabolism is set too low to burn a normal amount of calories. This is how yo-yo dieting (including periodic voluntary starvation!) accomplishes the exact opposite of its weight loss and cleansing objective!

In addition, lowering metabolic rate lowers the body's capacity for detoxification!

I Speak From Experience!

Through decades of experience with all manner of fasts and detox programs, observing how others respond to such protocols, and extensive research into nutrition and body function, I have developed a critical eye for hype. I know what it is to feel 'high' while fasting, and found out that can be a symptom of deranged body functioning due to nutrient deprivation.

While a few days on juices or a light diet can be beneficial, the recommended 10 day minimum of drinking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper on the Master Cleanse Diet is unnecessary and potentially damaging.

What is most interesting is that with the use of time-tested, well-researched detoxification methods like coffee enemas, EDTA Chelation suppositories and Amino Acids supplements, I have achieved MUCH more in the way of detox and health benefits.

All this WITHOUT fasting!

You may be interested to know that Beyonce herself denounced the use of the Master Cleanse Diet for weight loss. I will let her have the last word here.

She said, "I wouldn't recommend it if someone wasn't doing a movie...there are other ways to lose weight."

Bulk Colon Cleanse Pros and Cons

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Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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