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by Ellen Landauer

Fibromyalgia Definition

A fibromyalgia definition is really very simple!

'Fibro' refers to fibrous tissue of the body - all connective tissue, which is a component of every part of the body.

'Myalgia' is simply - pain.

One doctor said to me that a fibromyalgia definition is a trash can in which unexplained chronic connective tissue pain symptoms are thrown. There are MANY causes - and solutions to those causes. This syndrome IS curable!

The official description specifies tender points bilaterally (on both sides of the body). Chronic fatigue, pain, insomnia, brain fog and depression are additional symptoms typically attributed to this common condition.

When I was diagnosed, a fibromyalgia definition was no comfort whatsoever - because I was in a lot of discomfort!

In my intensive study of this issue, one common theme that ran through the majority of websites I perused was that once you have fibro, you never really completely recover. 'Living with it' and how to cope, what drugs to take, what foods to eat or not eat, how much or how little exercise to do were all part of the conversation. Recovering and going on to live an incredible life was not usually seriously considered, though the wish for such an outcome was expressed.

Does a fibromyalgia definition help or hinder real progress to recovery? I will leave you to answer that for the time being. 

Fibromyalgia Definition List of

A fibromyalgia definition specifies tender points bilaterally (on both sides of the body). 

Locations of tender points are as follows:

 - base of skull on either side of the spine

 - base of neck on either side of spine

 - on top of outer clavicles (shoulder blades)

 - on sternum (breastbone)

 - on outside of anterior (front) of forearms (lower arm) just below elbow

 - over shoulder blade

 - at top center of back of illia (pelvic bones) 

 - outside of hips just below greater trochanter (head of femur - upper leg bone that you can feel on either side.

 - on inner knees

If at least 11 of these points are tender to moderate touch, it is said to constitute a diagnosis. However, there is conflicting information saying that this test is inconclusive because of variables such as too much pressure by tester or differences in physique. Case history of other symptoms is supposed to be factored in. I have seen it stated that even if only 6 or so tender points are found, a diagnosis may still be made based on patient history.

Chronic fatigue, pain, insomnia, brain fog and depression are other typical symptoms.

You may be suffering some of these symptoms. As a former sufferer, I know exactly what you are going through. A fibromyalgia definition is a way of naming an experience that resembles the Trials of Job. But a name not only does not end your suffering; it could impede progress to recovery. 

The important question is: What really causes this common condition? Officially, it is stated that fibromyalgia is of 'unknown etiology,' in other words that the cause(s) are not known.

This area of my site is dedicated to sharing what I learned that allowed me to take my life back from the grip of what is called 'fibro.'

Perhaps some of this information will resonate with you, too.

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