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by Ellen Landauer

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia symptoms: Are you confused? The seemingly endless list of bodily woes become easier to understand when you keep asking questions to find the underlying causes. Nearly every one on the list can be attributed to many other causes. 

So many issues associated with this condition can be better understood by going beyond the idea of 'fibro.' Weakening of body tissues, pain and emotional instability MUST be addressed on a multitude of levels. 

As an example of one causational factor which can lead to a laundry list of bodily issues, let's take mercury toxicity. Here is a partial list of mercury toxicity symptoms - all of which I personally experienced during a period of 7 years or so: joint pain, failing vision, extreme fatigue, insomnia due to muscle and joint pain even when lying down, emotional volatility, depression, candida yeast, viral infections, bacterial infections and so on. When these show up in a fibromyalgia symptoms list, isn't it a good idea to ask more questions? 

A little more on the mercury toxicity issue and fibro; in a small survey of 116 participants which I conducted over 5 years ago, it was found that 85% of them had 4 or more mercury fillings! I'm not saying that all fibro sufferers have mercury poisoning, just pointing out that a large percentage of the participants had amalgam fillings. Interestingly, very few of them who conversed with me by email seemed to have any clue that mercury could be involved in their distressful situation.

Typical Fibromyalgia Symptoms
and Causes

Below are some fibromyalgia symptoms typically found on lists, with some other possible causes listed for each one. I am simply trying to show that this condition is complex and needs to be broken down into simpler to understand terms in order to be solved.

Unexplained weight gain or loss: Geez, how many causes can YOU think of that do not come under the heading of fibro? For starters: weight loss - cancer, hyperthyroidism and Grave's disease, parasites, etc.  weight gain: hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Irritability without apparent cause: magnesium deficiency, mercury poisoning, toothaches, ear infection, drug use, alcoholism, pituitary imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, etc.

Yeast and mold sensitivity: high carb diet, mold in the home or work environment, toxic metal overload, excessive exposure to electromagnetic pollution, etc.

Loss of libido: poor self-care program, excessive stress, environmental toxins, metabolic syndrome/blood sugar imbalance, emotional trauma, lack of cholesterol and other compounds in diet that support hormone manufacture, etc.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Checklist

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