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by Ellen Landauer

Depression Anxiety

Depression anxiety treatment is commonly thought of as involving professional counseling and/or pharmaceutical drugs. Too many people accept those as their only options.

PHOTO ABOVE: An example of natural depression anxiety treatment!

However, you are not 'most people,' and assuredly neither am I. Let's take a look at some other depression anxiety treatment that is not only safer, but more effective.

OK, you say, but why would talking to a psychologist or other professional not be safe? Isn't it safer than prescription drugs? What are the pitfalls? 

I will give an example; a Rolfing client of mine who had been going to a psychologist for 10 years began feeling really good through the body therapy and some healthy lifestyle changes. His whole mood lifted and he no longer felt the need for talk therapy. He told me that when he announced this decision to the psychologist, she did everything she could to convince him that he needed to continue and was making a mistake that would put him in jeopardy. That convinced him even more that he was making the right choice. He went on to have a much happier life.

Another client of mine had gone through a very stressful time. She ended up in a psychiatrist's office and was told she was bi-polar/manic-depressive and needed to be on medication and come in for talk therapy for the rest of her life. She said she 'did not feel like herself' on the medication. Gradually she weaned herself off the meds after cutting ties with the psychiatrist, and felt much better.

The above is not to tell you to do the same; just examples of how a couple of my Rolfing clients dealt with conventional therapies. 

Depression Anxiety Treatment
in an Earlier Time

In a past age, it was common for depression anxiety treatment to consist of chopping and stacking wood, plowing the field, caring for livestock, going hunting or weeding the vegetable garden, etc. Also, family and friends ties tended to be closer, another factor in dealing with difficulties. Varying moods were considered part of the ebb and flow of life.

These days, deep grief or justifiable anger are pathologized. Every variant from comfortably numb or 'doing OK' is considered a mental disorder. Kids in school are deemed 'hyperactive' and given Ritalin if they can't sit still for four hours at a time. 

Nowadays, every deviation from 'perfectly happy' (if there is such a thing) is labeled as a disease. People are dictated to as to what must be done (use meds and psychology to repress or dissipate it). This is not healthy. Healthy individuals have the capacity to process a wide range of moods.

Constructive versions of depression anxiety treatment could be hiking with your dog, swimming in the lake, camping, gardening or raising chickens, etc. Enjoying such activities with lover, family or friends is a great way to foster nourishing social connections. Enjoying them solo is a great way to connect with yourself.

Depression Anxiety Treatment:
Physiological Happiness

Our physical state of health is very important in how happy we are. Emotional issues, while a factor, are not quite as important as we are often led to believe. I found through direct experience that our physiology is a MAJOR influence on mood!

One incident in particular inspired my term 'physiological happiness.' 

During my mercury poisoning struggle, I did a lot of soul-searching. I thought that 'psychological' issues were likely largely responsible for my suffering, and that if I addressed them, I would likely heal. Being in pain may make us think like that. While emotional issues can make healing more challenging, I now believe they are often not as big an influence as lack of physiological vitality.

One evening, I took a Medicardium EDTA chelation suppository and lay down to sleep, with a vague hope that perhaps in time, I would feel better. Imagine my surprise when I woke up in the middle of the night, walked down the hallway, and realized I felt completely different! The brain fog and lack of energy I had suffered with for 5 or 6 years was not there!

My mind felt sharp and my mood elated. All I had done was take a detox suppository. In those moments I found myself with NO psychological issues tormenting me. That was the moment I discovered 'physiological happiness!' Granted, there was MUCH more healing to be accomplished. But in that moment I experienced a remarkable boost in how I felt and the only thing I had done differently was insert a suppository. 

Once I had that initial experience, there was no going back. As I continued to pusue physical healing, the importance of our biochemical state and metabolic function (energy) to our mood became more and more apparent.

Depression Anxiety Treatment

Depression anxiety treatment must, in my view, emphasize physiological healing. The more vital our health, the more likely we will feel good emotionally.

What are the areas of concern to which we must pay attention for greatest success?

1 - Nutrition: Many foods are anti-nutrients that actually rob us of nourishment. For example, too many carbs of ANY kind require minerals, B-Vitamins and enzymes to process them. They literally steal vitality.

Did you know that ALL carbs are inflammatory, to a greater or lesser extent? INFLAMMATION ALONE CAUSES EMOTIONAL STRESS!

The worst of course, are alcohol (a 'super-carb'), fructose, refined sugar, and white flour products. HOWEVER, drinking lots of sweet juices - and that includes those made from fruits and root vegetables such as carrots, or even eating lots of raisins, dates, carrots, potatoes, etc. is going to yield the same result over time!

Moderating carbs is important for healing!

Healthy animal fats and protein from grass fed beef, lamb and poultry - and raw dairy from pasture raised cows, sheep and goats - have an excellent fatty acid profile that nourishes and protects our nervous system, and all other body organs and tissues. See my article on Ketogenic Diet.

Healthy animal foods also support HORMONAL BALANCE. Hormones are an important aspect to consider in depression anxiety treatment.

2 - Healthy activity: Whether it's hiking the mountain, weight training or raking leaves, etc. taking time to do age and fitness-appropriate exercise that you enjoy is vital to health. Regular outdoor activities are a must - being out in nature (that can include spending time among trees in a park or in a quiet neighborhood) is healing in itself.

3 - Nutritional Supplements: There are many nutritional supplements that are wonderful support for mood and nervous system as well as the rest of our body. 

AMINO ACIDS: The physical structure of ALL neurotransmitters (and every other body tissue and function) depend on generous supply of Amino Acids (protein building blocks essential to life). To optimize neurotransmitter production and function, Amino Acids supplements are a must!

Supplements like Montiff All-Basic and Montiff All-Basic Plus by Montiff fit the bill. As you may know, B-Complex is essential for a healthy nervous system. That lays the foundation for emotional vitality.

For targeted neurotransmitter optimization, formulas like Montiff Neuro-Balance (increase dopamine for upbeat alertness and cognition) and Montiff Trypto-Plus (increase serotonin for relaxation) can be added later. You want the full-spectrum All-Basic or All-Basic Plus for a solid foundation.

To absorb Amino Acids, Montiff B-Complete and Montiff Vita-Minz Plus are needed. Supplementing with Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals is a very basic and reliable support for depression anxiety treatment.

4 - Detoxification: We live in a toxic world. Therefore, to recover from almost ANYTHING and to achieve optimal health, detox MUST be a part of ANY protocol.

Amino Acids and Vitamin/Minerals alone help with detox. Did you know that many Amino Acids are chelators that escort heavy metals such as mercury and lead safely out of the body?

One of the BEST chelators is EDTA. Medicardium Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA chelation suppositories were a HUGE help for me when I was extremely sick with mercury poisoning.

5 - Nitric Oxide production supports healthy blood flow. It also makes us feel good! Nitric Oxide keeps the endothelial lining (inner walls of our blood vessels) clean and healthy. Montiff's Vas-cu-Care is a customer favorite and a staple in my home.

EDTA chelation suppositories are also supportive of nitric oxide production. My own undeniable experience of increased blood flow as well as that of our customers attests to this.

Another great product for Nitric Oxide production is Montiff Vas-cu-Care.

6 - Restful Sleep: There are many ways to improve sleep quality. You will find a host of suggestions in the article I wrote fully addressing it HERE.

7 - Enjoy some social connections, whether family, friends and/or people with similar interests.

8 - Spend time in nature and with pets and creatures other than humans. 

Depression Anxiety Treatment Detox

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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