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by Ellen Landauer

Colon Cleanse: Take a Quantum Leap Toward Fabulous Health!

Colon cleanse is one of the most effective ways to take a quantum leap toward fantastic health. Significant benefits often manifest fairly quickly.

But there is one problem...

Relentless cultural conditioning has rendered the far end of the digestive tract the butt (pun intended) of endless jokes and unfair prejudice of so-called 'civilized humans' since the beginnings of recorded history.

Sad isn't it, that so much embarrassment and discomfort arises about a perfectly natural body function!

Most people are willing to suffer the greater discomfort (to say nothing of the increased risk of serious diesase) of ignoring their beleaguered lower bowel. They live with constant pain that could be ended by caring for their mistreated, misunderstood colon in a conscious and caring way. Not only that, they live with embarrassment of another kind - from the gas, noises and smells that others find offensive or amusing.

However, since you are here, you've probably already made the decision to get beyond the prejudice. Your open mindedness and curiosity is too strong!

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step toward health mastery and the achievement of REAL happiness!

If you should decide to accept this mission (theme from 'Mission Impossible,' please) you will stand on hallowed ground among people in some of the most advanced civilizations since the beginning of recorded history.

Is Colon Cleanse For YOU?

The body naturally produces wastes from its own biological processes. In addition, we are exposed to a multitude of deadly elements even if we live a healthy lifestyle in a relatively pristine environment.

But if you live in or near a city, or in the suburbs, a high amount of toxic exposure is inevitable. Add to that stress, eating processed foods, and household chemicals such as phthalates, found in plastics. Refined foods such as white pasta cause constipation.

When all these wastes are not efficiently eliminated, symptoms such as those below are the frequent result.

Do you suffer from any of the following problems?

Colon cleanse may be a vital step toward achieving a much healthier you!

Digestive Ailments: abdominal pain, excess gas, belching, flatulence, constipation, irregularity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, stomach aches

Protruding Belly: Belly fat, excess weight, bloating.

Low Energy: chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, difficulty thinking clearly and other emotional and perceptual problems can directly result from toxins interfering with cellular communication in the nervous system, and from nerve damage caused by certain toxins.

Skin Conditions: itchy skin, accelerated aging of skin (wrinkles, lines, dull unattractive skin), flaky skin, skin rashes.

Psoriasis and other distressing skin conditions can result from heavy metal poisoning, yeast infections in the gut, parasite infestation and other problems. Many of these conditions respond well to a healing program that includes colon cleansing.

Bad Breath or Body Odor: When the lower bowel is clogged with backed-up waste, that overloads the liver. One job of the liver is to process toxins transported to it by the portal vein system which leads from the colon to the liver.

When the colon the liver can't break down toxins fast enough to keep them out of general circulation in the bloodstream. The body resorts to other means of elimination of the toxins - out through skin pores (leading to body odor), and through the lungs (leading to bad breath).

Joint Pain


Arthritis and inflammation

Headaches: migraines, or constant dull headaches and brain fog

All of the above health conditions and more result in good part from colon toxicity and impaired elimination.

NOTE: While other measures are frequently needed for full resolution of most of these problems, internal detoxification in addition to healthy lifestyle is the foundation of success.

What are the Best Colon Cleanse Techniques?

No matter who you are, there are natural detox methods just right for you.

You may be surprised at the number of effective colon cleanse methods. From mild to wild, easy to labor intensive - whatever your inclinations, there is at least one colon cleanse that you will feel comfortable with.

I am not an 'armchair detox expert,' but rather, have extensively practiced, taught and done in-depth research on virtually every technique I write about.

If my experience is any indication, should you decide to explore this realm, you stand at the threshold of an amazing experience of healing.

Introducing...Your Colon!

Lost, forgotten, under-appreciated, ridiculed and maligned, your miraculous colon is one of the most accessible portals for self-healing, vibrant health, beauty and even emotional happiness!

The colon (also known as the lower bowel or lower intestine) has some essential functions.

Do you know that the walls of your lower intestine are permeable (substances can pass through them)? The first 2/3 of the colon (ascending and transverse colon) absorbs water, nutrients and electrolyte minerals from the matter passing through.

The descending colon is the last 1/3 and is also permeable. It absorbs water and passes the feces down into the sigmoid colon, the last holding place before elimination takes place.

The permeability of colon walls has a downside. They can absorb toxins from the feces. These toxins then travel into the blood circulation. Since the liver filters all the blood, toxins absorbed into the bloodstream through colon walls put a strain on the liver. Can you see now why colon cleansing is so important?

This explains why people tend to feel tired and irritable when not eliminating properly.

Why Do We Need to Colon Cleanse?

Due to our modern less active lifestyles, and less than ideal diets, our elimination is generally too slow. This is a major reason colon cleanse is important for most of us.

Most people don't realize that even a small inefficiency in eliminating waste gradually leaves more and more layers of 'gunk' stuck to the colon walls. Look at it this way. If your elimination was operating at 95% of its capacity, that 5% of retained waste would build up in the colon pretty fast wouldn't it!

(Not long ago, I dropped something into the drain of my kitchen sink and had to have the pipe detached to retrieve it. Imagine how I recoiled at finding a generous layer of sticky green glop lining the drain pipe).

While not exactly 'dinner table conversation,' a similar thing happens in our digestive systems. Un-eliminated wastes that accumulate in the colon become toxic through decay processes.

Not Something We Like to Think About...

The layers of debris can become home to an assortment of 'unwanted guests' such as harmful bacteria, fungal forms and larger imposters. These organisms then toxify us more through their own eliminative processes.

Because of the porous nature of the colon and its direct connection with our bloodstream, these toxins end up circulating through our entire body, slowly poisoning us.

More exercise, better diet and colon cleanse is the three-pronged solution.

I'm a Believer

Years ago, I thought the above ideas erroneous . I looked upon people who fasted, got colonics or ingested strange concoctions as weird, deluded or worse!

I had a healthy lifestyle, exercised prodigiously. Of course, I did not need such intervention!

A Change of Heart:

Faced with four years of severe health challenges that became WORSE while excellent holistic MD's failed to help me, I finally tried serious colon cleansing.

Lo and behold, or 'behold low' (you in the back - quit giggling!), my use of time-tested healing methods I previously scorned turned my life around. The benefits were profound!

I give colon cleansing a large share of the credit for alleviating: joint pain, brain fog, food allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, candida yeast, bacterial and viral infections. Colon cleanse also contributed significantly to the success of my heavy metal detox protocol.

There are many colon cleanse methods...

Brief Description of Natural Colon Cleanse Methods

Juice Fasting: A liquid diet of fresh raw juices can give the digestive system, including the colon, a much needed rest.

Even 1 - 3 days can be beneficial. Fasting of ANY kind is not the best idea for some (for example, people with heavy metal toxicity), so make sure it is appropriate for you if you are going to try it.

High Fiber Foods: Natural foods high in fiber help to keep your colon healthy in several ways.

One, they provide some bulk that is stimulating to the involuntary muscles of the colon walls. This encourages those muscles to contract, moving wastes along to be eliminated. High fiber foods provide 'resistance training' for your large intestine, working those involuntary muscles and keeping them in shape.

Two, the pressure of high fiber bulk along intestine walls helps sweep toxic matter out of your system.

Three, by moving wastes along efficiently, high fiber foods (new window opens) prevent stagnant matter from decaying in your system. Accumulated waste releases toxins and irritants that can actually damage the columnar epithelial cells lining the digestive tract.

Bulk Colon Cleanser: Usually consists entirely or mainly of ground psyllium seed husks. Other ingredients may include flaxseed and various kinds of herbs.

The psyllium powder is mixed with water or fruit juice and quickly swallowed before it turns to a gel (usually about 10 - 15 seconds)! In the digestive system, it swells into a thick gel and sweeps the walls of the small intestine and colon. Bulk cleansers are often used in conjunction with fasting to mechanically sweep debris off the walls of the colon to be eliminated.

Oxygen Flush: Usually made from magnesium oxide, oxygen colon cleanse products are mixed with water, drunk, and followed with about an ounce of apple cider vinegar.

The acidity of the vinegar creates a chemical reaction with the magnesium oxide. This releases activated oxygen, which liquefies layers of solid waste that clings to the insides of most peoples' intestines.

Colon massage: Easy and convenient technique to stimulate more efficient elimination, colon massage is also very relaxing. It is a simple self-care measure anyone can perform.

Colon massage is an important part of the three techniques described next. As clean water is introduced into the colon, gentle, deep massage aids in loosening accumulated debris.

Enema: A small amount of warm water (generally no more than a quart or two) is gently gravity-fed into the rectum with person lying on back. After massaging abdominal area, water is eliminated, carrying waste out of the descending (last 1/3) colon.

Colema: Next best thing to a professionally administered colonic, a colema is done lying on a sturdy board (usually molded plastic), one end of which rests over the toilet bowl, and the other end of which is supported by a sturdy chair. An opening over the bowl allows waste to go directly into toilet.

A clean bucket containing a few gallons of water is placed 24 inches above the colema board. Tubing, ending in a pencil-thin applicator, gravity-feeds water into rectum. Repeatedly, part of the water is released into the rectum then released. This is the most thorough direct form of colon cleanse that can be self-administered.

Professional Colon Hydrotherapy: Deep cleansing of the colon using anywhere up to 20 gallons of water in one session. The temperature and flow is regulated by the colon hydrotherapist, who also massages the client's abdominal area for a thorough detoxification.

Choosing Just the Right Colon Cleanse for YOU!

While exercise, yoga, wholesome diet and colon massage can benefit virtually everyone, the appropriateness of some other methods of colon cleansing must be evaluated on an individual basis.

Fasting, for example, is not appropriate for everyone, yet can be the best colon cleansing method for some. Herbal detoxification has pros and cons everyone should know about. Even lots of dietary fiber or bulk colon cleanse products may or may not be right for you.

In other articles below, I review the pros and cons of these colon cleansing techniques, as well as giving step-by-step instructions on how to perform them.

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Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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