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Coffee Enema Supplies for Your
Powerful Liver Cleanse

Once you have your coffee enema supplies at hand, you will feel confident to do your first 'caffeine dialysis' liver/gallbladder cleanse.

It will detoxify your whole bloodstream; opening bile ducts, releasing old bile, activating the glutathione s-transferase enzyme system and cleansing your body of free radicals!


You have come a long way now that you are preparing for this powerful (and empowering) detoxification method.

Instead of being a passenger or a sightseer on the road of health, you are about to take the wheel! Buy Gold Roast Coffee now

Coffee Enema Supplies

Clean water

Organic light roast coffee: The best option for a most PLEASURABLE experience is a blonde roast made specially for enemas.

Coffee grinder (optional)

Fine strainer

Stainless steel, glass, or enameled 2 qt pot

Enema bag with hose and tip


Enema bag and hose


Enema bulb 8oz size

Old bath towels

Waterproof cushion (optional)

Colema board (ideal)

Coffee Enema Supplies: Water Quality is Important!

Because of the excellent absorptive capacity of the walls of the large intestine, coffee enema supplies must include the purest water you can obtain.

Remember the portal vein we talked about that is going to carry the healing compounds of that precious coffee directly to the liver, then right into your bloodstream? Some of the water will also travel that route.

When you do the initial warm water cleansing prior to the coffee enema, some of that water will surely be absorbed. Remember, what you put into the lowest part of the bowel is going directly into your bloodstream!

Water is one of your most important coffee enema supplies.

NOTE: There are multi-level network marketing schemes that will try to convince you to spend hundreds of dollars (or even more!) on devices that alkalinize, 'magnetize,' or do some other magical thing to make water 'healthier' and more 'energizing.' Why do people feel better when using them? Answer: they tend to drink more water - that's basically it!

Save your money and buy some excellent coffee, organic food and nutritional supplements!

Here are various kinds, from best to worst and my comments on their suitability:

Deep Artesian Well Water (tested for purity): Excellent if you have it available.

NO water is perfect. Even the purest water that is piped from a spring or deep well into a home goes through the well pump, then through copper pipes put together with solder that contains lead. This is reason enough to justify adding

EDTA chelation to your self-care protocol.

Spring Water (tested for purity): If you live in a very clean rural area, this is also an ideal option.

Filtered Tap Water: Make sure you purchase a reputable, high quality filter and maintain it by changing the filters quite regularly. This is an ideal option for city and suburban dwellers.

No matter what kind of area you live in, and where your water comes from, you can create the closest to ideal water by installing an ultraviolet apparatus that sanitizes the water with UV light.

Plain Tap Water: Not a great idea, especially in suburban and urban areas where chlorine, flocculants containing aluminum, and other toxins are used to process the tap water.

Distilled Water made with a home distiller: There are serious questions as to negative health effects of distilled water due to molecular changes in the water that cause negative changes in the blood of test subjects. Water made in a home distiller is better than...

Spring Water or Distilled Water bought in plastic jugs: Deadly pthalates leak out of the plastic into the distilled water. Because distilled water is so chemically pure, it is like a vacuum and pulls more pthalates into it than bottled spring water. The fact that the water is stored in the plastic for an EXTENDED time is the main problem. Using plastic tubing or bucket for the coffee therapy is NOT, as the liquid is removed within ten minutes or less!

Because water stored in plastic WILL become toxic, DON'T buy bottled water for your coffee enema!

You are better off using well filtered city tap water for your coffee enema than ANY water bought in a plastic container.

Water Temperature: ALWAYS test water temperature. It should NEVER be hot! Lukewarm or a little warmer, it should be very easy to keep your fingers, or better yet, your wrist, immersed in it.

Coffee Enema Supplies: the Most Crucial Ingredient...

Organic beans: If you are gathering together your coffee enema supplies for the first time, you may want to start with a fair trade organic light roast. This is easily obtainable at a health store.

NOTE: Stay away from the dark, shiny beans that are almost black.


Because roasting actually BURNS the coffee beans, destroying its therapeutic compounds. **The darker the roast, the less caffeine, palmitic acid and other healing compounds.**

ALSO, coffee beans contain oils, like any seed; the darker the roast, the more likely the coffee oils are RANCID! Get the lightest color beans you can find.

Always, ALWAYS use organic coffee! Do NOT use commercially grown coffee, which contains residues from insecticides and is not farmed in an environmentally friendly way. Also, do not use decaf, as it does not contain the elements which make coffee enema such an amazing liver detoxifier.

If you want the ULTIMATE coffee enema experience, only the BEST will do.

CLICK BELOW for is the coffee I use. It makes me feel fantastic!

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Coffee Enema Supplies: You Will Need a Grinder For Whole Beans

If you plan on buying whole beans at your local health store and grinding them fresh, a good quality coffee grinder should be included among your coffee enema supplies.

Whole beans or ground coffee should be stored at room temperature or a little lower, out of direct sun, away from heat. Whole beans will last for months, but if you grind the beans at the health store, only get enough for a couple of weeks.

DO NOT store gold coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. The moisture is not good for them.

Buy Gold Roast Coffee now

Coffee Enema Supplies: A Fine Strainer is the Best Option

Coffee enema supplies do NOT include paper filters of any kind - for two reasons...

DO NOT use paper filters! They will filter out some of the essential compounds that make coffee enemas so beneficial. Especially, never use commercial/conventional paper filters, as they contain traces of chlorine bleach used to make the paper white.

A fine mesh strainer found at any grocery or cookware store is the best way to strain your coffee.

Coffee Enema Supplies: What Kind of Pot Should You Use for Brewing?

One of the most important coffee enema supplies is the pot used for simmering the ground beans. Because of the heat of the cooking process, toxic elements in the cookware can easily be pulled into your coffee.

Glass, stainless steel or enameled cookware are all good. NEVER use an aluminum or non-stick, Teflon coated pot. Both will release deadly chemical or toxic metal compounds into your coffee.

You DON'T want those things going DIRECTLY into your bloodstream.

Get a pot with a good lip on it that allows for easy pouring. Some don't have a lip and the liquid tends to dribble down the outside if you don't pour it just right. You want all that precious coffee for your treatment!

Enema Bag With Hose and Tip

A 2 quart enema bag with hose and tip can be purchased at most drugstores. The hose should come with a clamp so you can control the flow of liquid. The bag also doubles as a hot water bottle and should have a screw-in top for that purpose.

A convenient option is an 8 oz enema bulb.

Enema Bulb

A very quick, easy option is to use an 8 oz. enema bulb.

Especially if your system is fairly clean (you've done some serious colon cleansing - colemas or professional colon hydrotherapy), you can use the 8 oz. bulb to clean out a few times with warm water. Then, the bulb can be used to insert 8 or more ounces of coffee.

Cushioning for Your Coffee Enema Experience

There are various positions for taking a coffee enema. Lying down on your back or side, or sitting on the toilet.

If you are not very flexible and not comfortable with lying down on the floor, you may want to do the procedure sitting on the toilet. That way, there is also no problem if you can't retain the coffee. The downside to sitting is that ultimately, it is really easier to retain the enema lying down.

If you are going to lie down, gather together your oldest clean bath towels for cushioning, and an old pillow for your head if you like.

A waterproof, washable yoga mat is another option.

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Once You Have Your Coffee Enema Supplies, How to Retain this Liquid Therapy is Next

How to Prepare the Easiest-to-Retain Coffee Enema

Classic 'Mae West' Recipe

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

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