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by Ellen Landauer

Coffee Enema Side Effects

Coffee enema side effects questions and answers are helpful, especially when you are beginning to use this powerful liver and gallbladder detoxification therapy.

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This discussion, from both my extensive personal experience and the perspectives of my clients will shed much needed light on your questions and concerns.

Can we distinguish Herxheimer reaction (the body not able to eliminate released toxins fast enough to keep them from having side effects symptoms) - from any electrolyte imbalances?

How can we minimize or prevent any disconcerting side effects and make the most of coffee enema benefits?

Coffee Enema Side Effects


Hi Ellen,

I'm hoping you can suggest an answer to my problem with coffee enema side effects.

It isn't like there are a lot of doctors out there you can tell you are having a problem with your stomach - AND that you are thinking the problem is the daily coffee enema that you take.

I have had the symptoms of fibromyalgia for years.  Three years ago I crashed physically, partly as the result of stress.  I think it was adrenal fatigue.  I did a number of cleanses, one for parasites and the master cleanse.  I also did Coffee enemas for 6 months 5 or 6 times per week. I also had my massage therapist do lymph drainage.  In the last couple of monthes of the coffee enemas I was also doing a castor bean pack over my liver 4 or 5 times per week.

I made wonderful progress and felt wonderful except for one thing.  Near the end of the six months I started getting an ulcer type pain.  I eventually attributed it to the release of so much bile because of the castor oil pack.  Eventually I also had to stop the coffee enemas as they seemed to iritate whatever was going on.  

I told my doctor about the gut ache (but not my suspicions as to it's origin)  She ordered a colonoscopy and an upper GI and they both showed nothing.

Eventually the pain went away but I missed how good I felt when doing the coffee enemas on a regular basis.

In the last few months I have started doing them again but the problem has come back.  

Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do about the problem?  I have searched high and low and I can't seem to find anyone else who has ever had this problem.

Any advice you might offer is welcome.  Thank you very much.

Olivia from Canada

Coffee Enema Side Effects


Hi Olivia,

Thank you for your question. Undoubtedly there are others with a similar concern.

Good you had the pain checked out medically. 

I have done many hundreds of coffee enemas and only occasionally experienced the same thing you describe. 

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, not a disease. There are a host of often debilitating symptoms which may be associated with a wide variety of causes. Trauma of any kind, emotional or physical, toxicity of many kinds - heavy metals such as mercury / chemicals / EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure, severe stress, severe illness, drugs (prescription and non-precription), and more, can be involved. 

A compromised immune system, whatever the cause(s) of fibromyalgia ultimately leads to a collapse, as you describe. This includes compromised ability to eliminate toxins. 

Bile flow is one path of directing toxins out of the body. The more toxic the person, the more toxic and sludgy the bile is, leading to slower bile flow, slower elimination and toxin build-up.

This means that when a large amount of bile is released, as it is through coffee enema, it is a very good idea to have a binding agent such as Chlorella waiting in just the right place to capture toxins so you don't reabsorb them.

Also, the bile pH is very alkaline and without being balanced by sufficient HCL (hydrochloric acid) from the stomach, can irritate tissues of the small intestine when a large amount of bile is released. Again, a binding agent can be helpful for buffering 

Normally, bile is secreted when hydrochloric acid rich digested food, including fats, comes into the small intestine. When the digestive system is healthy, the alkaline bile neutralizes the hydrochloric acid. The stomach wall is naturally protected from hydrochloric acid by the gastric mucosa, a thick protective layer. But the small intestine has no such protection!

Found some things that neutralize the bile released in coffee enema (described below). Cancer patients routinely do 3 or more coffee enemas per day especially in the initial phases of Gerson therapy, with no physical harm.

To reiterate, with immune challenges like fibromyalgia (which I suffered from 5 years ago), so many body functions including digestion are compromised that these imbalances can require extra care when doing a coffee enema. For example, my hydrochloric acid output was low. I'm sure other fibro sufferers have similar problems. 

One thing I found very helpful is to have a small snack of some juicy, fibrous food like apple or salad 45 - 60 minutes before coffee enema time. Including a SMALL amount of protein and/or fat is good. This causes the stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid to balance alkalinity of the bile that is released by coffee enema.

I experimented to see which foods work best for this purpose. We are all a little different, so each need to find an individual solution. 

Also, I would NOT eat a snack with a large amount of fat and/or protein before coffee enema; it won't get into the small intestine soon enough. 

In addition, I find the delightful and profound effect of coffee enema to be somewhat neutralized by more than a light snack. (After all, if I'm going to take the time to do a coffee enema, I want that natural high!  ;-)

There are other variables that can be adjusted. I like to lie on my back during coffee enema. Most of the time, that works fine. However, when necessary, I found that lying on my right side seemed to significantly diminish any post-enema discomfort. Again, this is an area for experimentation to see what works best for you.

Another thing I have done is squeeze the juice of 1/4 - 1/2 fresh lemon or lime into a glass of water and drink immediately before and/or after coffee enema. The acidity of the lemon or lime will neutralize alkalinity of the bile. This has worked for me even with little or no food beforehand. 

Other options are Xeneplex, the coffee suppositories I write about. I just put a page up the other day discussing a comparison of coffee suppositories vs. coffee enema:

As far as fibromyalgia, in my case, mercury poisoning was a direct cause - made worse by MD mistakes in detox protocol. EDTA suppository chelation turned my life around; getting the heavy metals out dramatically improved my health and reduced pain and tissue damage, also allowed my body to heal (mercury and other toxins prevent normal tissue repair)!

NOTE: In a survey of over 100 fibromyalgia sufferers I conducted in 2006 - 2007, 85% of them had more than a few mercury fillings!

You might want to check out the EDTA Chelation section of my website for a comprehensive view of heavy metal detoxification. 

Thanks for asking this important question!  Since it will surely help some of my other readers, I will add this discussion to the coffee enema questions and answers on my site. 

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