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Coffee Enema Recipes
for Super Healing!

Coffee enema recipes for super healing and vitality. Can't afford a nutrient IV? Here's your ticket to freedom!

Coffee Enema Recipes best ingredients to add

PHOTO ABOVE: Montiff's magnificent full-spectrum Amino Acids and Vitamin / Minerals - just one example of coffee enema ingredients extensively used by me and a few others for enhanced healing.

One thing that saved my life is a tendency to 'think outside the box,' extrapolate, and creatively use new ideas to solve seemingly intractable health problems. 

Years ago, when I was very ill from mercury toxicity, a naturopath friend told me of a statement made during a lecture by the credentialed wife of a famous holistic MD. She said that for her, an ideal way to take vitamins, minerals and amino acids was through a rectal implant (mini-enema). 

This intrigued me for a few reasons. 

One, though I had taken some powerful IV nutrient treatments at my MD's office, I could not afford to do them every week and in fact not even every few weeks. At $150.00 plus per IV, I could not sustain such a protocol. Nutrient IV's likely cost more now.

As well, it was apparent that I had reached a dead end with my doctors. It didn't make too good an impression when I sat down in front of my doctor and she looked straight at me and asked, 'What would you like to do today?' Not long after, the doctors and I gave up on each other and parted company (I was what they called a 'difficult case'). I was now on my own with no access to IV's.

Two, I had experienced the power of coffee enema and also EDTA chelation suppositories. 

It was clear from my experience that rectal administration of healing compounds can be as effective as an IV. You may not know this, but rectal administration of drugs to people who for some reason cannot take them orally or through IV has been a common practice for many years. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts are well-absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the rich network of veins (hemorrhoidal veins) at the base of the colon. My experience of this superb healing effect left no doubt that here was a powerful portal to be utilized in achieving and maintaining health.

Add to that the effects of consistent application of this therapy. My husband once said that the effect was like lying on a pastoral tropical beach without having to take a plane to get there!

Coffee Enema Recipes
for Nutrition:
Another Compelling Reason

The other issue with which I was dealing at the time was poor nutrient absorption. Like many of my present-day coaching clients, and maybe you, while severely mercury-toxic, I was allergic to many foods and not digesting or absorbing anything very well. Therefore, the idea of SOMEHOW getting more nutrients into my body drove me to consider the rectal route.

Through much research, I discovered that MD's were using Amino Acids in IV's, with remarkable healing results. Because pure crystalline free-form Amino Acids are protein building blocks for bodily repair and functioning, it logically followed that they would go into my implant formula. 

The Montiff supplements ARE very well-absorbed orally, too, however you can just take so many things by mouth. So I 'upped the mix' by beginning to add such formulas as All-Basic Plus and Vita-Minz Plus to my coffee enema. My husband began doing so as well. We experimented and compared notes, and do so to this day. Because we are very highly trained in body awareness, we pick up the slightest nuance of sensation. Most of the time, our experiences of any particular formula were quite similar.

We then proceeded to take the Montiff Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals orally AND in coffee enema recipes AT THE SAME TIME. Forget 'recreational drugs' - you can legally get where you want to go AND repair your body without them!

Different Amino Acids have different effects on the body. For example, L-Tyrosine increases clarity, energy and alertness, whereas L-Tryptophan has a more relaxing effect conducive to creativity or sleep.

My husband and I continue to use the Montiff supplements orally; adding them to coffee enema recipes simply gives more powerful healing capability to our protocol.

Coffee Enema Recipes
First Experiments

Before I considered adding supplements to my coffee enema recipes, I had begun some crude experiments. For example, I had in my garden lots of Echinacea plants and was growing wheatgrass out there as well. I thought - chlorophyll - that is supposed to be a good detoxifier. So I picked Echinacea leaves and cut some wheatgrass, threw it in my blender, strained it and put it in my colonics and enemas. Seemed OK, but did not rock my world.

Not long after, both my husband and I began taking Montiff vitamins, minerals and amino acids formulas. 

Our first experience was quite impressive. 

Each of us simply took just 2 Montiff Vita-Minz Plus capsules orally. Ten minutes later, we both had the same remarkable experience, a clear increase in energy level and clarity. This, to me was monumental; no mere multi-vitamin/mineral had EVER had such an effect, no matter how much or how often I took it! I had taken dozens of brands of the 'best' Multi Vitamin/Minerals on the market for decades, and NEVER felt anything from them. I had taken them on faith alone. Clearly, Montiff products are in another league!

In discussions with Mr. Don Tyson, owner of Montiff and developer of its formulas, I discovered what is behind this day-and-night difference. Two words - EXPERTISE and INTEGRITY! Mr. Tyson will not tolerate anything but perfect purity, potency and freshness in every compound used in his formulas. He uses an independent lab to test every batch of every compound that comes in, no exceptions.

Aside from his 50-plus years as a researcher in medical technology and advanced scientific analysis of nutrients, aside from being the first person to bring Amino Acids into oral use, Mr. Tyson has an integrity extremely rare in the supplement industry. He is an absolute stickler for ensuring his formulas have every molecule of every ingredient listed on the label, inside the bottle. Even though he obtains raw ingredients from the world's best sources, no matter how many times he buys from a supplier, he tests every batch of every compound that comes in, to make sure it is perfectly fresh, pure and potent. THAT is the difference! NOTE: Even companies that SAY they do this, commonly DO NOT- as testing every ingredient is expensive to do.

From our remarkable initial experience with Montiff products, I got the idea to try putting 2 capsules of Vita-Minz Plus in my coffee enema. As deep and wonderful the effect of the superb Gold Roast blend coffee I was using, adding the nutrients took it to yet another level of healing! 

Many a time I sat in my doctor's office seeing other patients, many of them cancer sufferers, receive super nutrient IV's and wishing I could afford more of them myself. NOW, I decided to explore the furthest limits of what I call the 'poor man's IV.'

Thus began an exploration that is still in progress to this day. Super-nutrient Coffee Enema recipes have been a major player in healing and present vitality.

Coffee Enema Recipes for Super
Healing - the Sky is the Limit

The Montiff Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids formulas are so pure, I felt emboldened to try all manner of combinations for my Coffee Enema recipes! 

The wonderful thing is, I can select a formula based on what I feel I need any given moment, any day. This is accomplished by choosing which of the Montiff Amino Acid formulas I add to the basic formula. Want more mental clarity and alertness? Add Neuro-Balance and/or All-Basic. Pure L-Serine and D-Phenylalanine also work well for some people. Want to relax in late afternoon / early evening when day is done? Add Trypto-Plus, All-Basic Plus and N-Acytyl-L-Carnitine.

I have made for you some packages, shown below. NOTE: For GREATER effect, you may take suggested dose both orally AND in Coffee Enema Recipe.

**Best policy is a gradual start: half recommended dose then cycle up to larger dose.**

Here are a some examples:

Coffee Enema Recipes: Morning Energizer

Vita-Minz Plus - 2 capsules

Neuro-Balance - 1 capsule

All-Basic - 2 capsules

Vita-Minz Plus 120 caps 2 bottles: $79.90 / Neuro-Balance 120 caps 1 bottle: $46.97 / All-Basic 100 caps 2 bottles  $69.56 = $196.43

Morning Energizer (V-Minz/Neuro-Balance/All-Basic

Coffee Enema Recipes: Evening Relaxation

Vita-Minz Plus - 2 capsules

All-Basic Plus - 2 or 3 capsules

Vita-Minz Plus 1 bottle $39.97 / All-Basic Plus  1 bottle $34.78 = $73.75

Evening Relaxation (Vita-Minz Plus / All-Basic Plus

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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