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Coffee Cleanse Benefits

Coffee cleanse benefits are enjoyable!

Organic. light roast java is rich in theobromine and theophylline. These nutraceutical agents are vasodilators.That means they relax the blood vessels, resulting in better circulation. 

This vasodilating effect is one of the pleasures known to those who do coffee enemas.

Increased circulation coursing through the entire body is a most delicious, warm and relaxing sensation.

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WHY is Coffee Cleanse BETTER than Drinking Coffee?

Doing a coffee cleanse retention enema has a VERY different effect on your body than drinking it!

Consuming java orally is a stimulant, overworking and depleting the adrenal glands!

Interestingly, it also inhibits bile flow - interfering with one of our natural pathways of detoxification!

The buzz that comes from drinking it is caused by its stress-inducing properties which stimulate the adrenals to release adrenalin. This over time can cause adrenal exhaustion, leading to MORE need for stimulation.

Once the adrenal glands are sufficiently exhausted, stress will cause a person become shaky and weak because there is little adrenal hormone left to provide the boost they are looking for.

Oral consumption has the OPPOSITE effect of rectal administration, stressing the system and depleting the adrenal glands.

Coffee cleanse enema acts as a relaxant, immune system and POWERFUL detoxifier.

Remember, coffee ENEMAS do NOT over stimulate the adrenal glands or cause caffeine addiction.

Coffee Cleanse Dilates the Bile Ducts

Coffee administered rectally dilates the bile ducts.

But that's not all...

It also dilates the bile canaliculi (small collectors of bile produced in the liver), AND stimulates them to release bile into the pathways leading to the gallbladder.

This is a tremendous boost to the natural detoxification pathway.

Did you know that healthy bile flow is the way our bodies get rid of excess cholesterol? What a concept! Why don't they tell you this in the ads promoting statins?

What if coffee cleanse supports circulatory health!?

Coffee Cleanse Reduces Gut Inflammation

Theobromine and theophylline also reduce inflammation in the gut.

NOTE: Always use organic light roast coffee for enema purposes. The lightest, most effective roast is a a carefully crafted enema coffee that is designed to contain optimal amounts of therapeutic compounds.

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Coffee Cleanse Benefits - Preventing 'Herxheimer Effect' (Detox Symptoms)

Coffee cleanse greatly reduces or completely eliminates 'Herxheimer effect:' Herxheimer effect typically occurs during body detoxification when the body cannot eliminate released toxins fast enough. Headaches, tiredness, brain fog and other uncomfortable symptoms are typical of Herxheimer effect.

When toxins are being eliminated from the body, they move from storage areas in the tissues to the bloodstream. The blood carries poisons to the liver to be filtered and they are eliminated through kidneys or colon. It is during this process that detox headaches, aches and other symptoms can make you miserable.

Coffee cleanse taken regularly during a detox program helps you avoid Herxheimer effect.

If you are doing a candida cleanse, you can eliminate 'die-off' symptoms that happen when the body disposes of dead fungal forms and their poisons.

For those recovering from substance abuse, a strong organic light roast enema can speed the elimination of drug by-products from the body, reducing detox symptoms and cravings.

Addiction recovery liver detox can be enhanced by a special 'coffee enema on steroids.' (new window).

Coffee Cleanse Wakes Up the Visceral Nervous System

Visceral nervous system stimulation engendered by the enema fluid increases peristalsis. This speeds the elimination of the toxic bile.

Coffee Cleanse Enhances Purification of the Blood Stream

Coffee cleanse enhances the blood purifying action of the liver...

Because the fluid is retained in the sigmoid colon for at least 15 minutes, and its beneficial compounds go to the liver via the portal vein, coffee enema can be likened to a form of blood dialysis. (It is sometimes referred to as 'caffeine dialysis').

This is because every 3 minutes, the liver filters all the blood in your body. In 15 minutes of retaining the enema, your blood is super-cleansed by the liver five times!

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How to Prepare the Easiest to Retain Coffee Enema Recipe!

Readers Share Their Coffee Enema Experiences!

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She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a NEWLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

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