Belly Fat Diet
Foods to Avoid

Belly fat diet - what foods should you avoid to slim down? If you want to lose weight and achieve the flat stomach you always wanted, here are the foods to limit or totally avoid.

ABOVE: Eat Your Eggs - Paleo Diet Deletes Belly Fat!

Belly Fat Diet Bestows Many Health Benefits!

Not only will avoiding the foods below help you shrink a protruding abdomen...

You will also be much more likely to avoid: cancer, cardiovascular disease, candida yeast and fungal infections, chronic fatigue, adrenal depletion, osteoporosis, gum disease, tooth loss, anxiety, depression, gas and bloating, low libido, emotional disturbances.

The above is nowhere near a complete list! The good news is, neither is the one you are about to read...

Here's what you GET... Increased muscle mass, decreased adipose tissue, more energy, greater capacity to handle stress, stronger bones and teeth, better digestion, more beautiful skin and...did I say increased libido and expanded capacity for sexual response?

The diet that gives you the best results will depend on your individual physiological tendencies and activity level. Some people can efficiently metabolize foods that would cause weight gain in others.

The food lists below are a general guide that you will need to experiment with.

List of Foods That Cause Belly Fat

NOTE: The foods at the beginning of this list are bigger causes of belly fat than the ones below them. I have placed them in order so you can see which are the worst offenders.

Some of the foods in the lower listings are fine in small to moderate quantities included in a balanced diet.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Beer, wine, hard liquor of all kinds. This category of high carb foods generate belly fat fast!

Alcoholic beverages still contain carbs (except for distilled alcohol) even if they are fermented. They are generally very high in calories and your body absorbs them very fast, before it absorbs protein, fat, or complex carb foods. Alcohol also slows down the body's ability to burn fat.

In addition, drinking alcohol damages the body:

Irritates, inflames and harms the lining of the gut.

Destroys antioxidants such as glutathione. Glutathione is among the body's most powerful free radical fighters. Low glutathione means low capacity of your body to detoxify from ANYTHING!

Increases oxidative stress, a factor in aging and breakdown of the body.

The metabolism or digestion of alcohol results in toxic by-products such as acetaldehyde, which damage liver and other vital organs.

If you can't do without any alcohol, unpasteurized beer from a microbrewery or wine without sulfites (to which many people are allergic) are your best moderation.

SUGAR and ALL Refined Sweeteners From Natural Sources: White sugar, confectioners' sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, maple sugar, date sugar, get the idea.

Sugar not only increases belly fat, it is just plain BAD for you. In his book, 'Diet Revolution,' Dr. Robert Atkins called sugar 'the most commonly consumed cancer-causing substance in the modern world.'

HONEY (raw or heated) and ALL unrefined sweeteners from natural sources: Maple syrup, Rice syrup, Barley malt syrup, Agave nectar, etc.

REFINED GRAINS: Pasta, cookies, cakes, pizza dough, the list is endless. For that matter, even products made with whole grain flours are nearly as bad. All of these will pile on the pounds!

CORN: Stay away from corn if you want to lose belly fat! High in sugars, allergens and calories, corn is among the most fattening foods (that's why it is fed to commercial beef animals - to increase fat marbling).

On your flat belly diet, it is best to avoid corn chips, corn on the cob, corn bread and so on.

NOTE: The foods below can be consumed in small or moderate amounts by many people. It is advantageous to eat them along with some protein and fat to minimize the glycemic effect (demand for insulin).

DRIED FRUITS: Raisins, currants, apple, figs, apricots, etc.

Buy unsulphured dried fruits that don't contain sulfites as a preservative. These can be found in health food stores.

A diet conscious way to use dried fruits is as a garnish and flavoring.

Sprinkle some currants on a salad as in the above example, or into cole slaw with some chopped walnuts (high in healthy omega-3 fats and some protein to lower glycemic response).

FRESH FRUITS: Organic apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are the best fruits on your belly fat diet. You can get frozen berries as well. They are very delicious in yogurt.

High glycemic, sweet fruits such as bananas, grapes, pineapple and oranges should be eaten sparingly.

PEANUTS: One of the foods used to fatten hogs (along with corn and grains), peanuts also contain aflatoxin a toxic fungus implicated in increased cancer risk.

Better choices in nuts include fresh raw, organic almonds, walnuts, pignolias and pecans.

Foods That Help You Lose Belly Fat

Congratulations if you have actually read down to here without moaning, 'So what CAN I eat?'

That means your diet already includes foods that help you achieve a flat stomach.

If you ARE agonizing about what to eat, fear not!

Some 'forbidden foods' like butter, cream and (really!) chocolate may be in your future.

It is not fat that makes people fat. High carbohydrate diet is very often the thing that causes not only a bulging belly, but a host of other problems as I mentioned at beginning of the page.

Your Own Individualized Diet Help Reduce Belly Fat

Coffee Enema: A Liver Cleanse That Helps Carb Handling!

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