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EDTA Suppository Chelation and Coffee Enema Discussion

This EDTA Suppository Chelation and Coffee Enema discussion was initiated by a reader who is concerned about mercury toxicity. She just had a dental amalgam removal and is using EDTA Chelation Suppositories at night and coffee enema the next morning. She does this protocol every other day.


Question: "I have recently started EDTA suppository chelation for heavy metals, and am wondering if you recommend using coffee enemas at the same time? My doctor has okayed them, but I don't know how much he knows about the combination. I am also wondering how often and what timing to use in relation to the suppositories?"

Answer: "Thanks for your question about EDTA suppository chelation and coffee enema!

Detoxification protocols need to be adjusted very much to the individual. Therefore, I can't recommend a specific protocol for you. Certainly, listen to your doctor, as he knows your situation better than I do.

In my personal experience, EDTA suppository chelation and coffee enema work quite well together.

To get the maximum liver cleansing benefits from the coffee cleanse, you may want to investigate a fabulous Gold Roast designed expressly for detoxification therapy.

I personally had done a whole course of EDTA chelation suppositories (90 days straight) before I discovered the benefits of coffee enema. Later, I was doing EDTA suppository chelation and coffee enema concurrently.

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EDTA suppository chelation and coffee enema work really well together; they are complementary.

EDTA suppository chelation carries the toxic metals out through the intestinal tact, sparing the very delicate kidneys from any damage. **NOTE: This assumes one is using EDTA suppository chelation in an appropriate dose; more is not necessarily better.**

Coffee enema (new window) optimizes bile flow and increases the production of Glutathione s-transferase which travels throughout the whole body and acts as an extremely powerful free radical scavenger. Coffee enema also improves elimination - first by its stimulation of bile flow and second because of its direct cleansing action on the colon.

Presently, I use a Medicardium EDTA Chelation suppository 2 - 3 times per week at night and coffee enemas as a siesta during the day. Now that I am very much healed, these therapies are an anti-aging protocol that keeps me extraordinarily youthful and energetic.

In general, the two are compatible.

**EDTA has a LOT more benefits than just detoxing mercury and other heavy metals. It increases nitric oxide, which supports health of the endothelium (cells lining the blood vessels), and has some anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as well, etc.

Therefore, EDTA is beneficial even once the major burden of heavy metals has been lifted.

The coffee enemas keep the bile flowing, adding to the detox benefits - especially since mercury is eliminated through the intestinal tract rather than the kidneys.

Chlorella Takes Up the Slack in an EDTA Suppository Chelation and Coffee Enema Protocol

EDTA suppository chelation and Coffee Enema are very safe and effective.

Adding Chlorella to a heavy metal detox and liver/gallbladder cleanse protocol takes it to a higher level of effectiveness.

Here's why...

You see, the very permeable lining of the small intestine absorbs not only nutrients - but also absorbs bile to be recycled. That means toxins released in the bile can be reabsorbed also.

The fibrous cell wall of Chlorella absorbs mercury, other toxic metals and a whole spectrum of poisons, safely carrying them out of the body. The inner part of Chlorella is one of very few richest sources of nutrition on the planet.

When you choose a great brand of Chlorella, you get a super food and detoxifier all in one!

**I HIGHLY suggest Chlorella on empty stomach with 4 - 8 oz water 30 min before coffee enema.

I personally found taking Chlorella before coffee enema eliminated Herxheimer effect that frequently resulted in accelerated pulse and emotional agitation. Chlorella can be a very important part of any mercury toxicity protocol.

It is also good to take before meals. That way, the Chlorella will be waiting to bind all manner of toxins when the bile is secreted.

NOTE: EDTA Chelation Suppositories are best taken at bedtime at least 2 hours after dinner. This give a more optimal effect, as the detoxification process doesn't have to compete with the digestive process. The liver is more free to support the therapy.

It is too easy for toxins expelled in bile to be reabsorbed in the small intestine. Chlorella will minimize or eliminate any Herxheimer effect. In addition, it is a great super food, helping to replenish any nutrient minerals that may leave along with the toxins.**

Here are my pages on Chlorella:

(new window)

For those with sensitive digestion, Chlorella Vulgaris is recommended.

Clients of mine who are not sure they can tolerate the Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (cell wall twice as thick absorbs twice as many toxins, but also harder to digest) usually get the Chlorella Vulgaris and the smallest size Chlorella Pyrenoidosa to try out.

The Chlorella I carry is the ONLY Chlorella recommended by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, mercury detox expert.

Nutritional Support During EDTA Suppository Chelation and Coffee Enema Protocol

Both coffee enemas and EDTA suppository chelation CAN carry out some essential minerals, though not a lot. For someone who is already mineral-depleted, this could possibly cause some minor side effects.

**For this reason, in addition to the nutrient-rich Chlorella, a Multi Vitamin/Mineral AND full-spectrum Amino Acid formula (new window) is a really good idea if you are chelating and doing coffee enemas.**

I hope you find this info helpful. The main thing is to see what feels right for you and heed the messages of the body as you try new things.

I wish you the very Best of Health!"

Sincerely, Ellen



Thank you so much for your response. I am grateful to have found my doctor, who seems to be a rarity in our region. However, he is not prescribing a protocol for me beyond my custom aminos and vitamin/mineral compounds along with Detoxamin. I asked him whether I should have the remainder of my amalgams removed before beginning, and I asked whether I could use the coffee enema. He okayed both. So I am continuing to search and find out as much as I can about what I am and can do for this.

The main concern I have is keeping the metals moving and not re-situate. I have been taking broken-cell chlorella since having the amalgams removed. But I am glad to hear that I should switch the timing on those. I was just taking them after a meal. I will explore that section on your site. A friend suggested the coffee enemas, as she has the same problem I do with keeping things moving. When she chelated years ago, with oral, she was overdosed and soon reached the point where she could no longer form a sentence. Hearing that scared me into seriously considering the coffee enema, something I have long shunned. My question now is how often I should use it. I am using it every other day, the morning of the day I use the suppository. If you were now beginning chelation, how often would you use the enema?

Also, I have been looking for some practical help on how to retain that enema for 15". I am apparently a real wimp, but can barely make it 2 minutes! Any suggestions? I did read what you have online but didn't find anything to help.

Your reply is an encouragement to me that what I am doing so far is the right direction. I appreciate getting confirmation plus the further ideas.



"Hi, Sounds like you are thinking through your protocol options well. Yes, it's scary what mercury toxicity can do - hope your friend is OK now.

As far as how often to do coffee enema - I can't tell you what I would have done back then, because I just don't know. Frequency of using any of these therapies is something you need to feel out for yourself. Like Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, I just feel better doing them than not, so I do them, generally daily. Any time I don't do them, my elimination is quite normal; it's a myth that coffee enema would inactivate normal elimination.

For retaining coffee enema, 1) Colonic therapy can be a good jump-start for that - it was for me. Also for me personally, speeded my recovery from mercury poisoning. 2) Try divided doses of coffee - only putting in 1/3 of the amount and doing that 3 times. That way, you would get 6 or more minutes worth ;-) 3) Cleanse sigmoid colon with warm water beforehand, eliminate what you can. Then wait 10 - 20 min and go about your day - giving time for more eliminations before using the coffee.

To keep things moving, GLYTAMINS may be helpful:

Glytamins Detoxification Support Suppositories

Detoxification is something nearly everyone needs these days in order to live life to the fullest. With that knowledge, it is also possible to stay younger much longer (why do you think so many savvy people in the entertainment business do colonics, etc.?) - so needing to detox is great training for an anti-aging protocol ;-)

I wish you the Best of Health!"



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