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by Ellen Landauer

My Trace Elements
Hair Analysis Diary

Trace Elements Hair Analysis had to pass the test I give all my products before I recommend them to you...

It had to 'knock my socks off' - impress the hell out of me.


My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary: Overview

This Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary was revealing for me to write, and I hope it gives you some insight into how profoundly just diet and some targeted supplements can influence quality of life.

I did this whole process 'to the letter' to test it out and see if it is a viable tool for improving your level of health.

I had no idea what to expect; wasn't sure if I would be recommending it to you.

In keeping with my hands-on, 'show me' philosophy, I had my own hair tested and am closely following all the recommendations for diet and supplements.

Here is my story...

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary: the Diet

OK, OK - I enjoy eating, just like you probably do. It has been said 'it's often harder to get people to change their diet than their religion.'

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis report found me to be a Slow Metabolizer Type #1. Since too much fat, dairy, calcium and Vitamin D slow the metabolism, it was recommended I eat little or none of these foods.

*Interestingly, my intuition had led me to cut WAY down on the (professional quality) calcium supplements I was taking. After seeing the report, I am taking NONE!

NOTE: Too many carbohydrates, especially sweet fruits, too much grain, and most of all - refined carbs - ALSO have a depressing effect on the metabolic rate - worse than calcium and Vitamin D.

I stopped eating two of my favorite foods; raw dairy and cod liver oil. Cod liver oil? (The one I took tasted really good). Also cut way down on the fabulous olive oil with which I love to drench my salads and raw farmer cheese.

To get my metabolism revved up again, the recommendations said to include more meat, eggs and other high quality protein and virtually eliminate the dairy for now (no, it's not a life sentence ;-) When the metabolism is balanced, a moderate amount of those healthy foods can be taken once again.

My diet also includes greens, nuts, vegatable juices, low glycemic fruits such as apples and berries, and a healthy, very enjoyable variety of other foods.

You know what? I enjoy my new diet very much! And NO cravings! I eat it, enjoy it and forget about it and go about my day - this feels better than before!

I have to admit - much as I loved lots of raw dairy and high quality oils - I DID notice eating any appreciable amount of them would make me feel tired and less sharp afterwards. They ARE great foods - just not for me right now. (A Fast Metabolizer might be advised to eat more dairy and fats, less meat).

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary:

Following Dietary Recommendations Only - Week 1 - 3

Within 1 - 2 DAYS of cutting out dairy and cod liver oil (calcium and Vitamin D slow the metabolism):

I have significantly more energy and alertness. I feel 'pumped up' both while exercising and even at rest (reminds me of what it felt like to be a teenager).

When lifting weights, can lift heavier weight and do more reps. It feels GOOD rather than like hard work.

Greater aerobic and anaerobic capacity in my running workouts.

Sleep is much deeper and more energizing and colorful dreams. I awake feeling more refreshed and optimistic than I have for a long time!

My report noted that I am a Slow Metabolic Type #1. Adrenal and thyroid activity low. To become healthier, my metabolism needs to be somewhat faster.

At around week 2, I begin to wake up at night sweating. This hasn't happened for years, and I take it as a positive sign that my adrenals are kicking in. I am well past menopause (and did not suffer 'hot flashes' and other symptoms then, anyway). I take my basal temperature and find it a little higher. Hmmm...!

Dr. David Watts, PhD, researcher, and founder of Trace Elements Laboratory had this to say about sleep quality when I spoke with him on the phone:

"REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is extremely important for body healing.

The irony is that for REM sleep to take place requires energy!

The less healthy a person is, the less energy they have and the less capacity to get the amount of REM sleep needed for healing. Less REM sleep compromises their ability to physically heal - and so you have a vicious cycle.

Balancing metabolic activity increases capacity for REM sleep, and hence, for healing the body and improving health."

Is he ever right!! I am experiencing VERY significant increase in vivid, positive dreams and what some call 'lucid dreaming,' where I possess the awareness, mastery and will to make decisions in my dreams that lead to positive outcomes!

Don Tyson, owner of Montiff, Inc., internationally renowned amino acid and vitamin expert, with 45 years in medical technology, research and advising medical doctors said something similar to me about dream quality and health...

'If you're not dreaming in Technicolor, your body's amino acids and vitamin-minerals are OUT of balance!'

I partly credit Mr. Tyson with sparking my renewed interest in Hair Trace Mineral Analysis. He suggested I get tested again, and also told me that hair analysis testing is more accurate than serum (blood testing) for heavy metal toxicity.

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary:

Emotional Healing!

After a couple of weeks of following the diet only, I find a new phenomenon on the horizon...

I typically tend to be somewhat low-key - no drama queen here!

Emotions begin to stir - I start to feel activated in a way I haven't felt for years...

Suddenly I find myself more like a hot-blooded Latino! (I say this with much admiration for their emotionally vibrant, expressive tendencies). It is kind of fun (except when I get too bitchy with my husband - though he then finds humor in it).

Now - like the Latino people I admire - I also feel...

HOT in a sexy way! Oh-la-la!

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary:

the Supplements

After 3 weeks on the diet, I order the recommended supplements.

I hadn't done that the first time around...

I first had the Trace Elements Hair Analysis Test over 5 years ago while still suffering mightily from the effects of severe mercury toxicity. The medical doctors and I had given up on each other (though they still would have let me pay them for 'damage control'). But I'd had enough.

When I had the Trace Elements Hair Analysis done the first time, a laundry list of mercury toxicity symptoms still plagued me; joint and muscle pain, skin rashes, vision problems, food allergies - to name just a few!

Upon reflection, it seems surprising that I did not follow the dietary recommendations back then (well, maybe just a little). Why didn't I try the protocol?

Don't know...

I got my hair tested mainly to see what my mercury toxicity level was.

When I saw that the lab had sent along a supplement list tailored to my individual needs - and of course I could buy the precise protocol I needed from THEM - I thought 'Yeah, right!' and tossed the report aside...

No protocol, no benefits - just knew what my mineral readings were...

But THIS time, I want to go about it scientifically..!

I order the supplements exactly as recommended.

I put aside the supplements I am taking in favor of doing the Trace Elements recommended protocol to the letter.

It's a 'no-brainer.' While my research and keen intuition has served me well, I am open to surrender to the exact recommendations.

Clearly, the diet alone has wrought major improvements!

Three weeks after beginning by following the dietary recommendations, I begin taking the Trace Elements nutritional supplements protocol.

Let's see what happens...

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary:

Weeks 3 - 7 on the Diet AND the Supplement Protocol

Feeling VERY mentally focused, easily handling any stressful situations. Sleeping even deeper now. Night sweats continuing but less frequent and not as intense. Longer REM sleep with dream intensity and duration increasing. I remember more dreams. Even when I lie down for a coffee enema, I often have vivid, positive dreams just before waking.

Mornings, I wake deeply relaxed, feeling rejuvenated. Excited and enthusiastic, anticipating a new day.

I wake feeling as I did as a healthy child, happy the moment I open my eyes. Optimistic.

Better skin quality: My skin looks and feels smoother, fuller, more lovely.

Luscious Hair! One of the distressing symptoms of adrenal burnout resulting from my years of mercury toxicity was - brittle, weak, thinning hair. When I combed it in the morning, lots of hair easily removed by the comb.

A few years ago, I had a young woman in her early 30's as a Rolfing client. Her shoulder length hair was luscious, thick and heavy to the touch, shining and full of life.

I yearned for hair like that!

Gradual improvement through taking a full-spectrum Amino Acid supplement, omega-3's, excellent foods and healthy fats, as well as detoxing from heavy metals. Less hair loss, thicker hair with softer texture was a sign my health was being restored.

Yet, I had a touchstone of comparison of what REALLY healthy hair felt like - and mine didn't...

Imagine my surprise one day around 7 weeks into my Hair Analysis protocol, to find... MY hair has that thick, luscious, buttery feel and look. Mmmm...! Better than it's been in 15 years!

Enhanced Athleticism...

Running again! Before week 7 was up, I spontaneously found myself running up a steep half-mile hill with no problem! Jogged back down too - and downhill is hardest on joints.

To put things in perspective, 7 years ago, I could not walk across a perfectly level indoor surface without a painful limp.

I made great strides with EDTA chelation, colon cleansing and coffee enemas along with an excellent self-care program. In recent years I've been able to hike steep hills in the woods, snowshoe in winter, and do wind-sprints - on a daily basis.

I used to be a long-distance runner. But for the past 10 years I've not been able to do a sustained run. Now among my other activities, I do a sustained run 2 - 3 times per week!

Body tissues more supple: During the worst of my health miseries, a few hours after doing a thorough stretching routine, I was stiff and in pain again.

NOW - even if I don't do certain of my stretches for a few days, when I do them again, I haven't tightened up it's just as easy as if I did them yesterday.

Despite my initial skepticism - I'm a believer!

About Trace Elements Hair Analysis Laboratory: State of the Art Economical, In-Depth Testing

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