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Medicardium EDTA Suppositories Q and A

QUESTION: Are Medicardium EDTA suppositories for mercury and heavy metal chelation are a new concept for you?

If so, you likely have questions about detox such as 'how often' and, 'Are Medicardium Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA suppositories the best EDTA chelation option?'

Medicardium EDTA suppositories Q and A: amalgam removal

Medicardium EDTA Suppositories Q and A: How to Use Effectively

Medicardium EDTA chelation suppositories Q and A: Can this product stand on its own and be quite effective for most people?

For those in good health, daily use can optimize health.

This is a very individual matter depending on how much exposure one has had to mercury, other heavy metals and toxins in general.

Another issue is, we live in a world in which we are constantly exposed to toxins more or less, no matter where we live. Because of this, to be superbly healthy, most of us need to have detox as part of our lifetime self-care program!

However, if you have a compromised immune system, constipation, mercury toxicity symptoms or liver and gallbladder issues...

…you may want to consider Medicardium companion products Glytamins and Xeneplex to help improve on the results you would get from the Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA alone. You see, if you chelate heavy metals and your elimination functions are poor - it is like sweeping the dust from the floor and not being able to get it all the way out the door…

Medicardium EDTA Suppositories Q and A: Amalgam Removal

A reader, Adrian, asks a question: Hi Ellen,

how much of this Medicardium usually should we take to detox? Let us say after I have fixed all my tooth fillings and ready for a full detox. In best and worst case. Thank you, Adrian


Hello Adrian,

Thank you for your submission for Medicardium EDTA suppositories Q and A.

For one who is quite healthy and having mercury amalgam fillings removed to optimize health, it may work just fine to chelate on a daily basis.

However, commonly people who go through the expense and trouble to have a removal are ALREADY ill, and feel they HAVE to get the fillings removed to recover. 

When already showing symptoms such as brain fog, joint pain, deteriorating dental health, candida yeast, skin rashes and digestive issues, detox needs to be slower and more cautious.

Medicardium EDTA Suppositories
Q and A: Protocol if Healthy

Medicardium EDTA suppositories Q and A: Detox suggestions for those in good health.

Best case: a person who is very healthy and has mercury fillings removed. They don't experience much or any symptoms from the detox.

Supplies needed: 4 boxes Medicardium, 1 box Glytamins, 1 box Xeneplex (that would make up the 6 boxes needed for bigger discount - AND provide a good detox under ideal circumstances).

NOTE: ALL mercury filling removals even if done by the best dentist with the greatest care, will expose patient to mercury vapor and add toxicity to the body.

The Glytamins supports health of liver/gallbladder/kidneys.

The Xeneplex moves bile out of the gallbladder and provides Glutathione, the body's most powerful free radical fighter (mercury and other toxins increase free radical damage in the body). In addition, the Xeneplex contains EDTA, so you get more in addition to what is in the Medicardium.

The Medicardium Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA chelates the mercury and other toxic metals. The reason the Glytamins and Xeneplex are suggested is that the EDTA has to carry the toxins out through the organs of elimination - and you want those to be working quite well to get rid of mercury.

Glytamins helps with mercury detox by helping liver, gallbladder and kidneys work better to remove toxins and also keeps them stronger when subjected to the stress of detox.

Xeneplex not only has caffeine extract to purge bile from gallbladder. It also supports the glutathione s-transferase enzyme system - your body's most powerful free radical fighting system. Since mercury exposure increases damaging free radicals in the body, it is a good idea to take measures to reduce this activity as it can do a lot of damage very fast.

The activation of the glutathione s-transferase system by the coffee extract, plus the added Glutathione is a good addition to a mercury detoxification protocol. You receive a Glutathione boost from the 200 mg of Glutathione in the suppository.

Note that EDTA chelation also helps with NO (Nitric oxide) production. This is because chelation supports healing of the endothelial lining of the blood vessels.

NO is also a VASODILATOR, which means it relaxes blood vessels for increased circulation. This alone is very helpful when detoxifying the body. Nitric oxide also is healing to the inside of the blood vessel walls among its many benefits.

Protocol: Day 1 - Glytamins, Day 2 - Xeneplex, Day 3 - Medicardium,  Day 4 - no suppositories - day of rest for the body. Repeat until Glytamins and Xeneplex used up, then continue with Medicardium every other day.

PHOTO BELOW: To enhance detox, our 3-pack option is a good idea.

Medicardium EDTA Suppositories Q and A: Add Glytamins, Xeneplex for enhanced detox

Medicardium EDTA Suppositories Q and A: Protocol if Ill

Worst case: a person is already very sick from mercury poisoning, has lots of mercury fillings for many years. This would require more comprehensive detox.

The above protocol could work; but some individuals who are very sick with mercury need a more gradual start because they are very sensitive.

Many of my clients in such a condition find excellent results by doing at least 3 or 4 days of Glytamins before they do any of the other suppositories. They then alternate Glytamins with Xeneplex for a week, then add Medicardium and rotate on a 3 day cycle as above.

Glytamins liver/kidney/ gallbladder detox

In a worst case, the detox would need to continue on a regular basis at least until the person clearly has recovered excellent health and vitality. I know whereof I speak; I nearly died of mercury poisoning because of above scenario - doctors tried to detox me too fast - with a dangerous substance (DMPS) which is a poor chelator to begin with. It took more than a few years to heal. So even in a worst case, you can detoxify - would just take longer.

The above protocol would need to be repeated a few times per year or for someone really sick perhaps on a continual basis as I had to do.

Medicardium EDTA Suppositories
for Anti-Aging

The good news is, the very same supplements that support the body during mercury detoxification ALSO keep us younger when used on a regular schedule!

You see, we are constantly exposed to mercury and other health-destroying toxins. This makes us get old faster. By detoxifying, we can become younger as we grow older!

I hope you find this helpful. It is a good question and I think will find its way onto my site so others can benefit (will keep you anonymous of course  :)

I wish you the very Best of Health!

Sincerely, Ellen

Hello Ellen,

thank You very much for the complete answer!  Of course please feel free to put my question on you website even with my first name.  We are planning to have a trip to Hungary to remove the amalgam fillings and after all this is done, we will calculate everything and will get back to you. Have a great weekend, Best regards, Adrian

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