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Leaky Gut Cure

What is the Remedy for
Intestinal Permeability?

Leaky gut cure: a reader's question prompts me to share some answers with you on this page.

Reader Question:

Do you know of a leaky gut cure?  Have you heard of this problem? I know that a gluten free diet is necessary, but there doesn't seem to be a cure for it.


Yes, I am familiar with intestinal permeability (another name for this problem), as I had it when I was very ill with mercury poisoning. A leaky gut cure was for me clearly a many-faceted process - not just a result of using one product or diet. I could not name just one or two products or protocols that were 'the ones' which totally solved the problem of intestinal permeability.

However, I totally agree that a gluten free diet is essential for healing leaky gut. I will go further and say that a grain-free diet is even better - not only beneficial for people with intestinal permeability, but for all of us.

There is no one 'cure' for anything really - the way to become really healthy and free of ANY condition is to make all the adjustments needed in lifestyle to solve the problem. 

All the info on my site is geared to help you support health in ways that allow the body to heal. While there are specific supplements that contain ingredients proven to enable healing, they must be added on top of a very solid foundation of proactive self-care. **So-called 'miracles' happen when the right product(s) are added on top of excellent lifestyle. 

One product, Montiff Amino Starter was developed specifically to help the epithelial cells lining the gut to heal.

Detoxifying the body is also a very good idea for everyone, and enables the body to heal (because toxins damage body tissues or make body tissues more vulnerable to damage by harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.)

There is much info on my site about detox, diet and more - best to go with what you feel good about doing.

All the Best,

Ellen Landauer

Improving Bile Flow Supports Leaky Gut Cure

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