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by Ellen Landauer

Fibromyalgia Symptom Checklist

Every fibromyalgia symptom checklist I have looked at thus far is so long, so complex, comprehensive and general that it covers virtually every body system and sign of disease you could imagine.

This alone should bring into question why this condition, or syndrome, would often be spoken of as though it were a distinct medical condition.

On one site, a 'General' category fibromyalgia symptom checklist notes the following signs: fatigue, heart palpitations, tender or swollen lymph glands, tremors, night sweats, feeling too cold or too hot, recurring flu-like sickness, decreased activity level, hoarseness, cough, etc. etc. That alone covers a lot of territory, doesn't it! How many possible causes for these signs of imbalance can YOU think of? 

Under 'Emotions,' we see also a wide selection of signs: depression, anxiety, panic, irritability, unpredictable mood swings, phobias, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, etc., etc.

Other items frequently seen on a fibromyalgia symptom checklist: dental deterioration, cancer, hair loss, bloating and intestinal gas, food sensitivities, food cravings, multiple chemical sensitivities, decreased libido, cognitive difficulties (are you confused yet?), diarrhea, constipation, vision problems, hormone imbalance…..

The danger here, as I see it, is simplifying a plethora of bodily problems into a disease. Many sufferers have virtually identified with 'fibro' as THE problem. This initiates a state of hopelessness in many because fibro is seen as SO complicated it can never be solved, just 'lived with.' All the distressing manifestations are perceived as an insurmountable puzzle. So many suffer for so long with so little relief that the label 'incurable' can become a further trap. A veritable industry has grown up around this suffering.

My Own Fibromyalgia Symptom

I can testify that I had many of the problems listed above and three times as many more that are not listed. Now I don't. 


Because I kept asking questions. And when I got answers, I asked questions about what was behind the answers. 

It was not too long before I discovered that fibro, while regarded as a 'special' condition, or even a disease, by many - is nothing of the sort. At best, it could be looked upon as a 'syndrome,' which is to me a catch-all designation for the 'unexplainable.' 

One doctor I discussed these things with said to me, 'A fibromyalgia symptom checklist is a 'garbage pail category' in which to throw health issues that most think are unexplainable.'

But beyond the syndrome explanation, you may want to investigate your own personal history to find the real causes and the real solutions. My own journey, as well as those of coaching clients with long term chronic conditions, shows that when you dig deep enough, you can find origins of such problems and a path of action that will bring desirable results.

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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