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Erectile Potency Supplements

Nitric Oxide Production and Healthy Testosterone Levels

Erectile potency supplements increase nitric oxide production, support prostate and healthy testosterone levels.

What are the cornerstones of a protocol for mens sexual health?

What must erectile potency supplements do to provide you with effective, full-spectrum support?

NOTE: To achieve success...

It is of critical importance to know how to avoid worthless products! (new window)


1 - Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels:

Maintaining healthy levels of testosterone entails two things: achieving optimal production of testosterone and preventing the break down of testosterone into di-hydro testosterone or its conversion to estrogen.

My choice of supplements to help you achieve and maintain healthy Testosterone...

Endosterol: Excellent for supporting healthy testosterone levels in both men and women (I know this through personal experience and client reports), this is one of my favorites! Here is how Endosterol not only keeps your prostate healthy, but keeps your good testosterone from being converted to estrogen compounds! (new window) (new window).

Endosterol is unique because it is in suppository form (inserts rectally) and disperses its ingredients right where they are needed, just behind the prostate - for powerful results you can feel.

Mens' Testosterone Cream: I use the womens' version of this formula. Within the first day or two, I felt a wonderful boost in not only my energy, but my confidence. It was clearly a physiological response - a sort of controlled private experiment, since nothing else in my life had changed.

Erectile Potency Supplements to Increase Nitric Oxide Production

PHOTO ABOVE: MONTIFF's Vas-cu-Care - superbly formulated circulatory endothelial support!

Includes 2068 mg Proprietary Blend per 4 capsules: (L-Arginine HCl, L-Citruline, L-Carnitine fumarate, Taurine, quercetin), Pine Bark extract 40 mg, Alpha lipoic acid 20 mg, Blueberry fruit extract 20 mg

120 caps: 1 month supply 

Erectile potency supplements that increase nitric oxide production have two main benefits...

...relaxing the vascular system to allow increased blood flow into the small capillaries of the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

...keeping all your blood vessels healthy by repairing and strengthening the endothelial cells lining the inside of the blood vessel walls.

2 - Nitric Oxide production: Nitric Oxide (NO), is also called endothelial relaxing factor (EDRF).

Nitric oxide is a small molecule made from Arginine. It plays an essential role in the regulation of vascular homeostasis, tone and blood pressure, modulates cardiac contractility (i.e. helps to regulate how hard the heart muscle pumps).

Nitric oxide also helps to prevent blood vessel injury and Atherosclerosis. It is an important free radical scavenger, preventing the oxidative stress (free radical damage) which creates injury to endothelial cells.

Citrulline converts to Arginine in the vascular cells, thus boosting Nitric Oxide production. This can help to restore endothelial cell function, and also helps keep coronary arteries open that supply blood to the heart. The role of Nitric Oxide and Arginine supplementation, as well as the role of Citrulline in endothelial function has been documented in medical studies. My choice of supplements for nitric oxide production...

Vas-cu-Care: powerful enhancer of nitric oxide production. This formula contains a full spectrum of complementary nutrients for endothelial (blood vessel lining) support and nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide eliminates constriction in the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow all the way into the smallest capillaries. Nitric oxide also has been shown to heal the endothelium (lining of the blood vessel walls). This makes for long-term benefits including better circulation.

Enhanced nitric oxide production is VERY relaxing; the opening of the whole vascular system results in a state that increases sensual awareness and supports erectile potency.

Nitric oxide not only is healing to the endothelium (blood vessel lining). It also is a potent vasodilator (relaxes blood vessels to allow increased circulation).

This is important for erectile potency and full erections!

Vas-cuCare contains Citrulline, which is considered a non-essential amino acid synthesized in the intestinal tract from Glutamine, converts to Arginine in the endothelial cells. This biochemical process involves L-Aspartate and the enzymes Argininosuccinate Synthetase and Argininosuccinate Lyase, in the presence of ATP.

**NOTE: Arginine is important for Nitric Oxide production for cardiovascular health; however, most Arginine is utilized in the liver and kidneys, and only a fraction is available for this purpose.

Since Citrulline is a precursor to Arginine, it allows for increased and sustained Nitric Oxide production in the endothelium for support of circulatory function.**

Oral Citrulline supplementation provides a readily available source of Citrulline for this purpose, and some recent research further indicates that Citrulline may be the preferred source of cellular Arginine. In addition Citrulline also increases energy, stimulates the immune system, and is essential for Urea Cycle function as well.

The Citrulline and other ingredients in Vas-cu-Care are expertly formulated to give you the BEST results!

For comprehensive endothelial support, Vas-cu-Care has a more profound and far-reaching effect than high-dose Arginine alone. The Arginine in Vas-cu-Care is potentized by the presence of Citrulline. In addition, this excellent formulation contains a full complement of synergistic ingredients in just the right amounts.

Buy Vas-Cu-Care

Pure L-Arginine: Male clients have reported some impressive, fast results with larger doses of Arginine. For some men, it can be good for a 'jump start.'

However, for sustaining erectile potency long-term, balance is key. Just taking Arginine alone in large amounts is ultimately not a good idea. Balance is key. Clients find Vas-cu-Care to be more effective as a male potency supplement that they can take continually.

L-Citrulline Promotes nitric oxide production by converting to Arginine.

NOTE: Be VERY selective when choosing Arginine or ANY male potency supplements! Quality varies widely!

Also, even with products from top-of-the-line companies, you can get ripped off. You might want to read my article: Discount Supplements Warning! (new window).

Medicardium and Vas-cu-Care: an Excellent Combination!

Medicardium: research shows EDTA to enhance nitric oxide production. The Magnesium Di-Potassium base of the EDTA in Medicardium has the added benefit of balancing the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system. This further relaxes the blood vessels for improved circulation.

Supporting Vascular integrity: The health of your vascular system is critical to erectile potency. Preventing arteriosclerosis and improving and maintaining endothelial cells lining the blood vessel walls increases circulation to all areas of the body.

The ingredients in Vas-cu-Care, Medicardium and Pure L-Arginine ALL help to keep the blood vessels strong and elastic.

Chrysin Cream: Our New Favorite
for Aromatase Control

Erectile Potency Supplements

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Endosterol Phytosterol/EDTA

PHOTO ABOVE: A GREAT addition to your Erectile Potency Supplements Protocol

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