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Ecklonia Cava Extract:

Buy Only the Purest and Freshest!
60 caps /300 mg 98.8 % pure!

Ecklonia Cava Extract: buy the purest and freshest to get the health benefits this supplement is known for! 

best Ecklonia Cava Extract 98.9 % pure buy

INGREDIENTS: Ecklonia Cava Extract 98.8% pure Seanol P (P stands for pure). (The 98.8% rather than 99.8% allows for slight amount moisture). Capsules are veggie caps.

You want to be very particular about your source; this is yet another wonderful super-supplement that is subject to the adulteration and marketing trickery that is sadly all too common in the industry these days. 

I have tried some other brands and finally found this one which is guaranteed to be over 98% pure, with no fillers, contaminants or other added ingredients. 

You may not know this, but a popular form of this product, Seanol F, is only 13% pure extract - the rest is dextrin, a sugar! 

**Also, there is a private label carrying Ecklonia Cava Extract for only $7.00 per bottle. Take note that the potency per capsule is only a fraction of what is contained in the brand I carry; 53 mg per capsule as opposed to 300 mg per capsule - and only 30 capsules as compared to 60 caps. Add on the shipping and this is not the bargain it pretends to be!**

Normally, I personally trial every product for a few months before adding it to the pantheon of excellent products on my site. The Ecklonia Cava Extract you see below took only two days to impress the hell out of me with its potency and clearly felt beneficial effects.

Note that the product I have in stock is from the very freshest batch most recently harvested. You want to run, not walk to this one!

Buy Ecklonia Cava Extract

Ecklonia Cava Extract 98.8% pure Seanol P 3 bottles


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Pure Ecklonia Cava Extract 300 mg / 60 caps

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**Pure Ecklonia Cava Extract 300 mg / 60 caps

(ship by 1st Class Mail)

**Pure Ecklonia Cava Extract 300 mg / 60 caps

Ecklonia Cava Extract Research

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