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by Ellen Landauer

Ecklonia Cava Extract Benefits
Shown by Research

Ecklonia Cava Extract benefits have already been proven by research.
Below is just a small sampling of the many studies done on the compounds taken from this brown seaweed which grows 100 feet deep off the coasts of Korea, China and Japan (see my page - coming soon- on product origins and safety as I know you have concerns about purity).

Ecklonia Cava Extract info

One thing you should know about me; no matter how good something looks 'on paper,' that is not nearly good enough for me. I am a hands-on, 'show me' kind of person. Therefore, anything that gets put up on this site has been personally trialled by me and proven beyond a doubt in my own experience that it does what it says it does! (Article describing my own perceptions of this remarkable compound coming soon).

Major Advantage in Antioxidant Power Over Green Tea Catechins and Other Compounds
The antioxidant power of Ecklonia Cava Extract is many times - up to 100 times - more than such popular compounds as catechins in green tea. 

Research by Dr. Haengwo Lee, a biochemist from Korea who now lives in the US, and his team has revealed major health benefits of ECE. A variety of phlorotannins highly effective against oxidative stress are found in ECE. One of the strongest is a compound called Dieckol. A 2009 study found it to protect against 'photo-oxidative stress induced by UV-B radiation.  3. 

Restored and Improved Health of Blood Vessels and Circulation
For example, a clinical study looked at how ECE worked for patients with damage to the artery walls that had caused restricted circulation and also heart problems. After only six weeks of taking ECE, blood flow improved by 50% and the health of the arterial lining improved.  4,5,6

Compounds in Ecklonia Cava Extract lower fibrinogen levels. Lower fibrinogen means less inflammation in your body AND reduces thickening of the blood (too much fibrinogen makes blood sludgy and thick). Lower fibrinogen resulting in freer flowing blood takes strain off your heart and supports healthier circulation.  7,8

Blood-Brain Barrier Penetration for Improved Memory and Learning
Because ECE compounds are 40% fat soluble, they can cross the blood-brain barrier - unlike other antioxidants. They also persist many times longer in the body - water soluble compounds are excreted in the urine in 30 - 40 min but those from ECE can persist in the body for up to 24 hours!

Research has shown that the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine - ACh - increased by 140% in the memory and learning areas of the brain.This was accomplished in only 7 days. 9  Animals given ECE learned how to navigate mazes significantly faster.  10

Sleep Quality Improvement 
Improved sleep quality, duration and ability to fall asleep faster was shown in an 8 week study. Participants taking ECE got the following results: Improved sleep quality - soundness of sleep by 80%, increased total hours of sleep by 1.6 hours, reduced time it took to fall asleep by 47 minutes. Not only that - a 71% increase in energy level was recorded.  11

Improved Erectile Function
Last but not least - significant improvement in erectile function! An 8-week human clinical trial demonstrated that the polyphenolic compounds in ECE, by protection blood vessels against oxidative stress resulted in the improvement in erectile function. Reducing oxidative stress in the blood vessels improves the health of the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels. The endothelial cells can then produce more Nitric Oxide (NO).  12

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Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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