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by Ellen Landauer

Candida Yeast Diet

Candida yeast diet - how do you find one that WORKS! Information you find on the internet usually does NOT go far enough!

The advice on most websites dilutes the truly effective measures that need to be taken for best results. Many foods that are included in a candida yeast diet should NOT be consumed!

PHOTO ABOVE: Paleo Diet Steak Tartare with leeks and raw macadamia nuts.

How determined are you to get better?

Fungal infections are amazingly persistent and will take advantage of ANY dietary lapses to flourish and torment you again! I say this from extensive personal experience - as well as speaking with many coaching clients!

To effect a lasting recovery requires major revamping of eating habits. One product (3lac) claims that - 'just take our products and you can eat anything!' NO, that's not how it works!

Is it worth the effort? You bet! 

Not only will you recover - you will be FAR healthier on your new foods! So let's get started... 

Candida Yeast Diet:
Foods NOT to Eat

My research shows that what others are telling you not to eat if you have fungal overgrowth is FAR TOO LIMITED!

For example, they say to avoid gluten, but add that gluten-free grains are fine. NO! All grains are too high in carbs - which feed fungal infections.

ALL grains typically contain molds - almost unavoidable if you eat grain or grain products. Most molds are NOT killed by cooking, drying or freezing!

Here is a list of foods some 'authorities' say are fine candida yeast diet foods. One claim is that you 'need these foods for 'energy' - false!

- brown rice

- brown rice pasta

- kidney beans

- chick peas

- squash

- peas

- soy (please see this article on soy)

- moderate amounts of root vegetables and fruits

Note that all grains, beans, root vegetables and fruits are high in CARBS.  They also contain anti-nutrients (chemicals that plants contain to prevent themselves from being eaten). Phytic acid, lectins and tannins are examples of anti-nutrients.

While grains and beans contain a small amount of protein and fat, but they are mostly carbs. Add to that the fact that any nutrients are locked in fiber and not easily utilized. Fiber (cellulose) is not digestible - humans do not have the enzymes to digest it. Carbs cause inflammation and feed fungal infections!

Most 'authorities' say to avoid 'high carb foods.' What is a 'high carb food?' White sugar? Bananas? Apples? Cupcakes? Which should you eliminate from your meals? Are high carb foods such as pastries off the menu, but high carb foods such as apples OK?

Are there 'good carbs' and 'bad carbs?' Commonly the advice goes like this: Cut out 'sugar' and 'alcohol,' 'LIMIT' grains and beans, starchy vegetables and fruit. 

What does 'limit' mean? You see, all this advice on candida yeast diet is very nebulous. 

Replace the word 'limit' with the word 'eliminate' to get real results!

Candida Yeast Diet:
a Personal Experience

Important fact: I know from personal experience that when you are trying to eat 'less' of certain foods on a candida yeast diet, rationalization kicks in.

This is because THE FUNGAL FORMS INSIDE YOU ARE RUNNING THE SHOW. They need to be FED, so they will torment you until you acquiesce and give them what they want. 

You see, these little pathogens are very adept at manipulating their environment to make living in your body so much better! It is like a 'fungal form guilt trip' - they make you feel bad until you give up and give in! This leads to cravings - one bite becomes a binge... 

And YOU will rationalize doing their bidding...! 'Well - just a taste - just one bite.' And you're off to the races...!

How do I know this? My own direct experience...

Over 10 years ago, I had severe fungal issues during my mercury poisoning debacle, and was trying to stick to a candida yeast diet. I had cravings. As the end of the work day approached, I couldn't wait to go to the health store bulk bins and eat a raw cashew or two as I was buying some to take home. 

Every time, that ONE or two nuts gave me a headache and itchiness. That's how bad my fungal issues were (I'm convinced that what many call 'food allergies' often have fungal issues at their core).

One day, I decided to say NO! I found myself standing in front of the bulk cashews doing battle with my craving. I kept saying 'NO.' I felt pretty good at that moment and did not want to feed the fungi. 

It began to dawn on me that there was a 'voice' to the craving. 

In that moment of calling on my will to oppose the temptation, I became very clear that the craving - was not MINE, but rather was being triggered by pathogens! I intuited that my candida yeast diet had made the fungi desperate. They were going nuts and raising a ruckus in there because I hadn't fed them! I had been perfect on my regimen that day - I felt great - they were starving - and I had a direct experience that they were angry! 

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt asserts that pathogens manipulate us and our biological terrain to arrange a more comfortable living situation. They are very good at this, and for the most part, we do not realize what they are doing! At that moment of standing in front of the bulk bins, I got it that these microscopic organisms were doing everything possible to try and get me to eat what would feed them!

When I resolutely walked away from the cashews, the wailing and moaning of the fungal forms didn't let up. HOWEVER - I did NOT have a headache or itchiness!

Later, I learned that when we ingest carbs, yeast can reproduce at warp speed; picture the way detergent bubbles up copiously when you run water into it. When you eat carbs, the yeast reproduce so fast it is like an explosion expanding through your body! That is what can happen when you give in and feed them even just a little bit of carbohydrate!   

Candida Yeast Diet:
Other Considerations

For a candida yeast diet to work, you will need to consider a host of contributing factors.

1 - Stress: The more stress in your life, the less likely to solve any health problem, including fungal issues. ALL pathogens thrive more in when our immune system is weakened by stress. 

2 - Toxins: Mercury and other heavy metals, environmental toxins, etc. weaken our immune response. All drugs, pharmaceutical and others compromise immune function (notice that most pharmaceutical drugs literature recommends testing liver enzymes to make sure the drug is not overwhelming the system).

Toxins include body care products, garden chemicals and home cleaning products. Much of this exposure can be greatly reduced by your choices. HOWEVER, you cannot control what your neighbors use on their lawns and gardens, or cleaning chemicals used at your workplace - and you will suffer exposure.

An ongoing detoxification program should be in place to form a basis for candida yeast diet to work.

3 - Toxic foods: ALL commercial foods are toxic - the way animals and plants are raised commercially, the way they are processed, makes what COULD be healthy foods - very UNhealthy! 

If you are seriously intending to follow a candida yeast diet, get serious about investigating your food sources!

4 - EMF (Electro-magnetic field) exposure: Minimizing your exposure to Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation (microwave) is an important way to support healing. EMF exposure weakens the immune system. 

Electro-magnetic fields also trigger fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens to accelerate their growth and wildly proliferate. This is because the pathogens feel threatened and go into survival mode (attacking more virulently and reproducing faster).

Turn off Wi-Fi routers and devices when not in use, especially at night. Spend less time using cell phones, iPads and other devices. If you are REALLY ambitious, get the Wi-Fi OUT of your home and change computer systems to plug-in mode (ethernet). 

Do not use a cell phone as an alarm clock. Keep it and other devices out of your bedroom at night. For even better sleep, turn off the circuit breaker to your bedroom (use a flashlight if needed to see your way if you get up at night).

Candida Yeast Diet Guidelines: How to Go Keto

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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