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Best Supplements for
Erectile Dysfunction

The best supplements for erectile dysfunction is a common concern of male (and some female) customers. Men frequently ask me my opinion about this or that well-advertised ED supplement they have read about. 

Product promises include boosting your low testosterone, peak nitric oxide production and more. Increasing sophistication of readers like you demands language and claims that sound scientific.

Best Supplements for
Erectile Dysfunction:

Clinical Trials

To give you an idea of the kind of nonsensical 'scientific' claims of so many of these companies, I just researched a trendy new nitric oxide product claiming 'ten clinical trials proves it works.'

I found out that the 'clinical trials' were done in Indonesia by 'unknown researchers.' The company selling the product did not indicate how many people were in each of these 'clinical trials.'

For your information, a clinical trial is nothing more than someone, or a group of people, using a product, food, therapy. The person, or people, may or may not have been selected for any particular traits, habits or health concerns, etc. 'Ten clinical trials' can equal ten people trying out the product!

You are performing your own clinical trial whenever you try a new product in your search for the best supplements for erectile dysfunction, or for any other purpose!

When you take a product or change your diet to see what benefits you may notice, you are conducting your own clinical trial.

To do your own clinical trial certainly can be a valid way to find out what works best for you as an individual. (It is your responsibility to check with your doctor, especially if you have any diagnosed health conditions and/or are already taking any medications).

How to Determine What Works for You and What Doesn't

Though evaluating which are the best supplements for erectile dysfunction might seem a really obvious task, there are a few factors to consider.

One, the placebo effect is a very real factor - for ANY supplement or therapy. It has been documented on many occasions. The placebo effect happens when optimism in anticipation of a desired outcome has a beneficial effect on one's emotions and metabolism. Placebo effect alone can alter the physiology enough that sexual functioning could even temporarily improve.

ALSO: You may not know this, but testimonials to product effectiveness on popular forums MAY be from people hired by the company to put them there!

Add to this the effect of some ingredients in products marketed for this purpose. For example, yohimbine, an herbal compound, can raise blood pressure enough to increase penile blood flow. But 'forcing the issue' in such ways can have undesirable side effects. Many a man has had a night of passion derailed when a compound like yohimbine gave him a crushing headache, dizziness or other such symptoms. 

The Best Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction Do NOT Contain Sidenafil or Related Compounds!

Did you know that many so-called 'natural,' 'herbal' male performance 'enhancers' secretly contain the same or similar active substance as Viagra? Such ingredients are not listed on the label, but needed to make poor quality herbs and nutrients appear to 'work.'

Therefore, while forums can provide some valuable information on people's experiences, rave reviews of shady products may only reflect the fact that they contain hidden drugs. Often these products are made in foreign countries and marketed as though developed in the United States or Europe.

Our top choices: 
The Best Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

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