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Beat Erectile Dysfunction 

To beat erectile dysfunction, the measures you take for solid, lasting male potency benefits ALSO contribute to your health and happiiness!

How do you become more potent, not just for a night, with the 'blue pill' or an overdose of yohimbine, etc.?

Beat Erectile Dysfunction with Testo-Boost Nitric Oxide transdermal creams combo for men

PHOTO: Testo-Boost Nitric Oxide transdermal cream combo for Men.

Forcing the Issue Does NOT Constitute Real Male Potency!

Forcing your body to perform an act when it does not have the natural capacity to do so does not tend to result in truly pleasurable and contactful lovemaking - for you or your lover - though it may 'get the job done.' 

If 'performance' is ALL that a man wants, the blue pill may do - for awhile. Testosterone injections or gel may do - for awhile. 

Or they might not...

I have had more than a few men confide in a coaching session that a brief time of increased energy was followed by major testicular shrinkage and no lasting improvement in sexual performance, when using bioidentical testosterone as prescribed. In addition, their energy generally fell again depite the supplemental hormone. 

Testosterone 'replacement' may be a partial, temporary option for some men. Some even swear by it.
However, from all I have heard, over time it may downregulate the body's output - i.e. destroy your ability to make your own testosterone (sometimes permanently).
Is that what you want? I think not!

Beat Erectile Dysfunction
the Natural Way!

To beat erectile dysfunction, you can't cheat Nature for very long and get away with it! Doing the work to increase your body's own capacity to produce and utilize Testosterone, and optimizing nitric oxide production is a MUCH better option. 

You have a whole arsenal of ideas right here at Peak Health Now. Virtually everything we talk about on this site will contribute - directly or indirectly - to helping you beat erectile dysfunction. For example, detoxification therapies that support elimination of toxic metals and improving circulatory capacity. Liver detoxification (the liver is a producer of many raw materials needed for hormone production). Paleo Diet recipes to help you eliminate grains, sugar and processed foods. 

We are talking here about lasting results - real male vitality - building your health and strength in a way that restores natural desire and capacity for profound and pleasurable sex. 

Lasting results require consistent, knowledgeable lifestyle changes by you.

**Please note that no matter what physical measures are taken to improve health, emotional factors can override them. Healing on an emotional/energetic level MUST accompany physical healing for full recovery - and physical healing MUST support emotional healing! Both are required for This is true for ALL health issues, and without a doubt for those involving love and sex.

That said, note that nourishing your physical vitality gives you more energy to heal on an emotional level; the two work together.**

These articles will give you the real facts on how to increase sexual vitality.

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