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by Ellen Landauer

How to Help Blood Flow

How to help blood flow is a key question to consider when healing any condition.

If you are trying to recover from just about ANYTHING, enhancing circulatory capacity must be looked at.

RBCs low EMF

PHOTO ABOVE: Healthy blood shows lovely round RBC's (red blood corpuscles floating freely through your circulatory system. 

This photo is of blood in person NOT exposed to EMF's, cell phone or WiFi.

Among things that help keep blood from clotting (which it does when exposed to WiFi, etc. is Lumbrokinase enzymes.

Insufficient circulation is VERY common in a wide range of compromised health issues. Less than ideal circulatory function impedes the body's ability to heal. It also is a BIG part of aging, which I discuss below.

Stress of ANY kind causes red corpuscle coagulation (also known as raoul - like stacked, rolled coins) as well as increased fibrin in the plasma (liquid part of blood).

**IMPORTANT! WiFi, cell towers, and ALL EMF-related exposure coagulates our blood!**

Lumbrokinase (shown above) helps with excess fibrin.

Why does stress thicken the blood? Because our bodies are hardwired to respond to any stress with the assumption that injury is a strong possibility. Blood thickens to slow bleeding and coagulate faster in case of injury - a throwback to our prehistoric days.

But what if you are almost ALWAYS stressed? During our pre-history, once a threat was gone, we forgot about it and let go of the stress. We lived in a much more pristine environment back then, so there were no cell towers, traffic jams, processed foods, environmental toxins, disturbing news stories, etc. to keep us on edge. Not so now; in addition to all the mounting environmental toxicity, we have media bent on keeping us increasingly fearful and agitated (with mostly lies) - and personal relationships are more challenging in such a world as well. 

If we are always under stress, it follows that our blood is always too coagulated. This cycle needs to be broken in order for us to thrive.

How to help blood flow is ESPECIALLY important these days for many reasons.

When we are stressed, excess fibrin(1) is formed in the plasma (liquid part) of the blood, increasing viscosity (thickening the blood). The function of fibrin is to create a net-like structure in the blood which in case of injury quickly thickens the blood to stop bleeding. Excess fibrin slows down circulation AND cuts down flow in capillaries (tiniest vessels that nourish every cell in the body).

Add this to corpuscles that adhere to one another forming clots when we are under stress.

How to Help Blood Flow to Prevent Cell Death

How to help blood flow is important to prevent us from aging too fast.

Accelerated aging is partly due to coagulation (clotting) and fibrin overproduction. Knowing how to help blood flow can keep you younger.

Because capillaries are only one cell wide, and also require the RBC's (red blood cells) to be flexible to get through - any impediments such as stiffening and clumping of RBC's or excess fibrin in the plasma - will cut down blood flow to many body tissues. This leads to deterioration and death of cells in organs and tissues that are starved due to lack of capillary flow.

When clotting keeps capillaries from carrying nutrients into, and waste products out of, cells, in effect you have mini-strokes throughout the body, which results in cells sickening and dying. This is a major cause of aging skin, organs, etc. that contain increasing numbers of dead and dying cells.

How to help blood flow - Lumbrokinase is a great biofilm buster that can help!

PHOTO ABOVE: How to help blood flow: Lumbrokinase is superb for helping to rid built-up biofilms from your circulatory system (and the rest of your body, too).

How to Help Blood Flow: Signs of Compromised Circulation

NOTE: How you use the info below is your responsibility. If you are taking blood thinners or have circulatory disease, be sure to check with a health professional on best course of action.

Signs of compromised circulation:

- Chronically cold hands and feet

- Tingling or numbness in hands and feet

- Cuts and other wounds take too long to heal

- Chronic exhaustion

- Swollen lower legs

- Poor cognitive function

- Dizzy spells

- Low libido and/or lack of sexual response

How to Help Blood Flow: Detoxify and Reduce Inflammation

Detoxification is an essential of how to help blood flow.

Red blood cell aggregation (clotting) is increased when RBC's (red blood cells) are deformed. This often happens due to various kinds of toxicity.

Healthy red blood cells are saucer shaped, with smooth, round edges. Deformed RBC's under a microscope can be lopsided, also commonly have spikes sticking out around the edges. In the most severe cases, the spikes are pronounced, sticking far out of the surface. 

As stated above, red blood cells stick together when we undergo stress. Clotting is another name for this. It commonly happens when one has toxic overload - which is a stressor. People with inflammatory conditions are especially prone to excess blood viscosity (thickness).

Inflammation raises cytokine levels which in turn affects polarity of red blood cells. This makes them stickier and more magnetized to each other, often in the form of rouleaux (red blood cells sticking together in stacks like rolls of coins). Inflammatory conditions additionally increase fibrin in the blood plasma (liquid part of the blood) thickening it and slowing blood flow. Rouleaux formation is also typical when we are exposed to EMF's.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Oxygen delivery to body tissues is mediated by blood viscosity. If there is RBC stickiness, clumping and/or excess fibrin, your whole body will not be oxygenated enough to keep you vital, healthy and full of energy. 

The answers to how to help blood flow is important to your mood; panic and depression can result when your oxygen is cut down! If your body is starving for oxygen, ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACKS may occur - similar to the feeling if you couldn't breathe. I suspect much of the anxiety and panic in people today is due to low oxygen as much as it is due to the stresses of daily life.

Elevated viscosity is caused by many factors. It is also a condition that can lead to many health problems; stroke, heart attack, cerebrovascular events, preeclampsia in pregnant women, and more.

Toxic metals burden in body is a big factor in blood clot susceptibility:

Heavy Metals Detox

How to Help Blood Flow:
Limit EMF Exposure

EMF exposure MUST be looked at as part of how to help blood flow.

"Electromagnetic fields can be dangerous not only because of the risk of cancer, but also other health problems, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a phenomenon characterized by the appearance of symptoms after exposure of people to electromagnetic fields, generated by EHS is characterized as a syndrome with a broad spectrum of non-specific multiple organ symptoms including both acute and chronic inflammatory processes located mainly in the skin and nervous systems, as well as in respiratory, cardiovascular systems, and musculoskeletal system."

ALL EMF's are a HUGE cause of coagulation (clotting)! WiFi, radio waves, cell towers and even the electrical wiring in your home stress your body. The more devices (iPads, cell phones, computers, etc. that you are in contact with, and the more time you spend with them - the greater the burden of stress in your body. This coagulates your blood!

A common form of clotting caused by EMF exposure and many other harmful influences is rouleau - the red blood cells stick together in stacks like rolls of coins.

With SO much blocking of surface area, oxygen supply to all your body tissues is SEVERELY compromised. (This causes the SAME symptoms attributed to a certain dis-ease that has been center stage recently - hmmm)! (3) MANY diseases are caused or worsened by EMF's!

How to Help Blood Flow:
What You Can Do

Things you can do to increase health, flexibility and function in red blood cells:

1 - Stablilize blood sugar. Carbs are a BIG cause of inflammation. As well, glucose dysregulation makes red blood cells rigid and difficult to pass through capillaries (red blood cells often have to nearly fold in half to get through capillaries).

Addiction to carbohydrate foods whether fruits, vegetables or sweets will reduce blood flow, causing necrosis (cell death) on a microscopic level throughout the body. This is a major factor in aging. Best course of action - Ditch the carbs!

The best way to do this is a very low-carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. Better yet, a virtually no-carb diet. This dramatically lowers inflammation. Lowering inflammation helps heal the lining of the blood vessels, as well as helping red blood cells to be more flexible - enhancing healthy blood flow.

2 - Omega-3 essential fatty acids improve flexibility in red blood cells. Abundant in products like Raw Ratfish Liver Oil, omega-3's also strengthen all cell membranes, including those of red blood cells.

3 - Wi-Fi radiation from all internet devices, including cell phones, and microwave radiation from cell towers, causes rouleaux (blood clotting) and red blood cell damage (as well as injuring your whole body).

If you are truly serious about optimal health, consider the following suggestions:

- Go wired! Use ethernet (direct wire) to your home computers and remove wireless routers. 

- Get a landline for your home phone. 

- If you want your cellphone for away from home, get a faraday cage holder for it which will block cell tower microwave radiation, keep on airplane mode unless actually in use, and do not keep phone in your pocket but rather set it aside nearby in its protective case.

When you adopt these measures on how to help blood flow, your health and enjoyment of life can be enhanced in a multitude of ways.





How to Help Blood Flow: Lumbrokinase Review

Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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