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by Ellen Landauer

Mucoid Plaque:
Another Myth

Mucoid plaque was mentioned by one of my loyal customers the other day. She asked, 'During all your cleansing, did you ever see any mucoid plaque?'

The answer is 'no.' As you read on, you will understand why.

Mucoid plaque is NOT caused by eating healthy grassfed beef!

PHOTO ABOVE: Pasture-raised cows DO thrive on a vegan diet!

They transform plants we cannot even chew into high-octane nutrition.

The term 'mucoid plaque' was coined by Richard Anderson, a naturopath and entrepreneur, who sells a range of products that claim to "cleanse" the body of such purported plaques.  (1)  The words 'mucoid plaque' have a scary, repulsive feel to them - you might be more likely to find such language in an ad for an alien abduction movie. 'Mucoid plaque' is a good choice if you want to scare someone into buying products purported to get rid of it.

Mucoid Plaque Pictures

Mucoid plaque pictures are a BIG LIE! And they are all over the internet!

If you look up images of mucoid plaque, you will be regaled with bulbous, slimy, twisted, disgusting-looking dark brown ropes and told that THIS is what you have in your colon.

NO, this grotesque material is what comes OUT of your colon when you consume bulking agents said to solve a nonexistent mucoid plaque problem.

The answer, of course is to buy a special psyllium-seed husk bulking agent - which you can get at one-tenth the price by going to your local health store and getting it from a bulk bin.

The ground psyllium husks are mixed with water and chugged down in a hurry so they don't create a blockage in your esophagus. (Um - could it be counter-intuitive to ingest such a densifying gelatinous mass at all)? Yes, I confess to having done such stupid things!

Some add bentonite clay to the mass to 'increase the drawing power to pull out more toxins.' But truth be told, the clay just gets enveloped in the gel mass, which (hopefully) makes its way out efficiently.

So, the increasing density of the gelatinous mass reaches peak form in the large intestine. It gets molded into the shape of the bowel interior. Then - it plops out in all its glory and - see? - 'This mucoid plaque was in my gut for 30 years!' No it wasn't - it was only in there since this morning!

The dark brown/black color of said ropes is NOT due to 'putrefactive' bacterial activity due to eating meat and other nutrient-rich foods. The scary color comes from the aloes tablets or other herbs typically taken with psyllium gel to 'stimulate' (irritate) the colon and move the congealed mass along.

Mucoid Plaque
is Not What They Say

What REALLY clogs the colon if not mucoid plaque?

1 - FIBER - copious amounts of fiber that we are told is SO good for us! It is indigestible and DOES NOT 'clean out' the colon. As an irritant, it causes inflammation, unhealthy fermentation and blockages in the gut - often resulting in painful trapped gas as well.

Typically, vegans/fruitarians are mineral deficient, so magnesium which could help relax the gut to function more smoothly - is lacking. Also due to low fat diet (particularly animal fats), these people do not produce enough bile, which stimulates healthy peristalsis. Bile production goes way below normal on a low fat diet because its production is stimulated by demand (eating fat).

2 - Processed foods, especially flour-based items and foods with fillers (yes, they even put cellulose - refined sawdust - in many processed foods. All kinds of flour and baked goods - even 'whole grain' - become a mostly indigestible, sticky 'paste' as they move through the gut. This coats the villi of the small intestine, and inflames the gut - roughening the epithelium lining which leads to more residue sticking to the walls. This is not mucoid plaque.

3 - Stress and lack of minerals and other nutrients can cause spasticity in the gut, particularly the colon. This causes 'strictures' - places where the muscular walls are cramped and crimped, not allowing natural passage of gut contents.

4 - Yeast infections brought on by high fiber / high carb plant-based diets also can layer themselves in the gut. This happens at a rapid pace; any time carbs are consumed yeast reproduces so fast it takes a similar form to the suds you see when you pour water into a container with a good amount of dish detergent in it.

I find the vegan double standard about poop really interesting - a shining example of cognitive dissonance. When they poop a lot due to massive fiber intake - that is good because they are 'eliminating toxins.' But they castigate those on a high-octane, clean-burning carnivore diet for not having enough poop - because, they say, animal foods constipate you! The exact opposite is true.  (2)

They also say that their poop is better quality than that of meat eaters. Really..!

Copious elimination does not indicate a 'clean' colon!

Mucoid Plaque: Mucus Facts

'Mucusless diet,' as promoted by the likes of Arnold Ehret and numerous equally neurotic people to this day, asserts that mucus in our body is a sign that we are unhealthy (because we don't adhere to a fruitarian diet!).

In reality, people CAN have excessive mucus production in their bodies due to toxic exposures of many kinds. BUT even so, this substance reviled by the ignorant is being produced in abundance because our bodies are working to protect us:

'...our bodies constantly produce mucus to help keep us healthy. In particular, mucus can assist our immune systems by acting as a natural filter for the bacteria we interact with constantly.'

'Mucus is a protective substance that’s excreted from multiple areas of the body, such as the mouth, sinuses, throat, lungs, stomach, and intestines (Figure 1). Mucus itself consists of multiple constituents, but its major component is a substance called mucin. The mucins in mucus can work as a selective barrier, lubricant, or viscous material depending on their structure. When mucin structure and production is normal, mucus protects surfaces all over our body, which helps us live alongside many different microbes. However, disease can ensue when mucin structure and production are abnormal.'  (3)

Mucoid Plaque Formation

The argument that foods derived from animal sources bring damaging, inflammatory 'putrefactive' bacteria into the gut, causing 'mucoid plaque,' is promoted by countless 'detox diet gurus.' These people would have you believe that a diet of foods that did not exist when humans were healthiest (big juicy apples, bananas, carrots, etc.) are the ancestral diet that will cure anything!

The exact opposite is true! First, ALL plant 'foods' are toxic. Most create inflammation. Plant foods - fruit, roots, seeds (nuts, grains and seeds) and leaves are mostly fiber and carbohydrate - both of which are highly inflammatory, creating the very damage and resulting mucus formation that vegans / fruitarians like to blame on meat and dairy.

Doubtless, when a vegan or fruitarian sees mucus exiting their colon, they think they are getting rid of toxins from all those bad animal foods they used to eat! Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that their new, 'clean' diet is irritating the hell out of their system!

A case in point - when I followed high carb diets (macrobiotic / vegan / juicearian sproutarian) - I was frequently blowing my nose, had post-nasal drip and periodically got severe bronchial infections which sometimes even bordered on pneumonia. The more animal protein and fat I ate, the less of these symptoms I had. Now, on a very low carb plant-free diet - never get sick, no more of those symptoms. Minor sinus issues if exposed to bad air (high altitude chemical spraying, city environments, smoke from the Canadian wildfires, etc.

In addition, ALL plant 'foods' contain a vast multitude of poisons, including a host of cancer-causing chemicals.

Mucoid Plaque and Diet

Plant-based diet people say mucoid plaque comes from inflammation and bad bacteria in animal foods. However, vegans, fruitarians, etc. have so little hydrochloric acid due to their diets, that there is no way they can digest meat. They ALSO lack bile due to low fat content of their diet, so they cannot digest the wondrous nutrients in raw, pasture-raised dairy and eggs!

Not only that - the enormous strain on their pancreas, due to stratospheric amounts of sugar in plant foods, results in deterioration and malfunction of that organ. So they do not have enough pancreatic enzymes as well!

People who follow vegan eating regimes may well be lacking hydrochloric acid. This would make our animal-based REAL ancestral diet rather indigestible for vegans and fruitarians, confirming their jaundiced view of such foods.

Hydrochloric acid is vital for protein digestion. These days, the frenzied pursuit of 'alkalinizing' the body likely makes such plant diet devotees susceptible to all manner of toxins, including incompletely digested animal foods they may try out to prove they are bad because These people CAN'T digest meat, etc. because they have such low hydrochloric acid. Since hydrochloric acid sanitizes meats and other foods, any toxins in animal foods which are typical of commercially-raised dairy and meats - will also make vegans more ill than others who eat the same food.

When humans were at their healthiest (in pre-agricultural times), an abundance of hydrocholric acid in the stomach and a pH of approx. 1.2 killed even the most toxic bacteria. Before humans became hunters, they were scavengers who fed on carcasses of animals left by wolves and other predators.





Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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