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by Ellen Landauer

Internet Dangers

Internet dangers: Like you probably do, I spend some time most days online. The bulk of that time is research on health, or for my book site. 

Set yourself free from internet dangers

PHOTO ABOVE: Set yourself free from internet dangers.

Let me preface all this by saying that I have found a lot of extraordinarily valuable information online, and that it has benefitted my life and what I have to offer on this website. HOWEVER, especially these days, that kind of info is hard won.

With carefully crafted search terms, I usually find the valuable information I am looking for. In recent years this has become much more difficult. Commonly, I have to keep trying different search phrases until I uncover the truth. So do you - your persistence is likely a factor in you arriving on my site at all! I applaud your determinaton!

Search manipulation is just one of the internet dangers in the nefarious blockade between us and the valid info we seek. There is indeed a multifaceted dark side to spending time online. 

Why do I say that?'

Because the top echelon - the corporate entities that call the shots and determine search results - are gaining more and more control over what we are allowed to see. This is called censorship - not a hallmark of a healthy society!

Big tech's interest is NOT your well-being. Quite the opposite! 

Internet Dangers:
Hijacking Our Brains

One of the major internet dangers is that online activity takes us out of touch with physical reality - body, feelings and surroundings - spaces us out and traps us in our intellect.

Intellect is not wisdom or real feeling. It is actually static in nature - static in the sense that it is electrical in nature and static in the sense that it doesn't like movement - is actually terrified of flow. Have you ever noticed that after you spend a chunk of time online, it is often difficult to get moving and do something physical? I have. 

We also use intellect to manufacture bodily sensations that pass as feelings to match whatever belief systems and fantasies we wish to inhabit. So 'trusting feeling' is a little tricky - we need to notice where the sensations that register as feelings are manifesting from - originating - in our bodies.

Real feeling resides throughout the depths of your body. A couple of reference points so you can get this are 'heart' and 'gut.' If you've ever been in an emergency situation like an impending traffic accident, doubtless you experienced a response like a shock or impact in your abdominal area. The nervous system deep in your gut instantly signals adrenals and other glands to secrete the appropriate hormones and you get a jolt of energy.

There is what is called our 'second brain'(1) in the gut, as nerves from various organs directly connect to the spinal cord in a feedback loop. This communication system in our gut often 'knows' the truth better than our brain/intellect. 

When a situation is more benign than an impending accident, the impulses are more subtle. This is that 'still, small voice' that tries to tell you the truth. For example, you meet a new, interesting person and maybe you get a strange feeling that they are not to be trusted. Overriding the truth of 'gut feelings' can get you into a bad situation. Both the subtle feelings or the emergency response are faster than thought - research has shown that the reaction even precedes thought. There is a part of you that knows instantly the truth of any situation. Getting in touch with it can keep you out of a lot of trouble!

Assuming we do not try to control it, real feeling is natural and spontaneous. Genuine emotion is another way to express this. E-motion has 'motion' right in the word. It flows and moves. 

'Gut feeling' is a phrase describing 'knowing' - that innate sense that tells us the truth of things if only we open to it. The intellect can be hijacked and fooled because it is not the seat of wisdom. It thinks but doesn't 'know.' If brain is attuned with heart and gut, it can reflect the truth - but on its own it is like a boat without a rudder. An ungrounded person out of touch with their body is easy to manipulate.

Below, I hope to inspire you to a more refined level of awareness while navigating the web. Like a martial arts teacher who emphasizes 'situational awareness,' I hope to inspire you to be grounded in your physical body and attuned to your senses while travelling in 'virtual-land.' 

Internet Dangers:
Stepping into the Matrix

Internet dangers have an overlighting cause. Computers and all devices that offer access to the online world are accessible to the companies that make them and the search engines that provide access to the net. All online devices are tentacles of the global Matrix.

Whenever we are online, we are in the Matrix.

Why do I say that when online we are in the Matrix? Because for the most part, it is now regulated in a way designed to disempower us. Read on and I will explain. 

Going online is like spending time in a high-crime city. You have to be careful which street you walk down. A wrong turn can lead you into a bad neighborhood.

The big tech companies have carefully crafted the world wide web, and particularly the sites they want us to go to, to be addictive. Recently, I heard a man from one of the big companies interviewed on NPR. He described how the shape and color of the icons people click on are designed to be as irresistable as possible, to keep people hopelessly engaged on the web. Designs are thorougly tested in focus groups, etc. for maximum effect.

Big tech also works relentlessly to censor and regulate information and communication to the advantage of those who are determined to disempower and control us. For example, a top holistic site, mercola-dot-com, lost 99% of their traffic in ONE DAY due to a Go oog le crackdown to censor natural health content. 

The underlying intent - to rob us of free will, peace of mind, independent thinking and vitality - to make us into serfs, slaves to their agenda. To profit at the expense of hard-working people, to cause divisiveness among as many different kinds of people as possible, to make succeeding generations physically / mentally / emotionally weaker and easier to control and use. The vast majority of information pushed to the top of search is to enrich the ultra-wealthy in big tech, big pharma and big government, and limit our own resources. 

To locate genuine truth, beauty and empowerment online, you have to go through the hell of the Matrix. Among internet dangers is TOXIC EXPOSURE! Lies are toxic - and many search results deceiving. Example: many MLM and other sellers will use keyword 'product X is a scam;' but when you click on their link - they are trying to sell you 'product X!' 

My experience in researching for this website is that as time goes on, it is increasingly difficult to find info that can contribute to what is offered here. 

Internet Dangers:
Endless Consumption

The online world is like a smorgasboard. But instead of 50 different dishes, the net serves up many BILLIONS of choices of addictive content! News sites are especially eggregious. They craft headlines as clickbait - usually with themes so disturbing, fear-inducing and/or weird that we find it hard to resist. Of course they throw in the occasional human-interest / heartwarming stories to make all the graphic displays of suffering and perversion tolerable to those of us who still harbor vestiges of humanness.

Typically at a smorgasboard, we want to sample most or all of the foods - so we overeat. The excess stimulation of so many foods in a dazzling array of tastes, textures, colors and manner of presentation keeps us consuming them far longer and in far greater quantity than is good for us.

On the web, this effect is magnified millions of times. The difference is that the online smorgasboard never ends, and we can never be satiated no matter how much info we consume. In fact, the more info we consume, the more we need - and it NEVER ends! Like an addiction, it takes a heroic effort of Will to break free. Part of the problem is the internet saps our energy - leaving us little to fuel that break for freedom. To process the onslaught of info requires so much time and effort that we are left with much less of ourselves. To reclaim our power from internet dangers, we must take time to just BE, to dream, to reflect, imagine, recharge and FEEL.

Internet Dangers: Hidden Toxins

Internet dangers: poison is on the menu.

A difference between a smorgasboard and the online Matrix: When you go to a smorgasboard, all the foods are out in the open. You can instantly see the difference between the fruit cocktail and string beans almondine. Not so online! Search results headlines entrap by making you think the content is what you look for, but when you click - it is commonly the exact opposite! 

Most smorgasboards include at least a few healthy, nutritious dishes like the baked salmon or the arrugula salad. But well over 99% of info online is junk food, toxic or outright poison for us. An analogy to online search is a smorgasboard where the salmon and arrugula are on a table hidden among thousands of other tables of junk or poison foods - or even behind a door in another room.

Search results are no longer as much based on popularity with people like you and me. Search is increasingly based on what big tech and big business want us to see or not see.

Internet Dangers:
Crushing Creativity

Internet dangers include the destruction of our boundless creative force.

We humans at our best are CREATORS. At our best we are discerning, imaginative and positively constructive. The internet destroys our creative ability. In part this is because nothing is left to the imagination. Anything you want is handed to you. Passivity and lower energy is the result. Most of what is promoted is vapid mediocrity, gossip, who-did-what-when - dressed up in glittering sequins.

For those of us in the know, the Emperor has no clothes!

Additionally, FEAR is a big ingredient of online fare. Why? Because fear paralyzes us and shuts down our ability to think critically, feel empowered and say no to tyranny. Disturbing, violent, twisted content is a siren song that many can't look away from. It desensitizes us from violence and perversion, making us less human. 

For anyone who wants their life and soul back, detoxing from online poison is as important as detoxing from lead and mercury.

When you read an evocative book, to see what is being described activates creative imagination. We become PARTICIPANTS in the creative process. Our natural clairvoyance, ability to visualize, reflect and dream is enhanced. When was the last time you curled up on the couch with a great book, a warm blanket and maybe a cup of tea?

Remember, we are by nature creators - both in the obvious physical realm and the more subtle realm of vibrational energy. When we create from a position of empowerment, we contribute to good in the world.

Internet Dangers:
How to Combat Them

Internet dangers avoidance involves getting in touch with subtle shifts in our energy field. Remember how at one point in the Matrix movie, if you saw it, Neo picks up on some odd occurrences and says, 'I feel a glitch in the energy field.'

When you are online, if you tune into your solar plexus and heart area, you may feel a subtle pull. Every computer and other device is accessible by companies that make them, and other corporate entities. Often 'updates' are installed without your knowledge. Some of these are spyware to give info on your online activities to entities to whom you don't want to give it. Search engines, especially the major ones, have their own ways of tracking you and pulling you in the directions they want you to go.

Sometimes even when I am not searching, but rather composing a document like this one, I have noticed a subtle magnetic pull to go to news sites or look for entertainment (sometimes the same thing). Conscious of the vibrational magnet seeking to draw me away from my center, my purpose in life and my vitality, I know better. So I stay on purpose - as I am right now.

Big tech is not totally to blame. We need to empower ourselves by taking responsibility for our needs, desires and inclinations in the moment.

Big tech has no control over those who are grounded, vital, honest with themselves and choose to express strength of Will. It is really only our own disconnection with ourselves that gets us in trouble. 

By retaining a refined awareness of your inner process, you may become aware of the way virtual technology exerts a subtle magnetic pull on your deep emotional aspect. It never is up to any good. When you actually become aware of that pull, you have the option to say NO.

Online 'socializing' is contactless contact in a fake world... Online 'contact' is at the bottom of the quality contact list in my book! It is so far down that it is mostly a negative. Email, chat, 'social' media, 'face time,' zoom, etc. are a far cry from a simple phone call or meet up. Yes, we may enjoy receiving emails from friends, but that is a far cry from sitting down to dinner together.

Internet dangers can be defused by ditching your devices to take time with family and pets, take off your shoes and feel the earth under your feet, hiking in the woods, reading a REAL book, exercise, gardening and anything else that brings you deeper into your physicality and the aliveness of the natural world.




Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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