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by Ellen Landauer

How to Treat Gut Dysbiosis

How to treat gut dysbiosis - the solution is so simple, yet it is made so complex by mass media and conventional 'holistic' info.

For discerning people like you, the complex part is detoxing from lies that have been so skillfully fed to us that they are part of the very fabric of our being.

Gut dysbiosis is NOT caused by eating healthy pasture raised beef!

PHOTO ABOVE: Cows and calves on pasture in early Spring at Wheel-View Farm, one of a growing number of farms that practice regenerative agriculture.

Grass-fed beef from your local farm should be part of your protocol for how to treat gut dysbiosis. AND - because grazing animals fully utilize the grasses (which are inedible and indigestible for us), concentrated nutrition from plants is available to us in the meat.

We get FAR more benefit from those plant nutrients which have been made bioavailable through fermentation in the multiple stomachs of these ruminants, than we could if we ate copious amounts of vegetables.

Just as important - grazing animals on large tracts of pasture regenerates the soil, allowing it to sequester more carbon. Wildlife and plant ecosystems flourish on land that is NOT suitable for growing vegetable crops.

When you buy pasture-raised beef, lamb or dairy, you are supporting REAL healing of our earth!

What if nearly everything we have been taught about how to nourish ourselves is dead wrong?

It is.

Woven into the fabric of the lies is, of course, some valid information. The sources of the info don't want to lose credibility, after all.

That is why news outlets ALWAYS mix in a few true stories. This is a very clever way to confuse people further - and keep them looking to the propagandists for help sorting out truth from lies.

How to treat gut dysbiosis is a hot topic and yes, it is true - a majority of people are afflicted. The quote below says that this is too complex an issue for you to solve on your own:

'When your gut microbiome is affected by IBD or other gastrointestinal conditions, it can be hard to get the right balance in your GI tract again. That's why you will need a doctor to prescribe the right antibiotics or probiotic treatment. The treatment will depend on what type of dysbiosis you're in, and if you're experiencing multiple types.' (1)

How to Treat Gut Dysbiosis:
Common Misinformation

How to treat gut dysbiosis is made into a complex issue by conventional media to keep you tethered to conventional 'treatments.'

But even so-called 'holistic' sources (often supported by conventional ones) trap us in misinformation.

One example: 'Take oregano oil - it kills bad bacteria.'

Oregano oil is basically a plant-based antibiotic drug. Yes, not as noxious as pharmaceuticals. Yes, kills bad bacteria.

The missing info: oregano oil also kills GOOD bacteria (probiotics and any other beneficial microorganisms). Don't waste money on probiotics if you intend to take oregano oil - it will kill them all, no matter how much time you leave between doses of the two!

You can substitute the garlic, grapeseed oil and other similar items for oregano oil - they are all antibiotics - just not patented. They ALL kill probiotics! Then of course, there are heavily advertised, expensive formulas that include a multitude of herbal items.

I believed in, and used, the above remedies until only recently. I was a garlic grower for 40 years - now that garden bed is occupied by glorious daylilies and other flowers (PHOTO BELOW) - nourishment for the soul!

How to treat gut dysbiosis - pink lily took the place of garlic in the garden - no more plant foods...

How to Treat Gut Dysbiosis:
Ditch the Plants!

The simple part of how to treat gut dysbiosis: don't eat plant foods.

You may find this idea really radical; however the number of people turning to diet based on high-octane foods like pasture-raised beef, dairy and eggs are legion. Among those jumping ship are even a growing number of ex-vegans!

Plants have complex, powerful defense chemical warfare systems. ALL vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains contain a variety of chemicals designed to slowly or quickly destroy the health of their would-be assasins (anything that wants to eat them, including us).

However, wild and domestic herbivores are well-adapted (through digestion based on fermentation) to eat and thrive on plants.

For a thorough de-bunking of the 'humans are meant to eat plant foods,' propaganda, see my article, 'Humans are Obligate Carnivores.'

How to Treat Gut Dysbiosis:
Less Plants, Less Flatulence

How to treat gut dysbiosis: It's not just the beans that cause intestinal distress!

Remember that silly little rhyme...?

'Beans, beans, they're good for your heart.
The more you eat, the more you fart!
The more you fart, the better you feel,
So eat your beans at every meal!'

The first line is false. The second line is true! Flatulence is a sign of fermentation in the digestive system. Humans, like other carnivores, digest by hydrochloric acid - NOT fermentation like the hoofed animals and other herbivores.

But it's not just beans - it's ALL plant foods!

I'll tell you a little story:

Many years ago, I had a summer job painting murals onto large glass interior windows of a school. My boss was a very nice man who liked my art and loved to stop by frequently to see what I was creating.

During that summer, I got the genius idea to REALLY eat healthy. Huge bowls of salad - often several per day - replaced many of the other foods I was eating.

Growing up, an abundant amount of good meats, dairy and eggs were included in a varied diet. But articles in magazines began to convince me the animal foods, particularly fats, were bad.

After less than a week on my new veggie regimen, I became a social hazard. I remember trying to act normal at my job while surrounded by a cloud of exhaust fumes generated by rampant fermentation. It was apparent my boss was also trying to act normal any time he got too close. Not one of my fonder memories!

For an education on toxins in plant foods, see my article, 'Plant Toxins,' at the bottom of which are links to my heavily researched, detailed articles on oxalates, furanocoumarins and others.

How to Treat Gut Dysbiosis:
Species Appropriate Diet

Did you know that humans are as much obligate carnivores as wolves? (I explain why in the above - cited article of mine, 'Humans are Obligate Carnivores)." After all, we began our cherished bond with dogs by hunting alongside wolves in a younger world. (2) (3)

To treat gut dysbiosis requires stepping out of the Matrix. Our ancestral diet - which nourished the healthiest humans to ever walk planet earth - is a carnivore diet.

I'm not saying you should ditch all plants cold turkey - though some people I speak with have done so with impressive results.

For most of us, me included, learning how to treat gut dysbiosis unfolds as a gradual process. The less plant foods and the more pasture-raised animal foods I ate, the better I felt over time.

Genuine pasture-raised meats, dairy and eggs taste GREAT! As you embark on saying goodbye to a diet pushed on us by entities that do not have our best interests at heart, you just may find that your cravings, aches and pains are being replaced by a solid sense of well-being.

How to Treat Gut Dysbiosis: Done Right it's Good for the Earth!

If you have any doubt that eating animal foods from pastured livestock is a good idea, you may want to know that this also helps to restore our environment.

PHOTO BELOW: Carolyn Wheeler of Wheel View Farm tends to a calf.

Carolyn Wheeler tends to baby calf. How to treat gut dysbiosis - buy pasture-raised beef from your local farm!

By eating animal foods, particularly beef and lamb, you are supporting regenerative agriculture. Farmers who raise beef on pasture find the richness of the soil and growth of grasses and trees becoming lush and abundant. After all, with no need for gas and oil guzzling cultivators and other large machinery, the cattle till the ground with their hooves, keep the grass trimmed and apply generous amounts of fertilizer!

In addition, a greater variety of birds and other wildlife flourishes in the more rich and fertile grassland and forests brought about by the presence of the cows.

The longer grazing animals are raised on land which often is not suited for food crops, the healthier the environment becomes.

In closing, when you learn how to treat gut dysbiosis by going back to our ancestral roots, it is beneficial for you and all of nature.

Here is a beautiful tribute to the local farmers where I buy pasture-raised beef. I am proud to know them!





Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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