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Your Hair Analysis Test

How to Take a Sample

Your Hair Analysis Test requires a small sample for the lab to accurately determine your Metabolic Type, nutrient minerals and toxic heavy metal readings.

One of the most commonly asked questions from my clients is, 'How do I properly take a sample for my Hair Analysis Test?'

What is the Best Kind of Sample for Your Hair Analysis Test?

The very best kind of sample for the most accurate results is hair from your head. On the brief form I send you, you would check the box next to 'scalp hair.' If there is not enough scalp hair for the small sample needed, pubic or body hair may be used - but it is not ideal for the highest degree of accuracy. Use head hair if at all possible.

You may be asking, 'What if I dye, perm or tint my hair..?'

No problem! Trace Elements Laboratory has evaluated the mineral and heavy metal content of virtually every hair preparation known!

Just indicate on the brief health form I send with your Hair Analysis Test Kit, the brand names of all preparations you regularly use on your hair, and you are assured of a HIGHLY accurate report.

Should I wash my hair before taking a Hair Analysis Test sample?

Yes, using your regular shampoo, wash your hair within 24 hours of taking your sample. Of course, include your shampoo and hair conditioner brand name in the list of hair preparations you submit for the lab information.

The reason to wash your hair within a day of taking a sample is for accuracy. Environmental air pollution that accumulates on the hair can skew the results in your report.

How to Obtain Your Hair Analysis Test Sample: the Cutting Process

First, you want to make sure to use a pair of stainless steel scissors. This is because alloys used in cheaper scissors can contaminate the sample.

You may wonder, 'How much is needed for a Hair Analysis Test?'

Especially if you are worried about thinning hair...

the good news is…only 1 gram of hair is needed!

Your hair sample is taken in tiny amounts from the back of your head and nape area of your neck. Areas where any hair was removed are less visible because of this.

To clip, pinch a tiny group of strands close to the scalp and just use very tip of scissors to cut it. This will keep you from cutting into more hair that is nearby.

You are only going to submit the first 1 1/2 inches of hair closest to your scalp. Keep strands pinched between thumb and forefinger and clip off excess. Then place on the little paper seesaw weight scale in the box where it says to place the sample for your Hair Analysis Test.

Repeat process, adding small groups of strands until the weight scale tips. Add one more pinch for good measure, then slide the end of the paper weight scale into the little envelope provided for your sample and deposit clippings inside. Seal the little envelope (on which you previously wrote your name and the names of the hair preparations you use.

Fill out the brief health questionnaire, fold the envelope with the hair sample inside the form, place in the SASE envelope I provide and send back to me.

There you have it - the easy-to-follow instructions on taking a sample for your Hair Analysis Test!

Hair Analysis Test for You

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