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Colon Cleansing Benefits

Much has been written on colon cleansing...

It is often said that, 'Death begins in the colon.'

While that has some truth in it, I prefer...

'The vibrant aliveness of Peak Health begins in the colon.'

In-depth personal experience, a vast amount of continuing research and working with clients over 30 years as a Certified Advanced Rolfer have convinced me that intestinal health is vital to all aspects of wellness.

Even emotional resilience and vitality are directly influenced by what is going on in the lower bowel, and internal detoxification is known to (often quickly) improve mood.

A Long List of Colon Cleanse Benefits

Shrink Belly Fat: If you have been frustrated about not losing a persistent bulge in the abdominal area, colon cleanse may be the answer.

Why? Because what seems like belly fat may be waste that accumulated in the colon because of inefficient elimination. Excess matter in the colon will cause a protruding belly (even on slender people).

More Energy: Toxins make us tired and irritable. As the large intestine is freed from old waste matter, you would be amazed at how much more you can accomplish!

Look Younger: Do you know that many people in the entertainment industry and jet set crowd utilize colon cleanse methods to reduce stress, achieve and maintain optimal energy and look their best? Brad Pitt and Madonna are two examples.

Reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other serious degenerative conditions: ANY stress on the body, including toxicity, increases risk of all manner of ills. This is because your organs such as liver and kidneys have to work overtime. Your lymphatic system becomes overloaded and can't efficiently aid cleansing and healing processes. Endocrine glands, nervous system and body structures such as bones and joints also suffer.

Colon cleansing helps your whole body to function at a higher level. Increased health is the result.

Better Sex! Yes, you heard right.

The accumulated waste in a clogged colon puts pressure on the visceral nerves (related to organs in the abdominal area), interfering with nerve transmission. That translates to limiting the capacity for optimal sexual pleasure and response.

Many of these nerves transmit impulses relating to sexual functions including pleasure. Internal cleansing activates and frees these nerves to function at peak efficiency.

Many years ago, V.E. Irons, who developed bowel cleansing techniques and products and followed his own advice. He began a second family at age 72, fathered a child at age 80, enjoyed horseback riding into his 90's and died in a car accident at age 98, in 1993.

Enough said!

Increased Happiness: I experienced first-hand the devastating effects various kinds of toxins and their side effects can have on our emotions. It amazed me that mood could improve so profoundly simply by detoxifying the bowel.

Your emotional freedom and personal relationships can benefit through lightening the toxic burden!

Detox Your Body from Environmental Toxins: No matter where you live, environmental toxins are a problem. Sadly, we can't fully escape, even if we live in a relatively pristine location.

Colon cleanse benefits include enhancing the speed at which poisons are eliminated from our bodies.

Colemas and coffee enemas proved highly effective in my own healing from severe mercury poisoning

Live Longer: Longer, more joyful life and healthy aging are much more possible when you pay some attention to cleansing as well as other healthy habits.

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