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by Ellen Landauer

Chlorella Nuclear Radiation

PHOTO ABOVE: Chlorella nuclear radiation issues are not a concern with our beautiful Chlorella Pyrenoidosa!

Chlorella nuclear radiation questions: are they on YOUR mind?

Since the terrible disaster struck Japan, the threat of radiation exposure is on the minds of many. There are two kinds of questions I hear from my readers:

1 - Does this super green food protect us from the effects of uranium leakage?

2 - Where does the supplier of the products I carry obtain their Chlorella?

I have been asked Chlorella nuclear radiation questions more than a few times since the tsunami nuclear radiation became a worldwide concern.

Chlorella Nuclear Radiation Protection

Despite claims by companies supplying this excellent super green food, there is not much Chlorella nuclear radiation protection research available.

Having searched and reviewed some of the available literature, I have found some evidence that this super green food shows protective effects in experiments in which rats or mice were exposed to high-dose radiation.

I trust more the discussions of Chlorella detoxification clinical results by such luminaries as Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. He has had great success using high-dose Chlorella with patients suffering serious chronic conditions. Dr. Klinghardt observes that a large factor in illness is environmental toxicity. Chlorella is one of the foods he values most highly for its ability to bind all manner of toxins.

As well, the incredible nutrient density and diversity of this chlorophyll-rich food provides a wide spectrum of supportive nutrients.

Chlorella Nuclear Radiation Question

A reader asks:

"Chlorella nuclear radiation contamination is a worry of mine since the Japan tsunami. I want to know the source of the Chlorella you provide.


Thanks for your question about the Chlorella I provide.

The same question was on my mind when the Fukoshima disaster happened in Japan - not just for my clients, but because I use this Chlorella almost every day in large quantities myself. I can usually tell when a product contains toxic material as I describe in my article on this page.

I feel great using the Chlorella I provide for my clients, and know that it is grown and processed in accordance with the highest standards, overseen by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt himself.

However because I knew that the company had been obtaining it from Japan, I was immediately concerned.

In my years of experience with the company that supplies my Chlorella, I see outstanding results from all products of theirs that I have personally trialled, and a high level of satisfaction from my customers. The integrity this company shows in all our interactions, an the fact that Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is involved in the decision making on formulas they carry - has further enhanced my confidence.

As far as the Chlorella, the company has more than a 2 year supply of all the different Chlorella products - obtained before the tsunami in Japan.

I had an in-depth conversation with my professional contact at the company. I learned that the supplier no longer would provide the Chlorella to the company because of the likelihood of contamination.

Also the company immediately began a search and has since found a reputable supplier with equally high standards in Taiwan, away from the nuclear disaster. If you look at a map of Pacific ocean currents, you will see that the current flows north from Taiwan up to Japan, then in an easterly direction - pushing the water contaminated by the nuclear disaster away from Taiwan.

Because the Chlorella is such a popular product, my supplier buys it in huge quantities and has a 2+ year stock bought well before the disaster struck.

If you have been concerned about nuclear contamination of this super green food, you are not the first person to ask this very valid question. I posted this page as a result of a customer question.

I can tell you that I get rave reviews from my customers who are using this product, and I enjoy it myself, both for the taste and how it makes me feel.

I wish you the very Best of Health!


Ellen Landauer

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